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The Benefits of an Open Concept Floor Plan


For countless decades the kitchen has been viewed as a means to an end, where food was prepared and served. Today, it has become the central hub in the home, where achievements are celebrated and the day’s events are discussed. Floor plans have had to shift to accommodate the change, resulting in an open concept. This means that families can stay connected while in multiple areas in the home. While not as popular as in the 1990s and early 2000s, many families still choose this floor plan because they desire to stay close to their family and guests. Let’s discuss what elements are in this layout and whether it suits you.

Focus on the focal points

Multi-functional space is a great plus in a home, but it is essential that each space feels distinct, and that is often done through unique focal points. For instance, it might be the fireplace in the living room, the light fixture hanging over the kitchen island, and the beautiful art piece in the dining room area. By creating a focal point, each area can be its own space while still being connected with the other regions. This is a key to the function of the space.

The open concept feels larger

Because it is an open concept, the area can feel less confined and larger, which is a great selling point, but more on that later. Walled rooms can make a space feel small and restricted, but by allowing it to be more open, there is a great flow from one section to another. It is also lovely to be in one spot and still feel connected to your family no matter where they are in the room. Many homeowners are looking for a connection in their home, and this layout successfully delivers this. See this open concept home that we did.

Easy to host

If you enjoy hosting little or big family get-togethers, then the open concept is perfect for you. This layout was designed for gatherings where even the host can feel part of the fun while ensuring everything is running smoothly. With sight lines in any room available, everyone can gather in small groups to talk but still feel like a part of the entire group. Since the kitchen is within easy reach of everyone, it also makes the perfect place to set up your buffet line, making serving a breeze and clean-up simple. See a few more benefits of open concept here.


Color is an important element in designing any space, and variety adds a lot of personality, but when doing an open concept, it is important that the areas coordinate. Since this large area serves multiple functions having a similar color scheme can bring it all together harmoniously. This does not mean that it needs to be a large amount, but maybe choosing pillows for the living room that has a similar shade to the window treatments in the dining room can be a great way to achieve a cohesive design. Your designer can be a great asset to you in the selection process.

Open concept adds value.

Since many families are looking for ways to stay connected yet enjoy individual spaces, an open-concept layout means added value if you choose to sell. Kids can always be in sight of the parents as they get dinner ready, and the kitchen can be the gathering place once everyone gets home. Open concept is a win for those who want a beautiful multi-functional space and those looking to appeal to a potential buyer. 

Open-concept floor plan

Feel that this layout is the one for you and your family? Please schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced designers and discuss the next step in the process. We have assisted numerous clients in getting the perfect space for them. Our service area extends into both western North Carolina as well as upstate South Carolina and continues to expand. Let us help you design and build a space for your family where you can feel connected through open concepts.