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How to Design a Range Hood

When planning a kitchen renovation there are several major elements that are considered such as cabinet design and layout but something that gets neglected or is treated an afterthought is the range hood. Some homeowners have even considered not installing one at all but that is not recommended since there are numerous benefits to having a range hood in your kitchen. As health and wellness remain at the top of our priority list in home design installing a range hood should be seen as an essential part due to the part it plays in improving air quality and more. Some range hoods have now been upgraded to include smart features that enable it to turn on automatically when it senses smoke or even moisture. The smart upgrades are not the only ones that range hoods have experienced over the last two decades. Designs have evolved from the traditional ones we remember in our parents home to anything from contemporary to farmhouse. Let’s talk about which one is right for you.

Determining your style

This is always the first step in designing anything custom, discovering what style best represents you. There are multiple styles available that range from traditional to blended and anything in between which means the possibilities are endless. Some popular ones include

  • Farmhouse which has a focus on natural materials and a warm tone.
  • Modern minimizes clutter and has a simple color scheme such as blacks, grays, and whites.
  • Traditional can lean either elaborate or simple. 
  • Contemporary blends materials such as glass, wood, and metal

 When trying to determine which design style is right for you, take some clues from what is already in your home. Do you see repeated elements such as color and material? Are there specific textures or patterns that appear throughout your home? Next, broaden your search to include areas outside of your home. Is your eye drawn to certain displays at home decor stores? Is your Pinterest board full of designs that share similar traits such as color or theme? Remember that there are also several new range hood styles available such as built-in over-range hoods that are usually disguised into the cabinetry, such as faux cabinetry so that it can seamlessly blend into your design. A more modern choice would be a pop-up vent and like its name implies it is a simple vent that uses suction to remove smoke, steam, or even grease. When not in use it recedes down inside the range when not in use making it a great option for the kitchen island. All of this will assist you in uncovering the things you love most and guide you to selecting a style that is right for you. 

What to include in your range hood

Range hoods today are much more advanced than the ones from our childhood, the ones whose only option was color. Now you have smart options, color choices, varying materials, and sizes which are good but can also overwhelm you. Before finalizing your selections, think about the things that are important to you in your kitchen and the layout. The first thing to do is which type of hood you will need since this will be the foundation for making your selection. Will your hood be against the wall or over the island since both areas can have a stovetop installed? Be sure to measure the height of your ceiling as well so you know how much room you have to play with. Will there need to be special adjustments considered if you want to upgrade your hood size from the original? Knowing the answers to these questions will help your designer create the perfect hood for you. Of course, when going with a custom range hood there are more options on the table. They can be built to exactly what you need and made to match any previous style such as a historic home or paint color. That’s what makes custom a step above the rest. One key element in range hoods is their ventilation systems, after all this is the reason they were invented in the first place, to help your family breathe easy. Clean air is important in the home which is why having a strong suction in your range hood is vital, even though you can’t see all that comes from your cooking time there are little things that happen such as small grease particles that can build up over time leaving a thin coating for you to deal with later. Having the right power for your range hood is worth investing in up front.

Range hood design options

Gone are the days where you only had two options as manufacturers have thought outside the box for some time now in order to provide you with a myriad of choices. From elaborate to minimal, the options are broad enough to encompass any need and reflect any personality. Companies like Castlewood have returned to our country’s rustic roots by offering range hoods with shiplap that come in six finishes including black, brown, dark and light gray plus white and whitewash. Miele’s newer design offering is perfect for those who love the more modern, sleek look in their downdraft ventilation hood that features a nice range of options including air that can be ventilated or recirculated. Material options have also expanded to include metal, wood, and stainless steel with the choice to blend several together to create a stunning new look that is perfect for you. Metal rivets and strappings have become a popular option for many homeowners as they add another dimension to the design. Using metal is also a stunning way to give your home a more modern, contemporary feel and with more options such as copper, brass, and silver the results will be above par. Color has also become a powerful tool when designing range hoods since this broadens their ability to make a statement like a dark blue contrasting beautifully against an all white kitchen. Don’t forget that a backsplash can be a perfect complement to your range hood and take it to the next level, especially when you go with selections that contrast each other such as a bold color paired with a neutral like white or gray. A good designer can assist you in bringing all the right elements together to create the perfect look for you.

Designing a custom range hood

Every part of your home should be a reflection of you including your range hood and by taking the time to browse through the options available you can be sure to find one that is perfect for you. Doing your homework will save you time and money in the long run as you will avoid trying to install something that either doesn’t fit properly or won’t give you the needed power to keep your kitchen air clean and odor free. Your range hood is an essential part of kitchen design as it beautifully performs a functional role every day. Browse our kitchen gallery to see some of the custom range hoods we have done for our clients, you might just find the inspiration you’ve been searching for your remodel.