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When Should You NOT Paint Wood Furniture?

When Painting Wood Furniture Is Not a Good Idea

Custom cabinet builders realize that their customers will have some decisions to make when it comes to the finish on their cabinets. One of these is whether to paint them or not. Many people prefer the natural look of the wood grain and simply want to apply a stain instead of covering it up with paint. Others have a particular color scheme in a given room and want to make sure everything, including cabinets and other furnishings in that room, are color-coordinated with the rest of the room. At Walker Woodworking, we know that the decision to paint cabinets or other furniture is a personal one, but our team of local cabinet makers near Charlotte, North Carolina want to address the issue of whether there are times when painting may not be advisable.

Paint Is Not Always the Answer

Whether you are talking about a desk, a dresser, custom cabinetry, or the wooden parts of a chair, there are definitely times you don’t want to paint them. The following are a few instances shared by the designers at our local custom cabinet company.

  • Any furniture that has been in the family for a while and has sentimental value to your family. If grandma passed down that beautifully stained wood dresser that still looks decent after 40 or 50 years, you should probably avoid any family squabbles by keeping it as is.
  • There are paints on the market that are made specifically for painting furniture. If you are thinking about using any old paint you have around to add color to a dresser or some custom cabinetry, you should fight this urge. If you’re contemplating doing something like this, do it right or don’t do it at all.
  • Research the furniture online first. If you have a type of desk that you see regularly sells for good money online when it is unpainted but sells for much less when painted, then you may want to reconsider adding some color to it. That being said, if you are mainly doing it because you want it to blend in better with other pieces in your home and don’t care about resale value, then go for it.
  • Don’t succumb to trends. Sometimes, you only want to paint furniture a particular color or pattern because you see it in a lot of home magazines or websites and it’s the “in thing.” The problem is that such trends usually don’t last long and are out of style before you know it. Only paint your cabinetry or piece of furniture a certain color or pattern if doing so makes you happy.

A Quality Custom Furniture Builder Near Charlotte

We hope the above guidelines on when not to paint furniture prove helpful to you. For two decades, our artisans and craftsmen at Walker Woodworking have been professional, local custom cabinet contractors for residents of Charlotte, NC and beyond. If you are in need of a local custom cabinet company that has experienced kitchen cabinet builders as well as custom bath vanity designers and experience at creating wood closets in Charlotte, NC, you should contact us. Our talented team puts us head and shoulders above other local custom cabinet companies in the foothills of North Carolina. Our wood cabinet makers can give you advice about all the finish options available for your cabinetry, so you’ll have exactly the look you desire.

How To Fill Decorative Carvings In Dated Furniture

Your Guide to Filling Dated Carvings in Old Furniture

Most of us have had the experience of going to a garage sale or thrift store and finding a dresser or other piece that is the right size and shape we’re looking. The problem is that it may have indents in the wood that are caused by damage or decorative carvings that have gone out of style. If you want to buy and refinish this piece of furniture in order to use it in your home, your first step will be to fill in any undesirable carvings or damage in the wood. The same could be said for such carvings in custom cabinetry in a home that you’ve recently purchased.

What You’ll Need for This Project and How to Proceed

Your first step will be to buy some wood filler. You’ll also need a putty knife, sandpaper, a sanding block and latex gloves. You’ll want to thoroughly clean the indents that you need to fill, and wait until the area is dry. You will follow the instructions on the can to prepare the wood filler, and then push it into the indents of the carving. The putty knife is useful for scraping over the surface to remove any excess wood filler.

Once the carving is filled and the filler has dried, you use gritty sandpaper first to quickly get rid of excess filler, and then use a less gritty variety to get it smooth. It is at this point that the area will be ready for finishing whether that be by staining or painting. If you are planning to finish the piece of furniture by staining it, you should know that there are wood fillers that are specifically made to work better for this purpose.

Do You Have Dated Cabinetry in Your Home?

At Walker Woodworking, we have been providing fine furniture and high-quality custom cabinetry for residents of the foothills of North Caroline for two decades. We know that the right cabinetry can make or break the appearance and your enjoyment of the kitchen or a bathroom. If you have moved into a home with cabinets that have dated carvings or are damaged, the above tips can help with this as well. If, on the other hand, you find you simply want to replace your cabinets, you’ll want the services of a local custom cabinet company.

Our skilled designers and craftsmen are the cream of the crop among local custom cabinet companies in the Charlotte, NC area. At Walker Woodworking, we are more than wood cabinet makers. While we are known as premier custom kitchen cabinet makers, we can also create bath cabinets in Charlotte, NC that will bring this room alive. We can design and build custom furnishings for any room in your home such as a kitchen island, a pantry or a wet bar, and we are skilled at making wood closets around Charlotte, NC. We are your experienced and professional custom furniture builder near Charlotte, so if your cabinetry is beyond a do-it-yourself refinishing job, please contact us, and our local wood cabinet makers will give you the custom cabinetry you desire.

How to Build Your Own Vintage-Style Cabinets

How to Create Vintage-Style Cabinets

As custom cabinet builders near Charlotte, North Carolina, our team of designers and craftsmen at Walker Woodworking know the importance of having the best style and fit of cabinetry to successfully complete a kitchen or bathroom. If you have an older home, you may be thinking about going the custom cabinetry route since newer, off-the-shelf cabinets may not fit in terms of size or style. Vintage-style cabinets can give a kitchen that old-world charm that is missing from so many homes today. See a few examples of how these cabinets can set a beautiful tone to the kitchen.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Build Your Own Cabinets

If you’re going to attempt to build custom cabinets on your own, the first thing you’ll need is some degree of confidence in working with your hands and some experience in DIY projects. This undertaking requires planning, measurements galore and numerous decisions you need to consider ahead of time to have everything turn out the way you want. Remember, you’ll be living with this custom cabinetry for many years, so don’t start such an ambitious project if you’re not sure you can pull it off.

What to Take Into Account When Woodworking Cabinets

Let’s say you’re fairly skilled with your hands, and you’ve decided to give woodworking cabinets a shot. The first thing you’ll need to know is what general style you plan to go with in terms of the overlay. Do you want a partial overlay, where there is a face frame that the cabinet door and any drawer partially cover when closed, or do you want a full overlay style where the full front of the cabinetry is composed of only the doors? There is, of course, the third option of inset style where there is a face frame, but the doors and any drawer are flush with it.

The selection of your materials will be another huge consideration. Your local cabinet makers at Walker Woodworking know how the material selection can make or break a project for cabinet builders. For vintage-style custom cabinetry that we’re talking about here, wood will be a natural choice. There will still be questions about the best type of wood to use.

When you’ve selected the overlay design style and have your material in hand, you then have to cut all the pieces to specification both for the space you’re trying to fill and for all the pieces of the cabinetry to fit together properly. You’ll need a drill to cut the shelf pinholes. You’ll begin by assembling the cabinet box with its backing and sides, and then you can put the shelves in and then the doors are attached to the box. At some point, you have to create and install wood frames that the cabinets will be placed in to have a secure position. There will, of course, be a lot of sanding, priming, painting, hammering and drilling along the way to creating, mounting and finishing your custom cabinets.

Getting Help From Professional Wood Cabinet Makers

The aforementioned steps are not intended to be a comprehensive design guide, but they can give you an idea of some of the considerations for kitchen cabinet builders. At Walker Woodworking, we know that woodworking cabinets can be time-consuming and difficult. If you are looking for local cabinet makers to help with your project, we are experts in cabinet design near Charlotte, NC. Our team of wood cabinet makers has been plying their trade since 1999, so we have the experience to make the right recommendations as to design, style, and installation of just the right vintage-style cabinets for your home. Please contact us today, so our kitchen cabinet builders can help you with built-in cabinet design, cerused oak cabinets or bathroom cabinets in Charlotte, NC.