Charging Up Without Creating Clutter With A Charging Station

Charging Up Without Creating Clutter With A Charging Station

In our fast paced society we have a lot to keep up with; for most of us, that means relying heavily on our wireless devices to access and organize information.  Our cell phones and other devices have replaced daily planners, address books, cameras, GPS units, alarm clocks, music devices, and newspapers.  We look at them so often that they’ve become a part of our identities.  It can really throw a kink into a busy day when you’re heading out the door and realize that your phone battery is almost dead.  We’ve all been there, searching for the right cord at the last moments notice. Undoubtedly no two of our devices use the same cord and we rarely can find the correct one when we need it. Thus, it is important to plan accordingly for multiple charging stations around the house to power up our devices. Here are a few tips to help you manage your cord clutter. 

Drop Zone

Every home needs a drop station at or adjacent to the main entry point.  This high traffic area needs to be a place where we can “drop” devices, mail, keys, shoes, etc. upon our entry.  It makes sense to have a charging zone here so that we can pick up said devices on the way out the door and they’ll have their full battery life for the day ahead.  I’d recommend making the charging area as close to eye level as possible so that you will see your device on the way out and grab it.

This drop zone features a charging station in a cubby.


There are multiple ways to disguise your charging station.

We also recommend planning a charging zone somewhere in your kitchen design.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where the family gathers multiple times a day. The more family members you have the more devices you’ll need to allow for.  Planning a space to tuck away all of your family’s devices will be valuable to your sanity when using and cleaning your kitchen. If possible we recommend putting all of the devices into one drawer, with a power strip mounted in the back.  This may not always be possible if storage is at a premium. However, there are also clever ways to hide your charging area neatly in a box, magazine rack, or even a breadbox.  Pinterest is full of ideas for elegant charging stations.  Even if they need to be on the countertop, the devices can still be tucked away neatly and cleverly disguised.   

Docking Drawer – cabinet drawer with charging station.

What about your cords?

Bedrooms are another key place to have charging cords setup.  Many people go to sleep after reading or playing on a device and then in turn use one of their devices to serve as an alarm clock. Many users plug up their devices and let them charge overnight, so designing these areas into the bedroom is key.  No matter where you choose to have the electric “juice” bar located within your home, the thing you will need to plan for is the cord storage.  If your devices can be adjacent to the power strip then you’ll want to cinch up the cords so you can avoid tangles and the cord clutter. The most cost effective way I’ve seen of cinching cords is using zip ties to secure the cords into neat twists.  If you want to go the extra mile and delineate specific cords, you can use brightly colored tape that can be labeled by a device.   

Tangled, unorganized cords are not the most time effective option.

Time Saver

Another thing to keep in mind is that the cords need to be easily removable for traveling when needed.  Since we rely on all of our devices so much, it seems only right that we need to plan space for them in our lives.  Always having a place for your device and the correct cord you need will simplify your day to day life and give you back a little bit more of the commodity we all seek to multiply…..time.  

Article by guest blogger: Jeneane Beaver, Former Designer at Walker Woodworking

“Having worked with Walker Woodworking for 7 years, I have the opportunity to share my experiences as a designer as well as a client, I remodeled my own kitchen in 2012.”  ~ Jeneane Beaver

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