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5 Different Shelves for your Home

Shelves are a functional part of the design in any space. They provide additional storage in areas that may have been limited such as the kitchen sink, tight corners, and even a hallway. Shelving also comes with a host of other benefits for your home including organization and a fun way to show off your unique personality. Over the years they have evolved into much more than just a level piece of material hung on a wall and worked their way into the list of essentials for interior design. There are so many options available now for those who want to utilize shelving to the fullest but in style. Let’s talk about them and what they can offer you in your home.

Live edge shelves

Live edge has become a popular option for multiple items in the home like countertops, dining room tables, and shelving. The beautiful organic look and feel is a perfect fit for those who prefer a touch of nature in their home. Wood is a wonderful material that blends with a wide variety of styles plus compliments any number of color palettes and live edge takes it to a whole new level of wow. These shelves are a perfect look for farmhouse, rustic, or transitional. They can vary in length and even thickness which means a unique look for your home. Kitchen, home office, and even your living room can be enhanced by this organic expression since it adds such visual interest wherever it is situated. Live edge shelves can be placed in a narrow space such as between kitchen cabinets which instantly gives a more open appearance. If your home office reflects a more rustic feel then live edge shelves will harmonize quite well and give it an extra touch. You can also choose to place them in open spaces as they work marvelously as a floating shelf option. If you enjoy the beauty of nature then live edge is for you as it highlights the charm and characteristic of wood in a way no other piece can.

Floating shelves

This is a popular shelving option especially in the kitchen. Some homeowners are opting to go with fewer upper cabinets and replacing them with floating shelves instead. They have the ability to immediately open up a space, lighten it some, and even save a little bit of money during your renovation. Floating shelves are also a practical choice since they still allow you to store a wide range of items like plates, glasses, and even serving platters plus they make it easy to access them at any time. They are not, however, limited to just the kitchen. Floating shelves are making appearances in areas like the living and laundry rooms providing a place to store a wide variety of things whether practical or pretty. Their elegance is suitable to provide a platform for stunning pieces of art or charmingly suitable to hold baskets for needed items in the laundry room. They are also a great addition to a beverage or coffee station since you can place hooks underneath to hang various mugs and decorative containers above to hold things like sugar packets and stirrers. Floating shelves can come in varying wood materials, stains, or even be painted to suit any style so when looking for something different in your space don’t forget to put them on your list of possibilities. 

Built-ins shelves

Built-ins offer ample storage for multiple areas in the home and can be open cubbies or closed cabinets. There are also several other options that can increase the storage and design such as depth, height, and even material choice. Built-ins work well in offices, living areas, kitchen pantries, bedrooms, and mudrooms. You can easily increase the storage potential of an area that may have even been considered a wash. An empty wall can suddenly be transformed into a complete storage unit with built-ins. They are not confined to floor to ceiling either; think about having one that comes up to waist height then you can add your TV on top with plenty of storage room for movies and even games. Book lovers are also big fans of built-ins since they are strong enough to hold up the weight of an entire wall of books. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design features as well. Decor pieces and even family photos can be scattered throughout the shelves to provide balance and harmony with the sections that are full. Also, by mixing open shelves with doors you can have a blend of function and style all wrapped together. 

Glass shelves

Even though they may look delicate, glass shelving is a durable option that can transform a space from heavy to light in an instant. Of course there are a host of additional benefits to choosing glass shelving such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Varying material options

Glass shelving is a versatile material that can suit a wide array of design styles as well as integrate with other materials already in use. A kitchen cabinet can have a glass front door with glass shelving inside that will create visual interest by breaking up the traditional closed cabinet design choice. It also brightens up a space as it reflects light and can be seen through. Glass shelving is considered low maintenance since it does not require a finish or paint touch up and did we mention how easy it is to clean them? There are also wonderful options to create variations in the glass such as frosted, seeded, and even antique. For those who are looking for materials that have a low impact on the environment, recycled glass is a great choice plus if you ever renovate again you can choose to recycle your shelves. When looking for a simple way to add a little diversity to your design, glass is the way to go.

Open shelves

For areas of the home that are limited in square footage, open shelving can be a good option as it gives storage without making the room feel smaller. This is a value asset when designing an apartment or even condo kitchen plus you can easily find what you need without rummaging through every cabinet. Since they are open for everyone to see, this has an advantage and disadvantage as you need to be sure to stay on top of clutter and evaluate what really needs to be on that shelf. If you enjoy showcasing some family heirlooms or a special memento, open shelving is a great option that lets you do just that. These shelves are also a great fit for those hard to design areas, especially corners. Talk to your designer about incorporating some open shelves into your new design.

Shelves make a difference

When looking to maximize the use of your space whether it is limited or not, shelves are one of your best resources. Read an article from Best pick Reports on more benefits of adding shelves to your home. They can adapt to any number of styles and color schemes plus are usable in just about every area of the home. Be sure to discuss shelving with your designer and see where your home can best benefit from them.