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4 Unique Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinet door styles are an important element in designing a kitchen, bathroom, and multiple areas throughout the home. They are always among the first things to be noticed when you walk into a space and can influence the overall look of the room. Sometimes the homeowner has a specific design style in mind which means that the cabinet doors need to integrate with and reflect it back into the area. This can require a special door that blends with a particular or custom style. While there are multiple standard door styles to choose from, opting to go with a custom look can provide your home with that little wow factor you have been looking for. We have been manufacturing custom pieces for over twenty years and love seeing the look of surprise and delight when our clients see their cabinet for the first time. Here are four unique cabinet door styles that we have done for our clients that we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Louvered cabinet doors

When looking to go a different direction with your cabinet doors in a style that works well with coastal vibes, louvered doors are one of your best options. It is open, airy, and even light as they bring a whole new element to your design. Louvers are the horizontal slats that cover the entire door panel which still provides privacy in your cabinets but immediately adds visual interest to the space. They can be utilized in multiple areas throughout the home like the kitchen, living and laundry room plus your home office. Louvered doors mix up the entire look of your cabinet design and can be used in uppers, lowers, and even a combination. There are also several color schemes that can be used from an elegant black to a bright white or even gray and blue. It is also a good way to have ventilation for certain cabinets where you need good air flow, perhaps for pantry doors as well to help keep the food fresh. A wide variety of hardware can be blended with this style as well making louvered cabinet doors a great option if you are wanting to change things up a bit in your design.

Reeded cabinet doors

Texture is a wonderful element tool in design, it instantly draws the eye plus it adds depth to any space. Reeded cabinet doors provide texture to your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas with elegance and style. Though it is not in the top three cabinet door choices it has managed to gain a following and interest with homeowners. It is a style that works well with those who enjoy a more natural feel in their home since it looks great just stained. Reeded doors can however do very well when painted too making it easy to blend with several color palettes even darker ones. It can also be combined with various materials such as glass and metal meaning it can work with a more contemporary vibe as well. Because reeded cabinet doors are heavy on texture it is best to limit texture in other areas to avoid it becoming too busy or overwhelming. Lean more on color as a way to add the finishing touches. For those who desire to bring elements of nature into their interior design, reeded cabinet doors are a great way to accomplish this idea. Talk to your designer about ways you can incorporate it into your renovation.

Cabinets being made in our shop

Fluted cabinet doors

This is another wonderful option for homeowners looking to add texture to their space in a unique way. The term “fluting” is in reference to three or more shallow to deep vertical grooves on the door panel. This style has a touch of Greek and Roman column architecture influence which can elevate it to something special and reflects a sophisticated style. Fluted cabinet doors can take your renovation to another level and create visual interest. It can work well for a kitchen, bathroom, and even home office or drop zone. A kitchen island or bathroom vanity will look amazing in this style and can also bring a bit of pattern into the area. Pairing it with some simple hardware can create a balance between the two pieces especially when done with contrast such as a white cabinet and black hardware. Choosing to go with a fluted cabinet door selection can add so much to your project but remember that it may require a little extra cleaning since dust can easily build up between the grooves. Fluted can look good in either a painted or stained version or paired with a few other elements like glass and metal which can integrate it with a more contemporary style. Talk to your designer and ask to see some samples of fluted cabinet doors.

Beadboard cabinet doors

These cabinet doors are typically easy to spot since their lines run vertical with small gaps in between. They also add such texture and pattern to the design making them a great option for those looking for something a little different than the standard door style. If you are looking for ways to make beadboard cabinet doors make an even bigger statement in your design consider altering the direction of the lines to be horizontal or diagonal. This gives another dimension to your space and blending it with a variety of styles provides you with extra options. These cabinet doors can go with a lot of colors as well or simply be stained for a natural look. Two toned looks work well with beadboard too. You can opt to have a beadboard island stained in a natural wood tone with a contrasting or complementary color in the kitchen perimeter. Some can have a distressed look added to them creating a rustic style feel to them which is perfect for a farmhouse or even coastal design. The unique pattern they create adds just the right touch to your space and can be paired with a few glass cabinet doors as well instantly making it look unique to your style.

Unique cabinet door styles

Your home is meant to be a reflection of what matters to you and that includes your style which is why custom cabinet doors options are perfect. Custom means you have the ability to truly express the elements that really help you stand out from the rest and declare your story to everyone who enters your home. We work with designers and their clients to help them discover the perfect look for them that will express their own style to their guests as well as themselves each day. The satisfaction the final results bring is what drives us to perfection with every project we do. How can we help you?