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What is the Best way to Organize a Closet?

Closets are utilized on a daily basis. We reach for something to put on, grab a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly at work, and of course we must have a place to store a host of shoes.  Additionally, it is where we store the extras like blankets, pillows, and winter coats. With so many items stored inside, our closets have the potential to become a disaster zone. This can make us  afraid to open the door but with organizational tips and storage design ideas you can transform your closet into a functional space. Today we will answer what are the best ways to organize your closet.

How to plan a closet organization system

Having a strategy is the first step in transforming your chaotic closet into one that is tidy and organized. Whether you have a large walk-in closet or a standard reach-in closet, begin by taking inventory of what you have and purging what you don’t want or need. This is important because it helps to guide your selection process and lets you know which storage options and systems will work best for you. Another essential component in the planning process is understanding the space you have to work with including floor space. Having a plan in place sets you up for a successful closet alteration or complete renovation.

Closet organization rules

We almost always use our closet, so if we’re not careful, it’s easy to let it become cluttered and unorganized. To help maintain an organized closet it can be beneficial to keep these simple rules in mind.

  • Limit what you have: If you don’t love it or can’t see yourself wearing it ever again it might be time to sell or donate it.
  • Keep it separate: sorting your clothing by category such as shirts, pants, dresses, or whatever works best for you, it can help prevent them from landing anywhere. When something has a specific spot it is easier to put it away.
  • Have a collection bin: be sure to have a designated place where your laundry basket can go with easy accessibility. You might need to plan for multiple depending on if this is a children’s closet or master.

How to organize a non walk in closet

While a walk-in closet is a favorite, sometimes there is not enough room to have one but this does not mean smaller closets  cannot be organized. The first step is to measure your closet space so you can better understand what you are working with, specifically the depth. Knowing the dimensions of your closet allows you to install custom storage features.  By using several of these tools, you can maintain organization and make the most of your closet space. 

  • Baskets: placing large baskets on the floor works great for storing items like blankets or even shoes.
  • Hooks: wall space is usable space in a closet and hooks let you hang hats, belts, and accessories there instead of falling to the floor or getting misplaced in a corner.
  • Extender rods: these can provide you an extra row to hang clothes.

Blogs like the Happy House have a few more ideas that you can read about in this article

Closet organization for small closets

Older homes are infamous for having small closets, but with careful planning and imagination, you may still get what you need. Drawers and dividers can bring the functionality typically enjoyed in a larger closet by supplying designated areas for each item plus preventing them from getting mixed together. Doors are another avenue of gaining some more space to work with that lets you hang items such as bathrobes, shoes especially flats like flip flops, and hoodies. If you can put things in boxes it is best to store seasonal or least used items instead of everyday things inside to prevent having to constantly bend down to pull them out. Gather a few more helpful tips from this blog by Better Homes and Gardens on organizing a small closet.

Closet organization for shoes

Shoes are a staple in closets but they can also be difficult to keep organized. Whether your collection is large or small, here are some great ways to begin and maintain your shoe organization.

  • Take inventory: always start with what you have so that it is easier to know what you need. Check to see which shoes you haven’t worn in a while to see if they still fit, are damaged or if you like them. 
  • Pick a storage method: there are multiple options available such as shoe racks that hang over the door, drop down fabric shelves that attach to the closet rod, and bins or boxes for the floor. 
  • Have a yearly purging: it is a good idea to go through your shoe collection once a year and get rid of styles you don’t like or check to see if any are worn out and damaged.

Shopping places like the Container Store can give you more ideas or provide you with some great products that can assist you in reaching your organization goal.

Closet organization with drawers

If your closet already has drawers or if you can add them it would be advantageous to the function of the closet. Having drawers allows you to easily store items and articles of clothing that you use everyday plus it always has a clean and tidy appearance. Drawers come in various depths which can provide storage for more than just clothing.

Utilizing closet organization bins

Bins, boxes, and baskets are all considered great assets in bringing organization to your closet. Baskets are ideal for expanding the usable floor space as they can simply be placed along the wall. Storing items such as blankets or placing categories of shoes in them, for example flats or sports shoes, works great. Decorative boxes are a perfect solution to keeping items separate and storing on your closet shelves. Bins vary in size and are stackable so they can be used in multiple ways for storage options. Incorporating defined containers makes space planning and organizing much easier.

Benefits of an organized closet

There are many advantages to having an organized home, and the closet is no exception. One main benefit is less clutter which results in more space. Clutter is a silent foe that creeps in and can quickly take over causing unneeded stress. Having a closet that is organized also saves time because when you know where everything is you can just grab and go. This makes for a better morning routine and may even give you enough time to enjoy a second cup of coffee before going to work. One additional bonus might be less ironing due to clothes hanging neatly in their places instead of pressing against each other or slipping to the floor. An organized closet can certainly give you a fresh start to your day.

An organized closet

If you are tired of having a cramped and cluttered closet it is time to establish clear boundaries for each area through a fabulous makeover. You can keep your closet organized for years to come by implementing these organizational tricks and tools.