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Cabinet design is a crucial component to creating the kitchen of your dreams. It is the most significant element in the space, controls the layout, and provides the features needed to go about your day. The door style for your cabinets plays a role in the kitchen’s overall appearance, so it is worth considering which one reflects your tastes best. While classic styles such as shaker doors remain a solid option, another has been rising to the top for many homeowners and designers alike. The reeded door style is becoming popular in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even mudrooms. The visual interest it adds to the space is one reason it is incorporated into a design. Explore the reeded door style and why it could fit your project well.

What is reeded cabinetry?

Considered a combination of excellent millwork and traditional cabinet door profiles such as shaker, reeded cabinet doors are created with rounded or scalloped ridges. The entire panel is not needed but is usually paired with an inset choice, highlighting the texture it brings to the design. Reeded doors are the opposite of fluted cabinet doors, with grooves cut into the panel, versus reeded where it is rounded out. It could be described as a cabinet door panel that has the appearance of multiple dull rods placed side by side. There are variations available, such as edge choices that add a little extra character to the door style. Reeded cabinetry is a beautiful presentation of craftsmanship at its finest.

Where can reeded cabinetry be used?

Besides the apparent texture, this door style’s beauty is its versatility. Reeded cabinetry is suitable for almost any area in the home because of the visual interest and texture it adds to the space. It can be mixed with traditional cabinet door styles or used for a stunning effect. Each area has specific needs and functions, which this cabinet door style can accommodate but with a bit of adjustment according to the area.


Bathroom vanities are the main focal point, whether it is a powder room or full master bath, so opting for reeded cabinet doors can instantly give the space a little extra pop. They look great in a natural wood stain or paint, meaning you can utilize them in a spa-like retreat or a bold color choice accented with contrasting wallpaper in your bathroom. 


Kitchen designs offer various options, from the island to the entire perimeter or a slight variation. Designers enjoy coupling it with the traditional cabinet door style as it makes a visually stunning project. Inset cabinet doors are often the go-to option, as the reeded panel creates the main profile set into the cabinet frame. Adding them to your kitchen perimeter, either in the upper or lower, can transform the overall feel of the kitchen and immediately provide some visual interest to the area.

Laundry room

Reeded cabinetry is a beautiful choice for laundry rooms since it can add a little diversity to the design. Pairing it with hardware that has a natural, organic look can give it a calm vibe. Whether as drawer fronts or full cabinet doors, this choice will make your laundry room a lovely place, even if it is for those mundane chores.


Even the mudroom benefits from reeded cabinetry, especially the drawer design, which brings another point of interest to the space. They can also be paired with traditional built-ins and a wall of tall cabinets with reeded doors. This is a stunning combination that instantly adds a touch of luxury to the mudroom.

Every area in the home can benefit from the charm of reeded doors, though it is recommended that they be used as an accent piece in places like the kitchen since they can be a little overwhelming if they are throughout the space. Your designer can assist you in knowing where and how much of this door style to include in your project.

The benefits of reeded cabinetry

While reeded cabinet doors are a functional part of the design, that does not mean they are without other benefits. The eye-catching design of their ribbed appearance transforms each space into something unique and elegant. Some may think that this is a dated style to put in your home, especially if the trend dies out later, but this is why designers encourage a limited number of doors in large areas like the kitchen. Other areas, such as the bathroom and mudroom, don’t fall into the same category since these have only a few main items and are balanced by the different pieces in the space. Using it selectively can have a much more powerful effect on your home. One benefit of reeded cabinetry is that it makes it easy to create texture in the space and breaks up the entire look. The character and hand-crafted appearance infuse your home with a touch of refinement plus a hint of uniqueness. This cabinet door style offers homeowners a little diversity for their home.

Hardware for reeded cabinetry

Hardware has always been considered the jewel of cabinets, and even though reeded cabinet doors have beauty of their own, the proper hardware can take it to the next level. Solid contrasting hardware, such as black matt, would be a great choice if you opt for a natural finish for your doors. You can also choose one that is more organic in appearance, like glass or clear hardware. Painted reeded doors open various hardware choices, including brass, a timeless finish. Of course, you can use a push latch option, which leans more to a minimalist style and keeps the door clean.

Reeded cabinetry for you

No matter what area of the home needs renovation, reeded cabinetry delivers a stunning impression every single time. Available in the full spectrum of styles, from modern to traditional, they can provide you with the perfect way to reflect your personality into your home. Remember that you should always love where you live, and design plays a key role in your home’s atmosphere. Be sure to talk with your designer about exploring this possibility for your project and how it fits best into the design.