cerused white oak mudroom, white oak storage cabinets, wood bench seating, dark tile flooring, farmhouse mudroom

Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Why have a Mudroom?

Entrances are some of the busiest areas in the home, we are constantly coming and going whether it is for work, school, special events, or sports activities, the door is constantly swinging back and forth. With so much going on it is understandable that this area can become the most congested as well. A mudroom with a well-thought-out plan can make a difference in the home. Considered a home’s second casual entrance, the mudroom is a space that provides support behind the scenes through its multi-function purpose and storage compartments. From hanging wet coats to hiding dirty boots, a mudroom was built to keep your entrance clean and organized. Since it has made a tremendous comeback over the years, let’s discuss why a mudroom should be considered an essential design element in the home.

mudroom and laundry room with barn doors and tile flooring, dark countertops and blue cabinets

What are mudrooms used for?

Traditionally they were a glorified coat rack but over the years they have evolved into much more. With added storage options such as shoe racks, drawers, benches, and shelves, keeping everything in its place streamlines morning routines. School backpacks, work briefcases, sports shoes and gear are all in one orderly place ready to be used whenever needed. Mudrooms allow you to keep the things you need near the door but hidden and out of the way. Read more of the purpose of a mudroom here.

Where can they be used?

While the mudroom is usually near the home’s entrance, it is an adaptable space that can benefit multiple areas in the home including:

  • Laundry rooms: since dirty clothes tend to end up near a mudroom as people come and drop off their things, having them near the laundry room makes sense and is convenient. 
  • Kitchens: this is a popular location choice for homeowners as it can be a busy area for the family. Those who love to be outside in the garden enjoy this spot too because it makes it easy to carry in the delicious produce inside and clean it right away. It works great for kids too since they don’t have to worry about getting a carpet dirty and parents stay happy. Adding a little desk turns this into an efficient workstation for paying bills and jotting down a grocery list.
  • Garage: having a mudroom here opens up different design choices since it tends to be by itself and has no current style to follow. Sports gear and shopping bags are among the favorite items that end up here since these are the activities that make their way through the garage. Be sure to choose materials that are durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Stairs: often overlooked is the space in the staircase, but a mudroom is one great way to utilize this space. There is usually sufficient space to have some cubbies and hooks since it is often near the entrance, the location is perfect too.

Versatility is synonymous with mudrooms because they can fit multiple needs in a variety of areas. Take time to walk through your home and decide which areas used the most and in need of some organization that a mudroom can provide. Remember that it does not have to be limited to just one, some homeowners choose to add more than one in order to keep the house running smoothly.

Benefits of a mudroom.

Maybe you have noticed an increase in mudrooms on your Pinterest feed or seen more of them featured in design magazines but wonder what are the benefits of adding them to your own home? There are several for sure such as:

  • Storage: this is the more obvious but mudrooms can take a blank wall in the home and turn it into an amazing storage solution for multiple items. Shoes, jackets, bags, and even sports items can be neatly tucked away but always within easy reach. 
  • Organization: There is nothing as frustrating as trying to get out the door in the morning only to be delayed by not finding keys, your purse, or the kid’s backpack. Mudrooms provide an organization through individual cubbies, drawers, hooks, and baskets so your morning will go according to schedule.
  • Cleanliness: frustrated by the dirty clothes piled up by the front door or the wet shoes scattered in the hall? Having a place to put them means less mess to clean up before guests arrive and more time to pour the drinks.
  • Functionality: multipurpose areas are gaining in popularity with homeowners as many spaces need to perform double duty. Mudrooms are no exception and give you the ability to achieve multiple things in one space.

Mudrooms are more than just a simple piece of furniture, they perform many things for homeowners and keep the home running a little better giving you some peace of mind.

What to include in a mudroom? 

Deciding to have a mudroom is one thing, but what should you include in a mudroom exactly? What are the essentials of a good mudroom and will help your family most? Well after doing countless projects for clients, we have learned a few things. Here are our top picks.

  • Seating area: since shoes and mudrooms go together, it seems reasonable to include a bench or seating area in the design. And don’t forget a shoe cabinet so you can keep your footwear neatly tucked away.
  • Storage: this is where a mudroom can truly shine, built-ins, cubbies, and drawers all help to make this a valuable piece of furniture in the home. Using additional decorative boxes and baskets can add color and texture to your mudroom while giving you even more storage options.
  • Hooks: from bags to briefcases, a good hook can help keep everything where it needs to be and give you quick access when going out the door. It is also great for coats and sports jerseys too.
  • Outlets: with technology a part of our day, it can help to include some outlets in your mudroom design so devices can charge overnight, like the tablet the kids take to school or your laptop before going to work the next day.

Spending some time on Pinterest or portfolio galleries can provide you with the design inspiration you are looking for and help you feel more prepared for your meeting with the designer.

Ready to design your mudroom?

We understand that life gets busy and organization is key to keeping things going in an orderly manner. Mudrooms are a great option for your family no matter the size or routine because they are built around your specific needs. Whether you need something to keep your hallway looking clean or extra storage space in the laundry room, mudrooms are here to help. Our experienced design team is ready to assist you in creating a space that will work great for you and your family. Connect with us today and let’s get planning together.