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Newest Items in Kitchen and Bath Design


Home is about comfort, about reflecting yourself through the design choices you make, and while we don’t recommend changing it up every other month, there are times when you need to hit the refresh button. Revisiting your space periodically can also do a lot to the home’s atmosphere. Many designers recommend redecorating every four to five years for several reasons, including:

  • Avoid a dated room
  • Shift in function
  • Inventory what you have

Sometimes specific areas of the home decor have been influenced by trends that are not in style anymore and can make the space feel dated or even uninviting. Rooms also serve a specific purpose, and those can change over time. If your children are no longer living with you, their bedroom can be transformed into a craft room or even a guest suite. Some new things are making their way onto potential homebuyers’ lists. We have done a little homework for you and discovered some of the top new items being used in the home design.

Undercounter wine refrigerators

Wine is a classic beverage and enjoyed by many. More and more homeowners prefer the option of having their wine cellar or room where they can enjoy a glass before bed or with friends in the evening. This shift has caused designers to become creative in incorporating it into the design. For some, the option to build a new dedicated space is not possible, which has led to the popularity of under-counter wine refrigerators. A big benefit to choosing this option is that it allows you to store your wine safely and securely, ensuring it has the right temperature and even amount of light. It also means it is readily available in an area where most of the family gathers, like the kitchen. You can choose to have it placed in a beverage center, which takes up less room but gives you an area that provides an additional storage area for wine glasses, too. Similar in size to a dishwasher, this appliance won’t take up much room, which means you are ready to enjoy a glass at any time of the day or night.

Farmhouse style vanities 

The farmhouse style has remained popular because it is warm, inviting, welcoming, and tends to feel like you can come as you are whenever you like. It truly gives an atmosphere of home to everyone, guests and family alike. While it has been utilized by many designers, including famous TV personalities, as a kitchen style, it has begun to make its way into other areas of the home, including the bathroom. Your vanity is the main focal point of the design and tends to set the tone and theme of the space. As the farmhouse style is also one that is practical and functional, it is a perfect fit for the bathroom. Some of the characteristics of the farmhouse look are: 

  • Classic wood material
  • Metal accents
  • Large sinks

It is a classic look that harkens back to a time gone by that many would like to recapture. Including this style in your bathroom creates a calm environment for everyone.


Sometimes, all you need to do in your home is shed some new light, and new light fixtures can do that. Good lighting is an important part of designing a new space and can be accomplished through several means, such as:

  • Accent lighting
  • Light fixtures
  • Task lighting

By sourcing different lighting options you can eliminate or at least minimize the amount of shadows a room has. Be sure to keep in mind the function of each area as that impacts the lighting decisions. Under cabinet lighting is important in the kitchen; table and floor lamps help in the living room and bedrooms. Some of the newest lighting trends for 2022 include:

  • Large light fixtures
  • Unique shapes
  • Soft lighting options
  • Organic feels like woven shades

Lighting is also important as we age. Forcing our eyes to read or do tasks in a poorly lit home area can cause unnecessary strain. This is not a huge investment compared to a renovation but can yield multiple benefits. Light influences our mood as well. A room with sufficient illumination can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Read a few more things about the newest lighting trends for 2022 in this article from The Spruce.


Backsplash is a great way to add color, texture, and unique patterns to your kitchen. It also plays an essential part in protecting your kitchen wall from stains and making cleaning up a breeze. There are a great many choices available like simple clean white to fun patterns that add visual interest to the kitchen. Walker Zanger is one of the dealers featured in the our Showroom and they recently launched a new line of backsplash tiles that they curated. Twelve new natural stone mosaics were presented in this line and they are stunning. This company toured the world to uncover mosaic tiles that not only had style but gave great value. These tiles are cut with precision and were thoughtfully designed to provide clients with a collection that offers multiple design options and patterns that will transform their space from drab to fab in a moment. They have bold colors such as Ebony clouds which is a stunning contrast of black and white. Calypso is a great choice for those who enjoy a more traditional style. Take a peek at this elegant collection from Walker Zanger to see all of the options.


This is one of the best options for those interested in doing a small revamping to their space but not ready for a full renovation. Not only is it beautiful, hardware is one of the most functional components for hardware. It protects the cabinets from the natural oil in our hands as well as the dirt we have plus it allows us to easily open and close doors and drawers while we are prepping for dinner in the kitchen. It also makes a visual statement when choosing ones that have sharp contrast such as black matte against white cabinets. From bathroom cabinets to even the desk in your home office, hardware can make a big difference. One new trend that is surfacing is the idea of building it directly into the cabinet door such as notched pulls. This is a beautiful option for those who enjoy the more minimalist style. 

What’s on your list?

If you are ready to redecorate your home and need some inspiration, just come visit our showroom located in the charming city of Shelby, NC. We have multiple displays of hardware, vanities, and backsplash tile. There is nothing better than holding your choices in your hands and being able to examine them thoroughly. Make plans to visit us and find the refreshment your home needs.