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Whether you are looking for the latest design trends in custom cabinets, kitchen and bath design ideas or if you just want to keep up with what’s going with Walker Woodworking, we are excited to share our blog page. Our blog page offers great information to our clients; we offer tips on how to organize your kitchen, we detail a few of our projects and even give you a look ‘behind the scenes’ at Walker Woodworking.

Remodeling 101 Part 2 making your selections

Remodeling 101 Part 2 – Making Your Selections. We continue our remodeling 101 series with part 2 –  making selections for a kitchen remodel project. A remodel is like a journey, so to speak. To make a journey successful and memorable, much planning must take place. The purpose for the journey must be established up […]

Remodeling 101 Part 1 Budgeting and Planning Remodel Budget Analysis

Remodeling 101 Part 1  Budgeting & Planning Setting a realistic budget Does remodeling your kitchen and bath seem so intimidating that you are not sure where you should begin? Do you want to remodel but can’t get started because you know you must stay within a certain budget? Whether you are planning a kitchen or […]

Remodeling 101 – Introduction To The Remodeling Process

Remodeling 101 Introduction A four-part educational series of expectations when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Over the years HGTV has made remodeling look so simple and easy that most people don’t realize how much planning really goes into making that 60 minute show happen from start to finish. Even the experts usually have a budget […]

Ask The Designer

Ask The Designer! Here at Walker Woodworking – we want to make the process of remodeling your kitchen less stressful. However, that’s not an easy task! As part of our continuing effort to educate our clients, we decided to put Jeneane Beaver, our designer at Walker Woodworking, in the hot seat. Let’s see what she […]

Featured Wellborn Remodel Project

Featured Wellborn Remodel Project  Are you on a budget for your kitchen remodel? Wellborn offers a great product at a great value for you. Find out how semi-custom cabinets worked well for this homeowner’s budget and why she chose Wellborn cabinetry. Greenbrook Design Featured Project: Our clients had debated about remodeling their kitchen.  Deciding factors […]

Custom, Semi-Custom, Stock Cabinets

What is the difference between Custom,  Semi-custom  and Stock cabinets? If you’ve already renovated a kitchen or are just beginning the process, you know how overwhelming the details can be.  One of the many things to consider is whether or not you want to purchase custom or semi-custom cabinets and what the differences are. This […]

How Cabinets Are Made

How are kitchen and bath cabinets made? Until you started shopping around for cabinets you probably didn’t realize that there are different ways that cabinets can be built and several options for materials. Most people come to us with a picture and say “this is what I like”. While this is perfectly fine, we still like […]

Cerused Oak Remodel

Cerused Oak Remodel Project. We were so excited when our client, Mrs. Young, wanted to use a new finish technique that we were in the process of making to showcase at the 2016 Southern Spring Home & Garden Show.  After making a few samples, we decided that we would use the color combination of Revere […]

Custom laundry room

WSJ Laundry-Closet

The story behind our 5 minutes of fame with the Wall Street Journal. The famous laundry-closet We were pleasantly surprised recently when The Wall Street Journal contacted Walker Woodworking and spoke to Travis Walker about a particular laundry room.  The laundry-closet is one of many featured rooms on the Walker Woodworking profile site at Houzz.com […]

Sam & Kim Kitchen Remodel

Sam & Kim’s Kitchen Remodel In 2015, Sam and Kim decided to move back to Sam’s former home and update their kitchen. Enlisting the help of Walker Woodworking and Tony Brooks of Beam Edwards & Brooks, this kitchen remodel became an amazing transformation from an enclosed kitchen to an open floor plan. Follow this link […]

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Design Trends for 2016

Design Trends for 2016 A look at Design trends for 2016 With the beautiful designs of 2015 how will design trends evolve for 2016?  Most of our clients try and steer away from trendy designs while finding a happy balance between what’s new and what will stand the test of time. No one wants their […]

Organize Your Kitchen

Start Your New Year Organized! With so many unique storage options available to organize your kitchen, here are a few ways that Walker Woodworking can help you get your kitchen organized. Our team of experts were really creative with making some of these storage options work to the homeowner’s very specific requests and needs. An […]

2015 A Year In Review

2015 A Year In Review for Walker Woodworking As we reflect on the year of 2015, so much has happened, all of which we are truly grateful for. We would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all of our new customers, and to our loyal repeat customers we appreciate each of you! Being a […]

photo of camera on a tripod at photo shoot

On a Photo Shoot

On a Photo Shoot Last week I went out to do a photo shoot at a beautiful home in Walnut Cove near Asheville, NC. with my side kick @Marie Walker. We got so carried away with snapping pictures in the kitchen that I forgot to get a few with my iPhone- which I really like to […]

Goodbye Summer ~ Welcome Fall 2015 Walker Woodworking

Goodbye Summer ~ Welcome Fall 2015 News & Event update for Walker Woodworking Wow, I can’t believe the summer is almost over. August was such a busy month for us here at Walker Woodworking but as usual, never a dull moment. At the beginning of August we wrapped up Homearama at Cheval. It was a great turnout and very exciting to […]

Newgrass Brewery & Walker Woodworking

Newgrass Brewing Company opened their doors in August of 2015. We were very proud to be apart of the project. Here is a timeline of our part of the project. We have updated this post with pictures from recent visits. We hope you will enjoy reading. Spring of 2015 ~ The History. We are so […]