Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Reclaimed Wood Projects

What is it about reclaimed wood that makes it so popular? Is it the fact that it possesses a character all its own or maybe it’s because of the history it holds inside. Whatever the reason, reclaimed wood is trending as a material choice for multiple areas in the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices. With varying shades, environmentally friendly, and unique characteristics, reclaimed wood is a great option that offers it all in one neat package. We have had many clients who thought outside the box with their projects by incorporating some reclaimed wood into their design and the results were nothing short of stunning. From a wrap around bar to drawer fronts, we want to share some of our favorite projects that blended the old with the new.

Historic farmhouse – the Joseph Suttle house

Old homes have a beauty all their own and they should be preserved. Historic preservation is something we are passionate about which is why we were delighted when asked to help in the renovation process of a 200 year old farmhouse. A project like this cannot be rushed as there is a lot of planning and thought that needs to take place before you can even begin demolition, specifically in this case because it was a historic home rehabilitation. The homeowners wanted to incorporate as much of the old house into the new elements as was possible. The old kitchen flooring needed to be completely replaced but instead of discarding it or storing it, we decided to reuse it for the custom cabinets in the kitchen. One thing that we had to confirm before proceeding with building the cabinets was whether we had sufficient material for all of the project and if not could we match the stain and style. Once we did, the meticulous job of pulling out old nails and bolts started. One other issue with this project came from the wood itself, pine tends to have a good amount of pitch and resin which can be hard on our machinery but our amazing team persevered. Travis, our CEO, was heavily involved in the process and enjoyed using this as an opportunity to teach the crew a few things about old growth pine, a new term for many of our guys at the time. In the end the custom kitchen cabinets were an absolutely perfect look for the kitchen and added so much character. This 18 month project was something our entire team was proud of and the homeowners absolutely love their rehabilitated historic farmhouse. For more details about the entire project and to see some additional before and after photos click here.

Reclaimed heartwood pine

Contrast is a powerful element as it creates a beautiful visual effect in any space, but this was especially true in this white kitchen with highlights of reclaimed heartwood pine throughout the space. Wood and white are always a winner but the way it was incorporated into this kitchen made it seem a step above the norm. Heartwood pine is the section of the tree that is considered stronger and more stable due to its tight grain making it a great choice for durability. Our design team worked with the homeowner to formulate a plan that allowed this wood to make the best statement. Often when creating a two-toned kitchen the island is one color and the perimeter another, a popular choice. Thinking outside the box, it was decided to utilize the reclaimed heartwood pine in three specific ways. The panels for the refrigerator, the door fronts by the stove, and the inside of the glass front cabinet were chosen. These decisions allowed the reclaimed wood to not overpower the entire design making them a focal point for the eye instead. By having the paneled refrigerator along with the cabinets above all done in the reclaimed heartwood pine, it breaks up the all white cabinets and adds depth to the space. Opting to only do selective door fronts in the unique wood gives character to those specific drawers and makes them stand out so elegantly. Glass front cabinets bring a nice dimension to the kitchen, an interruption from the endless sea of white, however there is the issue of visibility. When a clear glass is used versus a frosted or antique glass option, everything is visible. Using the reclaimed heartwood pine for the interior added charm and contrast to these cabinets. While this kitchen is not a typical farmhouse style, the use of wood woven throughout the design still gives a hint of times gone by and the pairing of brass hardware was the finishing touch. See more of this project by going here.

Historic Campbell building

Another historic project that we were able to participate in was also close to home. This 100 year old building sits on Lafayette street in Uptown Shelby and it is also where our Greenbrook Design showroom is located and occupies the first two levels. The owners chose to turn the remaining two levels into a venue called Uptown Indigo along with an apartment for them to live in. They were adamant about preserving the rich history contained in this building and as they were looking to create a rooftop terrace, they discovered some old wood that could be used in their Steeples bar lounge. This was a great choice since it added the masculine vibes they were looking for plus a one-of-a-kind look to the bar. The varying shades of wood also provided layers of interest and a warm, inviting pattern that suited the overall aesthetic in the space. Our design team also included something different when planning the bar counter cabinets. The exterior sides were also made from some of the reclaimed wood giving it texture and appeal. An added bonus was the small powder room where more reclaimed wood was used to create a wall mounted counter in place of a full vanity. Choosing to weave a part of the history throughout this project ensured that it would never be forgotten and in fact, bring a special charm into the entire space. The owners were delighted with the final results and the reclaimed wood continues to remain a favorite element in this space as numerous events have taken place there. See more pictures of this historic project by clicking here or come by the showroom to request a tour to see it for yourself.

Benefits of reclaimed wood

Choosing to use reclaimed wood in your upcoming project has many benefits including:

  • Preserving history
  • Saving money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Adds character

We love it when our clients allow us to utilize it with their design because it means we will not only create a space that is beautiful but rich in history. We have a love for the past and always feel privileged whenever we can have a part in preserving it. Don’t have any reclaimed wood of your own? Not a problem, sometimes we have been able to source some old, unique wood and will be happy to include its history at no extra charge! If you are looking for a way to add character and a touch of charm to your home look no further than reclaimed wood. Contact us today to get started on your project, let’s build something amazing together.