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A bathroom refuge design


The bathroom is a key area in the home; it is used daily for a wide variety of needs, from general hygiene to self-care. Every day, people usually make this their first start of the day as well as their last one before heading to bed. This is the one area of the home where you can truly let your hair down and completely relax, making it a space worth investing in to create a design that not only looks good but also makes you feel good. What are some ways you can take this essential area from ordinary to extraordinary through the use of design creating a space that provides a refuge from life’s stressful challenges and demands? Let’s explore some of the trending design options that can benefit you, as well as other elements that can transform your bathroom into a place of refuge and rejuvenation. 

What’s new in bathroom design

There are multiple elements available to create the perfect bathroom, and it can be hard to know where to start looking or what you even are looking for. Knowing what the latest trends are can help since they often spark an idea or give you a dose of inspiration. Several wonderful ones have been announced in 2022, but we will only highlight a few of them. Free-standing tubs are not necessarily a new trend, but they have risen in popularity over the last few years as homeowners want to create a home spa of their own to enjoy whenever they want. Soaker tubs allow you to do just that: sink down deep and completely relax in the soothing temperatures of a warm bath. Did we also mention that they also look amazing as a focal point? Smart home technology is also making its way into bathroom design with several new features available, such as toilets that have automatic lid openers, showers where you can adjust the temperature via your phone before getting in, and built-in bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite songs are just a few of the many new features enjoyed by homeowners today. Nature-inspired designs are also trending as more and more individuals want to have a bathroom that reflects the beauty and calm vibes of the outdoors, so elements such as wood and glass are making their way into multiple areas such as vanities, tile, and lighting. Using earthy tones such as grays and blues can influence the mood and help form a relaxed environment for everyone. Plus, they give a nice break from the all-white bathrooms. Read this article from Sebring to get more details about additional bathroom design trends. Take the time to browse places like Pinterest and Houzz to see how many of these design trends are being used, and talk to your designer about ways to incorporate them into your new bathroom project.

It’s all in the details

When it comes to design, the details can make all the difference as they form the little accents of fun with texture and pattern or pops of color with accent pieces. Together, they play a critical role in the final look and feel of your bathroom space. Some of these details include:

  • Tile
  • Hardware
  • Finishes
  • Lighting
  • Color

Often a key player in bathroom design, tile is a practical and playful element used to create a beautiful space. They also check several boxes on the details list since they can form pops of color and add texture as well as pattern. Manufacturers have also found new liberty when it comes to tile design and offer a larger selection that appeals to nearly every design style in some way. This enables you to create a spectacular accent wall in your bathroom with a pattern that grabs the eyes or a soft texture that adds the spa-like quality you have been looking for just to relax. Because there is always a higher humidity rate in the bathroom, having tile makes it easier to clean and also removes any mold buildup. Hardware is another detail that mustn’t be overlooked, as it can be an excellent way to add a little sparkle or special touch to the bathroom. You can go as ornate and unique as you like, or if you prefer a minimalist approach, that is also a great option. No matter the style, placing hardware on your vanity allows you to easily open drawers and doors. Don’t forget about the power of finishes, whether gold, brass, black, or polished nickel; they quickly present a beautiful accent to your bathroom and can go with a wide array of design styles such as modern, traditional, or even minimal. Share the things on your list with your designer so they can assist you in finding the right pieces and details that give your bathroom that special touch.

Personalized touches

Since we spend so much time in the bathroom it can be nice to sprinkle it with things that personalize it just for us. Walk-in showers have continued to become a popular option with many master bathroom designs as homeowners enjoy splurging a little to have one that has spa-like vibes. Several have chosen to go all out with the shower head by choosing a waterfall one or even a double that provides extra coverage. Seating in the shower is also a nice choice especially for those who love to just sit and enjoy some of the steam plus it is a great aging in place option. The walk in shower can also become a stunning focal point when the tile selections are paired correctly with the rest of the design. Heated flooring is another great custom feature to include especially if you dread walking on cold floors in the winter. Several homeowners have also chosen to add a TV to their master bathroom design so they can watch the news as they get ready for work or their favorite movie while relaxing in the tub. Wallpaper is also rising in the world of design and can be incorporated into several areas including the bathroom area whether as an accent wall or a complete look. Our bathrooms are meant to be personalized and it is easier to do now more than ever. Talk to your designer about the things that matter most to you about your project.

Designing a bathroom refuge

As one of the most used areas in the home for our intimate needs, the bathroom should be designed as a place of refuge and relaxation from the cares and stresses of life. This means that it ought to reflect your personality in every way, from color to pattern everything should make it a place you enjoy using instead of just serving a purpose. Design details matter and with traditional rules being replaced with out of the box thinking it is easier than ever to accomplish this task. You deserve to have a well-functioning and lovely bathroom that is designed with you in mind.