Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Curated Colors for your Cabinets

Color plays a critical role in cabinet design as it tends to be the first thing you notice especially in a kitchen. For over twenty years we have made it our mission to provide the perfect color for each project. Our team takes great pride in curating colors that are exactly what each client requests even if that means a little extra time and effort to accomplish it. From stains to color match, we will do what it takes to make sure your project is coated in the color you need. Let’s talk about why it matters and the benefits it gives to your home.

Why color matters

Design is about telling your story, it is about sharing what matters to you, and surrounding yourself with elements that instantly make you feel at home. Color plays a critical role in achieving this goal which is why it is an important design choice and one that designers don’t take lightly. Often it is color that gets noticed first since it is everywhere we look plus tends to pull in the eye automatically and has an influence over the mood of any area in the home. Strong colors can energize a space while softer ones can help create a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to unwind at the end of the day. Color is also an element that can harmonize a space by tying things together such as artwork that has similar hues to the couch, home decor items, walls, or even accents like pillows and rugs. Cabinet colors are another critical area as they are a main feature in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or living room built-in so it is wise to not rush this decision especially as it is one element that often remains as long as the cabinets themselves. When preparing to select a color, take time to think about the ones that speak to you most and why. What is it about those particular ones that you enjoy and how do they make you feel? Knowing this can help your designer understand which color will be the best choice for you and also what other colors to pair with it to create the perfect curated color palette in your home.

Curated colors

As we have stated, choosing your cabinet color is a key decision in the design process and should not be made hastily but with good thought. Inspiration can come from many areas including colors you love, you saw in a magazine, or maybe from your past. We have had requests from clients who desired to replicate a particular color from a previous cabinet, perhaps even an heirloom. This allows them to blend a part of their past with their present and carry them into the future. Our team is able to take a sample and do a color match in order to craft the perfect color for the project. This allows you to have the exact shade you want and our team is also able to supply a sample door upon request which gives you the opportunity to see how it will truly look on your cabinets and in various lightings. You can read more about the importance of comparing your paint color to the space it will go in this blog from KBIS. This is an important element of the design phase especially when trying to combine other things such as hardware, countertop, and tile. This option has been one that the designers and contractors we work with value as it gives their clients exactly what they need for their home so if there is a color that you love or want to serve as the inspiration for your home be sure to bring it up in your next meeting.

Wood stains

When we think of color, paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore usually are the first to come to mind but wood stains are also considered part of this equation. A stain has the power to completely transform wood into something stunning like when using a dark stain or it can be a subtle change to just enhance what is already there. Our team has over twenty years of experience working with wood staining and they only get better each year. We strive to stay informed of the latest technologies that can enable us to provide greater service and options to those we work with. Cerused oak, Rubio finishes, and of course the traditional stains are some of the ways we accomplish this task. With over 40 color options, Rubio has risen to the top of finish choices and the final results are always stunning. You can go from light to dark and anything in between which offers homeowners to truly express themselves in color. Simply put, Rubio is a hard-wax finish that permeates the wood and is durable which means it will be around for a long time giving you your money’s worth. Cerused oak is a result of muting the wood’s original tone while preserving the elegant grain lines making it still a nice choice for color. You can read more details about it in this blog post. Of course wood has its own color beauty which sometimes is the best option especially when wanting to pair it with something else such as a wood and white kitchen design. When it comes to cabinet design be sure to keep an open mind to stain options as well as paint colors.

The benefit of custom color

As we have discussed, color is an important part of telling your story and the ability to select customized colors that matter to you is a wonderful addition to the world of design. Your home is yours, it is meant to reflect you in every area and immediately tell a little about you to those who visit. This is why our team has dedicated so much of its time to research and understand how to best provide custom colors for our clients. We know that it brings great joy to them to have the chance to truly customize their cabinets with a color they will love for years to come. For over two decades our goal has been to give your clients customized options that are perfectly suited for their lifestyle and reflect their own style and color is one of the key players in accomplishing this goal. We are always excited to work with those who come to us and help them fulfill their dream space even if that means a little extra work on our end.