Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Custom Storage Solutions for your Collection

Your home is a collection of things you love but sometimes those things can become displaced when there is no designated area for them. Sometimes this can lead to a build up of clutter which then can result in stress and frustration, not the ideal environment for a home sweet home. Custom storage solutions offer you the ability to keep your beloved collections in exactly the right place and position you want them. They can be displayed for all to see and made accessible for use when needed. This is an important feature that ensures they will be around for many years. Let’s talk about some of the more common collections found in homes and the benefits that custom can give to you and the things you love. 

Gun rooms 

Having a designated area in your home for a gun collection is essential because it allows you to safely display them while at the same time protecting your family and friends. We prioritize safety above all else when designing a gun room or even a simple display and always go through a list of necessary precaution methods before finalizing any drawings for our production crew. There are many ways to secure your gun collection while still allowing it to look stunning and stylish. Glass cases with locks, a must for any display whether encased or not, let your family and friends admire your collection safely plus they minimize dust and dirt gathering on your guns. Some of the custom work we have done in the past also included special LED lighting strips which give an added highlight effect and let you see every detail. Custom cabinetry and displays make it easier to organize your collection by size or group them together based on category. This will go a long way to helping you stay on top of them and bring a uniformity to your collection. Gun rooms are a wonderful addition to your home for multiple reasons and come with great benefits for everyone including peace of mind that everything is safely stored away.

Wine rooms

A wine room brings a myriad of benefits to your home beyond just looking beautiful and elegant. They are also becoming more popular with homeowners and allow you to display your amazing collection with pride plus makes it easy to guarantee they are kept in pristine condition until the time is right to open them. Custom wine rooms let you build a display that is just right for you and your collection. It means taking the available space and maximizing it to its full potential no matter how much square footage. From under the staircase to a specified area in the kitchen or even an old closet, custom can go anywhere and do anything needed when planned correctly. Wine is a perishable item making temperature and placement a critical part of the design phase that must be thought through down to the last detail. Easy access must also be given thought along with good organization which allows you to keep track of it all so no bottle is forgotten. A wine room means you can buy your favorite bottle in bulk since you have room to store it and this upgrade can also increase the value of your home as many homeowners view it as a status symbol to buy a house that comes with a wine room. Talk to your designer about the possibility of creating a wine room in your home then get ready to show off your collection.

Golf Collection

Are you an avid golfer but struggle to keep all your important equipment at least somewhat organized at home or does it inevitably land in the closet? When you have a custom storage solution in your home many of these issues will be dramatically if not entirely reduced. A past client had a large golf rack with a breakfast counter on the other side designed so that they could store their collection of golf clubs and other items within easy reach of their golf simulator. This allowed them to have friends and family play endless rounds of golf within the climate control of their home and no time limits due to the sun going down. This is the beauty of having custom pieces built to your specific request as they will perfectly suit your needs and stay exactly where they were intended to be. Another benefit is the ability to create a space where not only our collection can be bragged about with ease but it can double as a place where you can gather and connect. Add a seating area or even a small beverage center and you have the perfect recipe for a delightful evening. Discuss the options available with your designer that can best display your golf collection.


Collections don’t always have to be new, sometimes they can be assembled over several generations resulting in some valuable and priceless heirlooms. They are a culmination of your family’s stories making them worth showing off with pride. There are several things to consider when designing custom storage for heirlooms especially when they have monetary value. Glass front door cabinets are a wonderful way to safely display your family dishes plus have them within easy reach when you want to use them for family holiday dinners or birthdays. Another bonus with glass is that dust and dirt are kept to a minimum plus you can include LED strips which allow you to highlight your items even more, not to mention make a wonderful focal point. Built-ins are also a wonderful way to store and display heirlooms that are not kitchen related such as decor items. Custom means you can design cabinets that will meet the safety and style needs of your beloved heirlooms ensuring that they will be around for many more years.

Custom storage for your collection

No matter what the need, when you lack order, function, and accessibility, custom storage is the way to go. Home is the place we tell our story and that is through the items we purchase or preserve which means they ought to be treated with care. This is what our custom cabinets allow homeowners to do and in a way that integrates seamlessly with their lifestyle and design preferences. Every collection deserves to be honored and highlighted no matter what it is and custom has been our specialty for over twenty years.