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What is Quarter Sawn White Oak?

While the stain and style can influence the appearance of your cabinets, it is the type of wood selected that plays a key role in the final outcome of the project. Over the years we have worked with just about any wood you can think of and watched the trends of certain types rise and fall. Sometimes a particular style impacts a trend though most woods when left in their natural state, enhanced with only a stain or clear coat, can be paired with almost anything. Recently, quarter sawn white oak has surged to the front as a popular choice by homeowners for their cabinets. Maybe you are considering a renovation project of your own and wonder if this might be the wood for you or wonder what all the hype is about? Perhaps you are curious about the wood itself and what makes it different from regular oak? Let’s explore these questions today and find the answers.

What is quarter sawn white oak?

Typically when someone hears the term “white oak” they assume that the wood is lighter in color than traditional oak but that is actually misleading. In truth, white oak tends to be darker than red oak due to the mix of browns and tans in it. This is not the only difference between them though.  A wood’s grain line can have a big impact on the overall look of a cabinet. Even the direction can drastically change the design. Some homeowners opt to have the traditional horizontal grain lines while others decide to go with vertical lines that make a stunning statement. You can even do a blend of both to create more visual interest. Certain woods have a particular grain that is unique to them but by altering the way it is cut it can be transformed into another look completely. This is the case with quarter sawn white oak, as the name implies, the log is cut at a 45 degree angle to the radius of the tree’s rings. The result is a tighter, more consistent grain which adds Medullary rays, a unique feature to this particular wood species. This style always produces a dramatic touch to any project no matter if it is for a bathroom vanity or kitchen island.

Benefits of using quarter sawn white oak

There are several benefits to choosing quarter sawn white oak besides the beautiful appeal of the grain. Some of them include:

  • Stability
  • Resistance
  • Durability

The 45 degree cut means it is less likely to warp which is a benefit when making cabinets and other furniture pieces. This is an important benefit since it means that your cabinets will last and can resist things like twisting, contracting, and expanding that can happen with other wood species. The grain line is one of its best design features since it stands out and appeals to a myriad of styles making it very versatile. It can complement traditional, farmhouse, and more giving you a wide variety to use in your renovation project. Quarter sawn white oak also is very receptive to finishes and stains meaning it can adjust to a wide variety of color palettes whether you wanted to pair it with a painted cabinet perimeter or go more contemporary with dark stains for contrast. It truly possesses the craftsmanship characteristic beloved by woodworkers everywhere which makes it a favorite for many, both in the contractor and design world.

Designing with quarter sawn white oak

Due to its versatility, there is practically no wrong way to use this wood. From bathrooms to kitchens and beyond, designers have enjoyed the elegant, glamorous look quarter sawn white oak adds to their projects. By going with a darker stain you immediately bring out the classy vibe in your space especially when paired with the right hardware and countertops. Opting for a lighter stain instantly takes you back to a simpler time and works well with a farmhouse feel or more traditional look. The lighter stain also blends with colors such as white, blue, and gray plus can work with a wide variety of hardware finishes. Quarter sawn white oak works well for almost any cabinet need in the home. Many of our clients have used it in their kitchen but it is not limited here. It can make a stunning statement in the bathroom with its clean look and almost spa qualities. Mudrooms worthy of an exclamation of wow are what you can expect with this wood choice and home offices are nothing short of applause. There is almost no area in the home where quarter sawn white oak will not function for your specific needs while at the same time delivering beauty every single time.

Why choose quarter sawn white oak?

There is a reason why so many designers and homeowners opt to use quarter sawn white oak in their project. It provides the durability and resilience they require in their cabinet performance but at the same time give any area in the home an exquisite look rarely found in other wood species. This may be part of the reason behind quartersawn’s trending popularity. The versatility of style and color means it is ready to make a statement throughout your home. If you have been looking for a wood that will integrate well with your choice of style, give you the structure needed to fulfill your specific tasks, and blend with other colors than quarter sawn white oak is exactly what you ordered. Connect with us to take the next step in your renovation journey and get the perfect look for your home renovation.