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Cabinets for Every Area of Your Home

Cabinets are a key component to interior design but that does not mean they are exclusive to certain areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Custom cabinets, built-ins, and additional features offer a wide range of functions to multiple areas throughout the home. Incorporating them into your renovation design also comes with several benefits such as increased storage ideas and maximum use of your square footage plus it can increase the value of your home to potential buyers. Let’s talk about the many areas within your home that can reap the rewards of having cabinets as well as the options available for each distinct space.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the number one area of the home that is used on a regular basis which makes sense since everything from morning coffee to afternoon snacks are served here. Cabinets are the main feature in the kitchen making the design choices important since they will be providing function and beauty for many years. There are multiple ways to achieve maximum storage as well as convenience for the homeowners. Both the perimeter and the kitchen island provide sufficient space to accommodate a wide variety of needs for dishes, cooking supplies, and more. Consider adding custom features like roll-outs and pull-outs that make it easier to store and access items like spices and cooking utensils. Tray dividers and trash can pull-outs provide the organization and functionality you need while keeping everything tucked away out of sight. Combining drawers and cabinets allows you to enjoy the benefits of both. Drawers give extra organization plus they make it simple to grab items that are heavier like serving platters and small appliances instead of having to reach above and pull down. Peg drawers are another great addition since they keep your dishes stored neatly away and can be rearranged as needed. Talk to your designer about the ways you can add some custom cabinet elements into your new kitchen.

Gray blue cabinets. white shiplap walls, master bathroom, gold framed mirrors. Double bathroom vanity

Bathroom cabinets

The bathroom vanity is a key feature since your entire morning routine revolves around it which is why having custom cabinets is a tremendous benefit. It is important to make a list, physical or mental, of all the things you do that involve your bathroom vanity. How many items do you use on a daily basis such as a hair dryer, curling iron, gels, sprays, and styling tools? Do you need a double vanity or separate ones altogether? Will you need to store extra towels and additional hygiene items nearby? These answers are essential to designing the perfect bathroom vanity and will help you know if additional cabinets will be necessary for this space. Special features such as docking drawers are great as they allow you to use and safely store items like the hair dryer all in one location saving you space and keeping everything looking neat and tidy. Keeping the bathroom counter clean helps it not only clutter free but looking bigger and more inviting. Having the option to include an extra cabinet, especially one that is floor to ceiling is a great move since it increases your storage capacity but also keeps the design unified as both the cabinet and vanity will match. Your bathroom is an important area in the home and should be given the extra attention it deserves.

Home Office

Having a dedicated space to use for a home office is an essential part of most home designs today and adding custom cabinets is a great way to create the perfect office away from the office. Not only should it be functional but it should be beautiful too since this can help increase productivity. When we enjoy our workspace we can better focus on the task at hand and stay on track to reach your goal. Built-ins, bookcases, and even shelving options mean you can have everything you need to accomplish everyday tasks plus it keeps your desk space free from junk piles and other things that take away from your usable space. Bookcases are the perfect place to store important binders, manuals, and books that relate to your job while built-ins give you storage for items such as paper supplies, documents, and even decor items. Surrounding yourself with colors, artwork, and pictures that matter to you go a long way in making your home office a place you enjoy coming to each day so having places where you can easily place them is important. Custom cabinets make it easier for you to have everything you need to meet those deadlines and have the perfect place to do those regular zoom meetings.

Living Room

This is the area in the home where the family tends to gather to just relax or connect and have fun after a long day or on the weekend. There are several things to factor into the design such as entertainment activities like movies and game night as well as creative storage space for a wide variety of items that can vary in size from blankets to movies. Cabinets are a great way to maximize wall space as well since they can be built from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. This means that you have plenty of room to store things that are out of sight, making your living or family room look neat and tidy. Another option is to do a combination of floating shelves, built-ins, and closed cabinets which can add an elegant touch to your home at the same time giving you the storage needed. If you decide to go with floating shelves and lower cabinets, consider including an accent wall behind the shelves to give depth and texture to the space, the results are stunning. Look for some inspiration photos on Pinterest that you can take to your design meeting.

Bedroom cabinets

This is the space in the home that is your private retreat, the one place you can truly let your hair down and just breathe. Having it filled with clutter can quickly ruin your zen but by incorporating custom cabinets into the design you can easily have a calm environment while reaching your bedroom’s potential. Some cabinets can even be integrated with the existing furniture like having a row of cabinets above the headboard that let you store items while acting as a headboard. You can even have two tall nightstands built that frame your bed perfectly creating a beautiful focal point. Even having an extra side board can give you storage for certain items like shoes or even clothes that are not in use like sweaters and winter jackets. When you have custom cabinets in your bedroom you limit the chances of clutter piling up since everything has a designated spot. Your designer can help you select the best options for your room and even your closet.

Cabinets for every area of your home

Custom cabinets are not just beneficial to the kitchen and bathroom, they can provide solutions to every area of your home and increase its potential. Our home is more than just a place to sleep, it is where we live and when it is designed around your specific lifestyle things are just easier. Connect with us today to get started on creating a home tailored for you.