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Cabinet Refacing: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

If your cabinets are looking worn or faded, they can bring down the appearance of your entire kitchen. It’s possible that there may be problems with other parts of your kitchen as well such as worn flooring, insufficient counter space or damaged light fixtures. In this case, a kitchen remodel might be a good idea. Our team at Walker Woodworking wants you to know that if it’s just your cabinetry that’s holding back the rest of the room, then refacing them might be a better option.

How Refacing Works

In the event you’ve never had cabinets refaced before, you may want to know what’s involved. Basically, the box and frame of your existing cabinetry are kept and the cabinet doors and the fronts of any drawers are replaced. In other words, it’s just like it sounds. You’re changing the outer appearance or “face” of your cabinetry but without physically removing the existing cabinets.

Enhancing the Cabinet Box

Just because you’re keeping the box of your cabinets doesn’t mean they can’t be spruced up as well. You can opt for painting them, or when a wood finish appearance is desired, you can apply a veneer.

When you decide to handle a cabinetry refacing project yourself, you want to be careful when applying the veneer. You can use either factory-finished or unfinished veneers. While unfinished veneers can be touched up later with staining, factory-finished veneers are difficult to touch up later.

Replacing Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

In the event you’re refacing standard, off-the-shelf cabinets, you should be able to find replacement doors and drawer fronts that will fit without a problem.

If you are replacing custom cabinets or you want a unique look to your new doors or drawer fronts, you may want to have custom ones manufactured that have the size, design, material or finish that you desire. At Walker Woodworking, we’ve been designing custom cabinetry near Charlotte NC since 1999 for our neighbors in North Carolina and would love to take a look at your replacement project to see if we can help create what you’re looking for.

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Hardware and Measurements

Don’t forget the necessary hardware you’ll need to go with your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You’ll want knobs and pulls that blend with the hinges, or if you find particularly nice new hardware, you may just want to get new hinges that match them.

Ensuring correct measurements for everything is critical when refacing your cabinets. No matter how nice a cabinet door looks in a showroom, it’s not going to matter if you get it home and it doesn’t fit.

Going It Alone or Hiring a Contractor

Even if you’re fairly adept at DIY projects, you will at least need to find someplace to buy ready-made cabinets doors and drawer fronts or a place to create custom doors and fronts. Located west of Charlotte in Cleveland County, our team at Walker Woodworking has been creating custom cabinetry and other fine furnishings for residents in the North Carolina foothills for a couple of decades. If you are doing a kitchen remodel and need custom cabinetry, please contact us and we’ll see how we can help your project turn out just as you’d like at a budget that you can appreciate. Read what HGTV has to say about cabinet refacing.

Disclaimer – while cabinet refacing is an option, Walker Woodworking can only provide you with doors and drawers or all new cabinetry. We do not offer complete cabinet refacing. A contractor should be able to provide this service for you.

Located 45 miles west of Charlotte, and only an hour from Asheville, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your custom cabinet needs. We can provide beautiful, custom storage solutions for any room in your home. If you’re looking for distinctive cabinets for your kitchen, then most of what’s available off-the-shelf at retail stores will not do. Contact us and we’ll find out how we can make your kitchen stick out from the ordinary at a price you can afford.