Wash, Sort, and Stack Our Best Laundry Rooms

Wash, sort, and stack: The inner workings of our best laundry rooms

Who loves to do laundry? Most people’s response to that question would be…..not me! However, the task of washing and drying is a never-ending, necessary chore to keep a home running smoothly. I can attest to this as a mother of two small children; it never ends. Since it does have to be completed so often, why not make your laundry room as cheerful and welcoming as possible? We chose a few of our favorite laundry areas to showcase and give you some ideas on how to make the task of laundry more enjoyable.

The key to maximizing functionality

Organization is key to making any room function well. This is exceptionally true in an efficient and productive space, and most certainly if you plan to perform more than one task there. We have designed many laundry rooms that double as mudrooms, closets, and wrapping stations (to name a few). If you’ll be performing different tasks, then varying work zones will need to be planned accordingly. Such is so in this quaint laundry room where we utilized even the smallest space making it a functional and beautiful wrapping zone. The stained, warm cabinets blend elegantly with the lighter wood floor and other painted cabinets. Behind the short swinging door sits the mudroom bench, which serves as a place to remove shoes and coats. Everything has its place here, which means it will all function well for the homeowner and family.


Laundry room with gift wrap station.


Color is the new black

Maybe you wish to be daring and use a fun paint color? What better place to try it than in the laundry room. Gleeful colors can bring whimsy into the most mundane rooms. The cheerful shade used here is Spruce tint and it will make you feel anything but blue.

blue laundry cabinets

Spruce tint – blue

Yellow isn’t your normal cabinet tone, however, these Elk Tan painted cabinets with a chocolate glaze brings a trace of character to this laundry room, which also features a standout sink.

Elk Tan with Chocolate Glaze

Another unique color is Rialto, which we show here in this classic lake house. This darker shade of blue with a thin chocolate glaze brings a soothing sophistication to the laundry area of this lake home. With so many appliance options to choose from, it is also easy to add a pop of color with your laundry apparatus.

Rialto blue cabinets with thin Chocolate Glaze.

 What works best for you?

Everyone has a different way of completing their household tasks. When planning your laundry room you need to consider what works best for you, and of course, the kiddos helping out. For example, my mother irons everything she needs to on one certain day of the week, whereas I do not even own an iron. If you do iron, we can build a custom door for your wall inserted ironing board, as you will see in some of our photos.


Hidden ironing board built into wall.


In addition, many of our clients utilize multiple hampers for sorting out colors, whites, and delicates. Some people like to hang items straight out of the dryer, so we usually put hanging rods in their upper cabinets. The most functional laundry room we’ve ever designed was this grand master closet, which was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Putting this laundry pair inside their closet is the ultimate in functionality. The island features multiple sorting hampers and the large countertop space is ideal for folding and sorting.

Laundry Room Featured in Wall Street Journal


Especially relevant, ease of use is another key consideration to think about when designing the laundry area. Keeping the most important things in arms reach is crucial, especially for those of us who are vertically challenged. Aging in place goes hand in hand with functionality. You do not want to strain your back every time you do a load of laundry. Many of our clients request that we build laundry pedestals under their washer and dryer pair. Elevating the appliances is a simple solution that will help you be comfortable in your home longer.

laundry room

Elevated washer & dryer.


Do you dread the task of laundry? Sprucing up your laundry area is a small project that can make loads of difference in your home. If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 704.434.0823 to set up your design consultation.