Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

What is an Industrial Farmhouse?

Just about everyone is familiar with the farmhouse style, a warm and inviting look that combines rustic charm with modern convenience in a practical, simple way. It has won over numerous homeowners and designers alike who have utilized it in many kitchen spaces including on TV. As popular as it is there is no surprise when designers created a new twist on it by blending rustic elements with industrial accents to make an industrial farmhouse style. Not only does it continue to grow in popularity, it is also making its way outside of the kitchen and into other areas of the home such as the bathroom. More homeowners are enjoying the modern feel that industrial gives but still crave the character and simplicity of the farmhouse style. Let’s unpack what it takes to blend these two styles to create the lovely and sophisticated industrial farmhouse.

Patterned pieces

Pattern is a beautiful and easy way to shake things up a bit plus with the many different layouts to choose from such as herringbone, diagonal, and modern basketweave, the variations are boundless. Industrial modern tends to lean in a sleek look like metal and rough material like concrete while farmhouses often draw warm woods and soft colors. Some ways to blend them together would be deep color choices like black and deep gray patterns paired with brighter ones such as a clean white. These combinations not only create contrast but visual interest as well. You can also opt for newer pattern layouts like the modern basketweave or even bold lines. From backsplash to flooring, there are many options ready to turn your kitchen or bathroom into an elegant industrial farmhouse space that will have your friends talking. Keep in mind that patterns are meant to be a highlight and should be used in moderation, too many or too much can create a busy feel in the space versus a calm one. 

Sinks that float

Sinks are a focal point in both the bathroom and kitchen not to mention they are also one of the most used elements. This means they need to be durable and functional but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and unique. Using a traditional farmhouse sink with dark countertops or even wood tops can add character to the space or vice versa by pairing a vessel sink with a softer color palette. Vessel sinks are rising in popularity and manufacturers are also offering more options and styles such as patterned ones, varying sizes and depths, as well as materials. Porcelain and stainless steel can add another dimension to your industrial farmhouse look as the different materials influence the overall style of the design. Stainless steel leans more in the industrial feel but can be countered some with warm color schemes and traditional or even more rustic decor elements. Don’t forget when selecting your sink to think through the amount of things you will do everyday especially in the kitchen. If you enjoy cooking make sure to have a large enough sink to handle the amount of dishes and food prep needed. For bathrooms, whether sink or double vanity, find one that is deep enough and easy to clean especially for master bathrooms.

The boldest neutral

Black is not just a color that can be used to hide dirt. It is a color that reflects elegance, creates contrast, and can go with just about anything. For a long time the main areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom were dominated by whites, grays, and blues, colors that were considered traditional but in that last decade a lot of that has begun to shift with designers making a quickpivot to create designs that go with the times. The impact can be seen within the interior design industry as more companies offer black as a staple color choice from hardware to countertops. When looking to transition your farmhouse into a more industrial feel, think of the color black. Hardware is a great choice as it adds a bit of depth and richness to light colored cabinets and vanities. Mixing light colored backsplash with dots of black scattered around can also keep a space looking sharp. Black countertops are another stunning way to form an amazing contrast whether in the bathroom or kitchen. A combination of black and white flooring can make a beautiful addition to your space as well. If you are looking for a bold new color to try in your farmhouse look, look no further than black.

Shape it up

Over the years lighting has taken a dramatic turn and we mean for the better. The myriad of options and sizes available now is almost hard to comprehend. So many materials and styles can be used in your home making it easy to create a whole new blend of looks. For an industrial farmhouse some great choices would include a blend of materials like wood and metal. You can also opt for a bold look and shape that declares industrial while pairing it with softer tones in your countertop or cabinet selection. Light bulbs are also shifting with old vintage styles being offered that harken back to the simpler time. Size can also impact the look and feel of your design style. Larger ones are more industrial while smaller options lean to the traditional farmhouse. More than one light fixture can also be used, two and three can create visual interest but be careful to consider the space you have to work with. Wall sconces are the perfect option for bathrooms as they add some character to the space. Be sure to talk with your designer about lighting, it is an important element for many reasons and should be given a good bit of thought when making your final selections.

Elevate everything

More open and even minimal elements are being traded for the ornate and closed off. People want to feel more connected with their family and friends especially in their own homes which has caused some changes in the designing phase. Instead of closed cabinets, homeowners are opting to incorporate more open shelving like floating shelves and even varying their cabinet doors with glass ones instead. This gives a sense of openness in busy areas like the kitchen plus the blending of material can make it feel more industrial. Taking a simpler approach is something else valued by many clients today. Choosing hardware that is more streamlined and limiting the color palette calls back to the farmhouse style with only a few pops of texture and such. Natural light is another great way to create a warm and inviting style that makes it easy for conversations to flow during meal times or at family gatherings. Never underestimate the power of design to impact the mood in a room.

Industrial farmhouse

If you love the look of a farmhouse kitchen but are a little tired of the traditional choices consider adding some of the industrial modern elements into your design to create a stunning industrial farmhouse. Sometimes when you blend styles together you create something amazing and this is one of them. Our experienced design team has helped hundreds of clients come up with the perfect remodel that not only is functional for their needs but reflects their personality perfectly. With over twenty years of experience and more than 15 counties served, you can believe us when we say you are in good hands. Contact us today and let’s get started on your project together.