Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

What is CAD and CNC?

Technology paired with Craftsmanship

Here at Walker Woodworking, we are passionate about producing the very best quality and being above the standard. Our CEO, Travis Walker, believes in pairing the power of technology with skilled craftsmanship which is why he spends time researching the latest tools and techniques available to woodworking. His research led him to buy a new software program called CAD, short for “computer-aided design” as well as a CNC machine. These additions have enabled us to be more effective in our design process as well as expand into more elaborate designs. Let’s break each down so that you can better understand our process and how it benefits you.

What is CAD?

Prior to this designs were drawn by hand and precise designs are the key to any quality project. Not only does it simplify the design process, it also cuts down on waste, increases the productivity, and minimizes any troubleshooting. 

Additionally, the use of CAD allows us to show our clients in real time what their design will look like during a design meeting plus allow us to edit and modify the design with them so they can virtually see what they will receive. It makes the design phase more precise and gives clients the ability to move forward with confidence.

What is CNC?

With the use of CAD we were able take another step and purchase a CNC wood router, which stands for computer numerical control. This piece of equipment allows us to transfer designs directly from the computer to the machine which can cut, shape, and engrave the wood perfectly.

We can be faster in production, more precise, and maintain our high standard of quality that remains at the core of our business. It also means we can reproduce with accuracy meaning that multiple cabinet pieces for a project are exactly the same resulting in a beautiful project. Watch this video to see the CNC in action.

Technology with Craftsmanship

Quality remains at the top of Travis’ list which drives him to continually look for ways we can harness the power of technology so that we are cutting down on waste, increasing productivity, and remaining true to the meaning of the word, “craftsmanship”. When you choose to build your custom cabinets with Walker Woodworking you will only get the best. Visit our showroom to experience our cabinets and see the many styles and options available for your home.