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Should You add Glass Front Cabinet Doors?

The kitchen is meant to be a place of welcome for both homeowners and guests alike. It also is the central part of the home and serves multiple functions such as a homework station, snacking location, letter writing area, and coffee breaks. With all of this going on in one area, it is no surprise that a lot of thought goes into the design with cabinets, of course, being the main focus. There are several aspects that make up the design process including color, size, and style, specifically door styles. Glass front doors seem to be gaining in popularity and with good reason. They allow the homeowner to safely showcase items that matter like hand crafted pottery pieces, or family heirlooms and work well in larger kitchens since they add variety. An elegant style choice for any kitchen, they add a special touch to the cabinets, creating a beautiful visual statement in the heart of the home while still staying true to a unified look. You might wonder if glass front doors are the right choice for you and your new kitchen so let’s answer a few common questions and talk about their pros and cons to see if they should be in your upcoming design.

Are glass front cabinet doors more expensive?

They do have a higher price point than regular cabinet doors and the price can vary depending on the type of glass you choose and the size. Your designer will be able to show you options and help you decide which one will provide you with the most value.

How many glass front cabinets in the kitchen?

Glass front cabinets are a beautiful edition to the kitchen but how many are just right? While you can choose to do all of your upper cabinets in glass, it’s important to remember that everything will be visible so if you have certain dishes or food items that you would prefer to keep out of sight it is best to limit the number of glass front doors. You can choose to do every other one, or one on either side of the sink, or even small cabinets above your regular doors. These options create an elegant look in the kitchen and draw the eye to whatever is displayed inside. 

Types of Glass Cabinet doors.

There are numerous choices and styles for your cabinet doors each bringing a special look and texture to the kitchen. Here are some popular glass cabinet door options:

  • Clear glass: while this is a simple choice it provides the best option for displaying the things you cherish or want to highlight and even protect.
  • Frosted glass: if you are looking for the delicate look glass cabinet doors give but still want to retain a little privacy over your belongings, this option will deliver. Frosted comes in multiple opacity choices leaving just how frosted you prefer completely up to you.
  • Colored glass: This can be a fun way to add pops of color to the kitchen though we do recommend limiting this as a little goes a long way.
  • Mirrored glass: this is a beautiful and elegant choice and comes in a variety of options such as a true mirror and ones that are slightly colored or even speckled. A vintage or antique look is also an option.
  • Textured glass: texture is a wonderful design tool, it tends to draw the eye into it and gives a touch of variety from the main look but still blends well with it. From rippled to ridges, there is a great many to choose from.

All of these options have unique features and combine well with different designs and colors. Adding glass front doors is another way for you to showcase a little of you into the design. Talk to your designer about looking at some of these options.

Lighting for glass front cabinets.

Light is a great additive to any room, it enhances what is there and sends a warm invitation to all who enter. Many designers encourage the use of extra lighting in a kitchen such as under cabinet lighting and accent lighting because the cabinets tend to cause shadows which make it difficult to see when doing things plus it always makes things look amazing. Pairing lighting with glass front cabinet doors results in one stunning cabinet. Whatever is showcased inside will only be highlighted more and when textured or colored glass is used, it creates a soft glow that enhances the beauty. Some of the choices available are:

  • Puck lighting
  • LED strip lighting
  • Halogen lighting
  • Rope lighting

Each brings different looks and elements to the cabinet as well as different effects to the glass. Choosing to add extra light to glass cabinet doors will make them stand out more or accent them softly. They are always a great choice so be sure to talk with your designer about them.

How to decorate glass front cabinets?

Wondering what to do with your new glass cabinets? The possibilities are endless and there are many ways to express yourself through what you decide to display. If you want the cabinets to serve a functional purpose then you can opt to showcase your coffee cups and dinnerware. You can choose a matching set or have fun with a colorful set that displays like its own art gallery. Another function of glass front cabinets is to arrange specialty dishes and other pieces inside. They will remain safe but within reach if you would like to use them in the future. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your glass front cabinet doors and let your unique style come out. Read this blog for more tips and tricks or you can also browse pinterest for more inspiration.

The Pros of Glass Front Cabinets.

We have already discussed some of the points but there are several benefits to choosing glass front cabinets for your kitchen. Here are a few of them.

  • Brighten a space: glass is naturally reflective so if your cabinets or kitchen space is a little darker, glass can brighten it up perfectly.
  • Protection: if you want those special pieces to stay safe but seen, glass is a great option since it protects from dust and accidents.
  • Special touches: since glass is clear it means you can include little extras like beadboard, wood interior or even painted. This makes it stand out and gives a little pop.

Whether you decide to go with a couple or with several, glass front doors offer a variety of plus’ to your kitchen space. 

The cons of glass front cabinets.

Of course with most things there are a few cons, though limited, glass front cabinet doors come with drawbacks such as: 

  • Visibility: whatever you choose to place inside will be seen, of course a frosted glass can help with this a little, it is still not a good idea to put paperwork or craft supplies inside. 
  • Cleaning: because glass shows dirt and fingerprints easily they will need to be cleaned more frequently than a regular cabinet would.

Some of these things can be minimized by the type and style of the glass you choose so be sure to talk with your designer about all your options and on what things you would like to avoid with glass.

Reflect yourself

Your kitchen is your space, it is one of the most used areas in the home meaning that you should enjoy the time you spend there which is often linked with the look and feel of an area. Taking the time to browse through inspiration galleries and make a list of what matters to you is never a waste but will aid in the design process. With over 20 years of experience, our design team has what it takes to help guide you through your renovation journey and give you a kitchen you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today and let’s get started planning your new space.