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Designing a Coffee Station

Coffee is a staple ingredient to a majority of people’s mornings. We love the freshly brewed scent as we begin our day and rely on the boost it gives us to get the last of the sand out of our eye plus a little bounce in our step. Since it has become such an important part to the start of the day it makes sense to create an area in the home dedicated to our beloved beverage. From a sideboard near the kitchen with all the essentials necessary to make the perfect cup or an entire section set aside for its use, there are multiple reasons why you should have a coffee station in your home. Let’s talk about how to design the perfect coffee bar area in your home as well as some helpful tips in creating it.

The benefits of having a coffee bar

Because coffee is such an important part of our morning routine it makes sense to create a space just for it. It is convenient and concise since it keeps everything you need in a single location instead of having to run around the kitchen grabbing a mug from one cabinet and the sugar and cream from another. This also means less time is lost trying to rush in the morning to find everything you need for your coffee before leaving for work which allots more time for other morning to-do things like helping the kids find their homework. By having a special spot in your kitchen just for making coffee you have room for the extras needed to make your beverage just the way you like it including sugar, cream, flavorings, and even whipped cream for those special days. This also means that the coffee maker can be stored in this area versus on the kitchen counter saving valuable countertop space and keeping the kitchen looking less cluttered. You can store items like to-go cups and coffee stirrers as well making it even easier to get out the door plus you can save money by making your own coffee at home instead of buying it on the way to work. Having your own coffee bar is a great addition to your kitchen design for so many reasons but the main one is the chance to personalize it just for your desired taste.

The essentials of a coffee bar

The first step in assembling the perfect coffee bar station in your home is knowing what should be included. Everyone has their own way of enjoying this hot beverage but there are basic essentials needed such as:

  • Coffeemaker
  • Coffee mug
  • Storage
  • Accent pieces
  • Supplies

Take time to think through your process for making your ideal cup of java. This is important because it will assist you in compiling a list of things to include in the design phase. Ask yourself some questions to help with this part. What size of a coffeemaker do you have? Is it a single serve Keurig or perhaps you are considering an upgrade to a full service maker like a Miele coffee and espresso machine. How many coffee mugs? What things do you enjoy with your coffee like cream and sugar? Do you often need it to go which means having a place to put disposable or reusable cups? Will you need a small sink so you can easily refill the water in your machine instead of carrying it from the kitchen? Plus every area of your home should have some type of decor piece that reflects your style including the coffee bar. Some decor pieces can also serve a dual purpose by being both functional and beautiful such as decorative jars with lids that store the ground coffee or the whole beans. You can also have a unique stand that sits on the coffee bar that holds your favorite mugs or even a wall mounted option. Having these items written down will be a great start to designing the perfect coffee area in your home with everything needed to make the perfect cup.

Designing a coffee bar

Once you know what you want it is time to begin the design work, but how do you go about creating a space for a coffee bar? This is where the list you created earlier comes into play. Design an area that has sufficient space for your specific coffeemaker and can accommodate its electrical needs as well. You will also want to decide what type of coffee bar you need whether it should be open or tucked away inside a cabinet. Both have their benefits since an open bar can be inviting to everyone including guests and provide an opportunity to add some visual interest to the space. A coffee bar that is tucked inside keeps the kitchen looking unified and easy to access when needed. For a hidden coffee bar a roll-out is essential since it enables you to pull it in and out with ease. In general, drawers are a good idea since it makes it simple to organize the various items needed to assemble the perfect cup of java like mugs in one drawer, supplies like sugar and stirrers in the others and even K Cups and coffee beans. If you decide to have an open bar, think about adding floating shelves, not only are they great for storing certain items like mugs but they can be turned into focal points by having unique decor pieces. Plants, sugar bowls, and even mason jars for the coffee beans all work well together to form a lovely little area in your kitchen. It is also worth mentioning that a coffee bar is not limited to the kitchen but can be in the living room or even dining area. Both are an area where family and friends gather making it super easy to get refills when needed. If you work from home it might not be a bad idea to include a small second coffee bar where you can get that second cup of motivation when you need it.

A coffee bar just for you

Coffee is almost synonymous with mornings and the beverage of choice for many meaning it just makes sense to create an area just for it. Having one at home means less time and money spent in the coffee shop or if you work from home, having a place to enjoy your “coffee” break. It is also wonderful to have a spot where everything you need is in one place plus it does not have to be limited to just coffee, but tea and even hot chocolate can be made here. Browse places like Pinterest for inspiration, write down your must haves and favorite things before talking to your designer about creating your personalized coffee bar space to enjoy that delightful first, second, or even third cup, no judgment here!