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Design Solutions to Your Home

Design is more than just a word to describe the way we reimagine a space or rearrange the layout. It involves providing a solution to any number of problems, from a lack of functionality to a frustrating area in the home. Designers resolve issues in the home, they transform a trouble spot in the home that has caused the owners misery and replace it with one that works beautifully with their lifestyle and needs. At Walker Woodworking we do custom work which means we take the time to know our clients so that we can create something that will solve problems and look great. Let’s talk about three areas in the home that often are in need of design solutions and how we can help you solve them.

Design solutions for the kitchen

One of the most used areas in the home often comes with the most problems. Some of the more common ones that our clients share with us include:

  • Poor layout
  • Insufficient storage
  • Meager lighting
  • Minimal prep space

Each of these problems can be solved with some well-planned designing.

Poor layout: our designers often talk to our clients about their daily habits and what they need to accomplish in the kitchen. If beverages are part of the daily routine, we encourage having a beverage station that way everything is in one area, easy to reach and maintain. If the kids tend to hang out here after school we make it a point to create an area where they can sit around the kitchen island leaving you with ample room to make a meal at the same time. We often rely on the tried and true work triangle that ensures the range, fridge, and sink are all within easy distance of each other. A good layout accomplishes a lot and can help a homeowner’s routine go super smooth and eliminate stress.

Insufficient storage: this is a big problem for many of our clients often due to the fact that little thought goes into what will be stored in a kitchen. It’s important to take the time to make a mental list of things that will be used on a daily, regular, and seasonal basis. Items used often need to be in areas that are in easy reach while seasonal can be tucked away. Another fact is getting creative with what you have. There is often more space available than we first realize, our designers love to think outside of the box to give clients the storage space they need.

Meager lighting: no one enjoys trying to make dinner while struggling to see, this is why we provide multiple options for additional lighting in the kitchen. We have under cabinet lighting, strip lighting, and task lighting that will eliminate shadows and allow you to easily follow that newest recipe. Learn a little more about why proper lighting is essential to kitchen design.

Minimal prep space: besides bad lighting, having not enough space to cook is another bother when trying to make your family meals. We often encourage having a small prep sink, a pot filler over the stove, and enough counter space for two people to comfortably work without tripping over each other. Prep space is important which is why we take the time to go over with our clients making sure they have exactly the room they need.

The kitchen deserves to have sufficient time put into a design that will not only look good but function for everyone. If things are cramped or disorganized it can turn the heart of the home into a dreaded area for everyone. A good design can solve so many problems.

Design solutions for the bathroom

The bathroom. A needed area of the home and while we don’t spend every minute in the bathroom, it should be a place that helps us get our routines done quickly and easily. Some key areas in the bathroom are:

  • Vanities
  • Storage
  • Shower/Tub

All of this should represent your style while meeting the functional needs of your daily habits. 

The right vanity: size and style matter when it comes to the vanity, no one enjoys using a vanity that they think is unattractive or drives them crazy because it doesn’t work for them. Some prefer a sink and area of their own while others enjoy the long counter that connects a double sink. Others wish to have a floating vanity for the extra storage underneath and the more contemporary feel it gives. Our designers are experienced in helping clients find the one that is perfect for them.

Storage: this is an important one for the bathroom since there are multiple things that tend to get stored here such as towels, linens, larger hygiene items such as blow dryers, and even medicine. Nothing disturbs a bathroom’s zen more than having a cluttered counter or a linen closet that is a hazard to open each time you need something. Having a designated area for storing things helps keep the calm in your bathroom atmosphere such as a docking drawer where your hairdryer and curler can go. Including deep drawers that can easily hold hair products and other creams. Our team is great at helping you find the solutions you need. For a few extra ideas, check out HGTV helpful tips here.

Shower/Tub: whether you have one or both, we always recommend taking the time to plan where it will be. It is awful to be near completion of your renovation only to find out that the sink and shower will have little distance between them. Our designers make it a point to show our clients a representation of where everything will lay so you can decide if that is exactly how you will want it.

A good plan for a bathroom renovation cuts down on the timeline and helps things go smoothly. Thinking through the different tasks that will take place in the bathroom will mean having design solutions that perfectly match your needs.

Design solutions for the home office

This area in the home has become more important over the last couple of years. It is now considered essential in many homes. Some of the more common complaints to those who work from home without a specific space include:

  • Lack of boundaries
  • Distractions
  • Inadequate storage
  • Minimal workspace

Each of these problems can be solved through a good design.

Lack of boundaries and distractions: we understand that sometimes it can be hard for kids and even adults to remember that an area is yours to work in but when you are doing it from the kitchen table it tends to lead to conflict. This is why having a designated area in the home for the office is vital. Some great options that can become an office are a spare room, basement, or even an unused closet. Having an area where you can call your own helps others realize you are indeed working and encourages them to give you the needed space minimizing the distractions and frustrations.

Inadequate storage: working from home has its benefits but it also means that much of the things you used to have conveniently at the office now need to be in your home including paper supplies, printer, fax machine, scanner, and more. Finding a place to store it all within easy reach is not always the simplest thing to do. A good design can do wonders though such as creating a desk that has sufficient storage for the items you use daily, a bookshelf with deep built-ins that can store books and other things, and deep drawers.

Minimal workspace: many of us would say that when we are waist-deep in projects it equals piles of materials everywhere. We enjoy having the option to spread out our things where we can reach them as we make our way through the different aspects of our work. Having a desk or additional area where we can place our needed things is an essential part of the design.

Your home office is an important area in the home and a good design can give you the perfect environment you need to stay productive and efficient at your job. Read a few more design tips for your office here.

Let us solve your problems

Our experienced design team has helped hundreds of clients create a design that has solved countless problems. From kitchens to home offices, we have spent the last 20 years perfecting our design solutions and we look forward to continuing to grow in our knowledge so that we always give our clients the best service possible. Call or email us today to schedule your appointment, we are conveniently located only an hour or less from Charlotte, Gastonia, Asheville, Spartanburg, Tryon, and more.