Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Storage Spaces for Small Spaces

What to do when you don’t have the luxury of square footage? How can you create storage when there is not a lot of room to begin with? Can you make small spaces work for you? These are good questions that we have helped our clients answer numerous times. While it may present more challenges than a larger home, it is possible to have the necessary storage for you to keep everything you need on hand. Small is not bad, in fact it comes with multiple benefits, and a good design can help you maximize what space you do have to build a home that is exactly right for you. Let’s talk about some creative storage solutions for small spaces.

Using Your Wall Space

Walls are the one thing every house has in common and they can have the greatest potential to provide effective storage solutions to your home. Think of it as a clean slate that you can fill with whatever you need to store the essentials, especially the items you use everyday.

  • Built-ins: This is the perfect way to maximize your wall, especially ones that are in unique areas in the home like the stairwell and living room.
  • Hooks: this is a simple way to utilize the way near the entry, perfect for hats, coats, and even backpacks. It keeps items off the floor and within easy reach for the quick in and out traffic flow. Pair with a bench and you have an immediate mini drop zone.
  • Floating shelves: whether in a kitchen, laundry room, or home office this is a great design tool where you can store needed items and even adding decorative boxes can give you added storage with a clean look.
  • Cabinets: a wall of cabinets means increased storage for any number of items in multiple sizes but keeps everything looking neat and put away. Consider adding floor to ceiling cabinets in a bedroom or home office to gain the most out of your space.

Often overlooked, walls can give you the extra storage space you have been needing and free up other areas of the home. 

Storage bins

Storage bins can be your best friend when looking to maximize your current layout. Coming in a large variety and sizes, they can contribute to not only storage but the aesthetics of the room.

  • Baskets: from oversized to narrow, baskets add warmth to any space with their natural feel and look. They are perfect to store blankets and shoes in the bedroom or living room and towels in the bathroom. 
  • Containers: stackable and varying sizes mean these can give you storage and organization in many areas of the home. Closets and under the bed can now be utilized fully because everything is separated into different categories and easy to access.
  • Boxes: decorative boxes can add a pop of fun to any space but at the same time give a unique storage opportunity. They can be put under beds or sit elegantly on a shelf and used for any number of things.
  • Glass jars: because it is a natural material and it goes with just about any style, glass jars are the perfect way to store everyday items in multiple areas in the home. Place cotton balls, hair ties, or q-tips neatly away on the counter or keep your flour and sugar on a kitchen shelf. You can even incorporate them into the design while still gaining storage.

Drop Zone

No matter the size of a home, a drop zone can be made to accommodate any space effectively. Having a few hooks above a simple bench with decorative baskets or boxes immediately provides storage in the entryway without obstructing traffic flow. Floating shelves is another great option above a bench, you can lay important items such as keys, or letters that need to be mailed right by the front door. A drop zone is always an effective way to give you more space without consuming too much square footage. See our gallery to discover the many possibilities. 


When space is limited it is always best to choose furniture pieces that can double for storage. By selecting pieces that serve multiple purposes you can gain the extra space you need without sacrificing the design of the room.

  • Coffee tables: they are a great item to have in the living room but one that has a hollow compartment is even better. DVD’s, remote controls, and even blankets can easily fit inside, giving you access to them any time you need them but out of sight when not in use.
  • Dresser: every bedroom needs a dresser but what about using a dresser instead? They can be purchased in a similar height but give you a place to put your clothes as well as your alarm clock. 
  • Floating vanities: this is a great option for the bathroom because you get the vanity you need with a bonus area for storage. Using baskets or decorative boxes underneath keeps needed items within reach but tucked away until you are ready to use.

Always think multi-functional when shopping for furniture. Every piece should have a purpose and more than one is optimal.

Maximizing Your Corners

Kitchens tend to have corners that are not utilized to their full potential. A well planned shelf or narrow cabinet can use up all of the space in a corner instead of it going to waste. Including a blind corner that pulls out means you can access the items easily but they can be put away too. Open shelving is another great option that prevents the space from looking cramped but still allows you to gain more storage. Floating shelves are always elegant and you can put things such as cookbooks and common items that you use every day like measuring cups.

Creative Solutions for Your Home

Our specialty is helping our clients get the best use of space from their home no matter the size. We like thinking outside the box to find the creative solutions you need. It is our pleasure to create a design that not only reflects the homeowners personal style but gives them the functionality they need for their daily routines. Your home has more to offer than you realize, schedule a design appointment with us and let us help you discover what is available to you. With more than 20 years experience and serving over 15 counties, we know a thing or two about space!