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Why drawers are important


Drawers are a great addition to any design and any space. From home office drawers to laundry rooms and kitchens, drawers are integral to our lives without even knowing it. We reach for a drawer to grab our hair dryer or make-up. We open a drawer in the office to find a Post-it note or stamp. In the kitchen, they serve an even greater purpose as they assist us in keeping things neat. No home would be what it is without a good set of drawers, but what kind do you need? Are there different ones that serve a specific purpose, and does it matter? The answer is yes, yes, and yes! Understanding that there are drawers that serve a particular function and that when you have it, it will make your life better is one of the purposes of this blog. Let’s unpack some top drawer options available, what they can do for you, and why you need to incorporate them into your next renovation or remodel.

Docking Drawers

Docking drawers are a great asset to homeowners, especially since we rely heavily on our electronic devices to do so much. Having an easy and accessible spot to recharge our tablets and phones quickly makes it simple to stay connected, never missing a beat. Docking drawers are also designed for other items, such as small appliances and hot tools, as you can keep things plugged in permanently. Because they are tucked away inside the drawer they free your counter of excess cords and help keep everything clean and neat. Of course, there is great versatility with these types of drawers as well since you can use them throughout the home, including your office, bathroom, kitchen, and maybe even your laundry room if it is doubling as a mudroom. Docking drawers can be a wonderful tool for you to use in whatever area of the house it is needed.


Silverware is hard enough to keep track of by itself, but when it gets tossed in a drawer, there is no end of messes. Thank goodness for silverware drawers that keep everything organized and in their perfect place. These drawers are also aesthetically pleasing; it looks so good when you open a drawer, and everything is where it should be. They also give you effective storage space, especially ones that are custom-made, as we do here at Walker Woodworking. Maintaining it super easy as well, all you have to do is lift them out of the drawer, wipe everything clean and place it back inside. Having a specific drawer for the silverware is also helpful when teaching kids to put things away, they will always know exactly where each utensil goes. This can also work well for larger items such as ladles and serving spoons.

Knife block drawer

We can all agree that knives are an important part of cooking and prepping dinner, but they can also pose a safety hazard. A drawer dedicated to these sharp tools can give you peace of mind as they are safely tucked away when not in use but within easy reach when needed. A knife block also comes with other benefits such as organization, never wasting time looking for that particular knife again since you can now arrange them by size in their own personalized slot. Having a designated spot for each knife also keeps them protected as they are not sliding around and possibly getting damaged, which is especially helpful if your knives are of high quality. Did we mention that this is a nice way to show off your collection as well? A designated knife drawer will be a great addition to any kitchen space.

Peg drawer

If you are super organized, then a peg drawer is right up your alley. The basic idea is a drawer inlaid with a pegboard with pegs that can be arranged how you like it. Many of our clients have enjoyed a peg drawer system as it allows them the option to personalize their space and rearrange it anytime they like. The items that can be stored inside are endless, with some of the possibilities include:

  • Cookware
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Lids
  • Dishes
  • Bowls

It can enable you to have every drawer categorized and easy to maintain. Cookware, pots, and pans can be placed in a drawer near the stove, making it simple to access when making dinner. The one for the dishes can be close to the dishwasher, so you can just unload with a few steps as needed. These drawers are on top when it comes to a must-have in your kitchen. Talk to your designer about adding them to your design.

Warming drawer

While not as common a choice as traditional drawers, warming drawers offer a lot of pros to the kitchen design. If you are tired of trying to keep dinner warm because of the crazy schedules of your family, or maybe you want to get a head start on dinner and now need a way to keep it warm without spoiling it, warming drawers are your answer. Designed to keep food at the perfect temperature without anything drying out or getting hard, they are a wonderful addition to your kitchen. They also serve an aesthetic purpose in the kitchen since they can help create a sense of balance with built-in oven appliances. Warming drawers are often installed beneath an oven, so you can easily take them out and put them right below to stay warm until everything is ready to be served. If you are looking for one more useful tool for your kitchen, the warming drawer is your best choice.

Varying drawer depths

When designing any drawer, one of the key factors involved is depth, as it dictates what can be stored inside. There are many varying depths, and having a variety is good. Silverware and utensil drawers don’t have to be very deep, leaving room to combine larger drawers in this column. Many homeowners have now opted to incorporate more drawers into their kitchen and bathroom design over cabinets because of the ease of access and wide range of items that can be neatly tucked away. Talk to your designer about adding more drawers to your design and make sure to emphasize that you want varying depths. 

The importance of drawers

When it comes to drawers, they cannot be talked about enough. They give us organization, storage, and the ability to have everything at our fingertips, literally. Opting to place them throughout your home ensures that things will have a place all their own. Plus, they also are easy on the shoulders since it is always easier to lift something than pull something down. They are considered essential in an aging-in-place home as well. As you meet with your designer about your upcoming renovation or remodel, be sure to bring up the topic of drawers with them and discuss which options will be best for you in your home. We are always happy to assist with any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out and connect with us.