Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Unique Wood Materials

Wood is more than just a durable material used in constructing a house, it possesses a character all its own with unique grain lines and rich color. Its aesthetic appeal and rustic charm make it the perfect choice for any number of areas in the home including the kitchen and living room. Wood is also a material that integrates and blends many other elements such as glass and metal with results that are always stunning. Whether it is a kitchen island or a drop zone in your foyer, adding some wood to your home immediately makes it more inviting and brings nature just one step closer. With all of these amazing benefits, it is no wonder our clients enjoy our custom pieces so much. Over the years we have worked with so many different varieties and species of wood and there are a few materials and styles we wanted to share with you that are not just unique but amazing.

Wormy chestnut wood

While you may think that this chestnut wood got its name from a particular grain pattern, it actually comes from the chestnut blight of the early 1900s where trees were killed and damaged by insects that left holes and discoloration to the trees. This led to them being harvested and converted into lumber. Due to this disaster of losing the majority of mature American Chestnut trees, the lumber is now rare and in some cases considered valuable. It is possible to source it from old barns and other older structures where it can be recycled as reclaimed wood. The discoloration, nail holes, and even damage done by the insects leaves this wood with a unique look that makes it a great choice for rustic projects or vintage styles such as farmhouse. We were fortunate enough to obtain some wormy chestnut wood that we used for a recent project. Our client wanted to create a kitchen for their pool house and this wood was the perfect choice. With the varying pattern and unique markings this kitchen looks amazing and has just the right look for a relaxed family gathering around the pool and enjoying some delicious home cooking. We were delighted to be able to find just the right type of wood for our clients.

Rustic alder

Open and closed knots. Wormholes. Mineral streaks and even small cracks. These are just a few of the characteristics that make up the beautiful soft wood of rustic alder. The choice of stain can influence the finished look of the project with lighter stains highlighting the charming inconsistencies of the wood and the darker stains giving it more of an elegant feel. This wood is another great choice for kitchen styles that are more rustic or quaint such as the farmhouse, but it can also be paired with painted cabinets for a more urban look. Rustic alder seldom cracks which is just one of the benefits when working with this wood. It also works well in both wet and dry climates making it a wonderful choice for cabinets and even furniture no matter where you live. 

Live edge wood

While this is not a specific type of wood, live edge is trending for numerous pieces in the home such as dining room tables and countertops. Homeowners and designers alike enjoy using live edge slabs because of their natural beauty and unique characteristics. Opting to include such interesting furniture items gives an immediate rustic feel to the home especially when decorating for a man cave or even log cabin home. Durability is another reason the live edge is well received, its rugged look is sure to last for a long time and it can also be paired well with other materials such as metal legs. Live edge can be considered versatile since it is able to be used for other items like mirrors or even hung on the wall as is to make a statement. The fact that no two pieces are alike make it extra special and provide you with something no one else can have. By mixing this with some epoxy, it is possible to go a step farther and incorporate things into the live edge table that can make your space stand out like bottle tops placed on top of the counter or even epoxied between two slabs. However you choose to invoprote it, it’s like having a bit of untouched nature inside the home. 

Ambrosia Maple 

Ambrosia Maple is another wood that gets its name from a fungal discoloration that is caused by a wood-boring ambrosia beetle. As the beetle penetrates into the wood, it leaves behind fungi that begin to stain and discolor the wood. While it may sound nasty, the results can be beautiful as shown in this desktop made for a client’s home office. The soft, varying shades make this look so elegant and unique meaning you have a piece like no other. Because it is a more charming wood type it makes it a perfect match for multiple projects such as wood tops and great for multiple styles like traditional, farmhouse, and transitional. If you are wanting a wood that is sleek and will add visual interest to your home then look no further than Ambrosia Maple.

Heartwood pine wood

Pine is a solid, dependable wood that has been used for hundreds of years for construction both inside and outside the home. We have used it on multiple projects from kitchens to unique furniture pieces. Every once in a while we have the opportunity to even use some that is reclaimed such as this client’s project where we paired it with white kitchen cabinets. We used the heart wood pine for some of the drawer fronts and appliance paneling. The results were absolutely stunning and the contrast is amazing. Heartwood pine has a rustic charisma that is hard to beat making it a wonderful choice for a wide variety of projects from cabinets to headboards. It is also a strong, durable wood that can fulfill any need required of it. Whether it is a warm and inviting farmhouse style you are looking to create or the welcome from a more traditional style, heartwood pine has what you need.

Unique wood materials

Wood speaks a language all its own with elegant grain lines and varying shades which is why we love what we do. For over twenty years we have created and built personalized pieces for our clients that don’t just serve a purpose but reflect them and their unique personalities. Our goal is to assist each client in designing a new space that is perfect for them because it is created around their lifestyle that is why no two spaces are alike. Serving more than 15 counties across two states but are not limited to these areas. We would love to connect with you and create a space that is just as special as you and your family.