6 Tips For Choosing The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Our team at Walker Woodworking knows firsthand that cabinets are essential for organization and storage in your kitchen. Our experienced wood cabinet makers, who create some of the finest custom cabinets in the foothills of North Carolina, can tell you that cabinets come in a variety of styles including traditional, shaker, rustic, contemporary, country and a number of others. If you are completely remodeling your kitchen or simply updating some worn or dated cabinets, there are several factors you should take into consideration when choosing replacements. HGTV also offers a few tips when choosing kitchen cabinets.

They Need to Match Your Kitchen’s Style

There are a plethora of kitchen styles as well as various cabinet styles. Some of these will blend well together, and others will be a design disaster when trying to combine them. Contemporary cabinets, for instance, might look out of place if you have a country farmhouse kitchen. The same could be said for country cabinets in a modern kitchen. If you don’t make the right decision on style, it won’t matter what material or color you choose for the cabinets.

Their Color Needs to Match

Getting cabinets with matching colors for your kitchen does not mean that they have to be the same color as other major items in your kitchen. In fact, making them the same color would be a design disaster since you should have some color differentiation between cabinets, countertops and flooring. For instance, black cabinets can be a nice contrast to white countertops or vice versa. You may find, however, that you don’t want to go with so striking a contrast. Different shades of neutral colors can be effectively combined to work well in your kitchen. For example, dark gray countertops might go well with beige cabinets.

Choosing the Right Material

Kitchen cabinets come in a decent variety of material choices. You can find them in melamine, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, stainless steel, metal and wood. Wood is still one of the most popular choices since wood cabinets will blend in well with many kitchen styles. It also gives you many choices based on the type of wood you choose. You can go with maple, pine, beech, walnut, hickory, cherry, mahogany or oak. There are even variations within these. For instance, you might decide to go with French oak kitchen cabinets. Nothing has as beautifully natural a look as stained wood cabinet doors with the wood grain showing.

Off-the-Shelf or Custom Cabinets?

Another thing you need to determine is whether to go off-the-shelf or custom when sourcing your cabinets. Custom cabinets will cost more, but you’ll be able to get the exact look, material and finish that you’re going for to perfectly complement the rest of your kitchen. You can find an impressive variety of premade cabinetry today that will work for the kitchen in many homes. For older homes, though, you may need the custom touch to create cabinetry that fits unique or tight spaces that modern store offerings won’t accommodate. You may also want to transform your kitchen into your dream culinary area. Doing this may require the exacting specifications only available from custom wood cabinet makers to turn this dream into reality.

Local Custom Cabinet Company

At Walker Woodworking, we know cabinetry. Our wood cabinet makers have been producing quality fine furnishings since 1999. Located in Shelby, North Caroline, not far from Charlotte, all of our custom-crafted cabinetry is designed and made right here in America. Whether you are looking for built-in cabinets, French oak kitchen cabinets or any other custom design, our artisans and craftsman can create what you desire. Don’t tailor your cabinetry needs to what’s available on store shelves. Contact us and we’ll tailor custom cabinetry to your specifications.