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Most Popular Features in a Kitchen

A good kitchen is one that functions in harmony with the homeowners needs which is where those amazing features come into play such as pull-outs and under cabinet lighting. There are also certain design features that turn an ordinary kitchen into the heart of the home like certain woods for the cabinets or countertop material. Personalizing your space with the features that you love are what transform your kitchen into the favorite gathering place for everyone. There are numerous ways to achieve the look you love but we thought we would focus on some of the more popular features in the kitchen. Let’s see what they are and how they might be used in your upcoming renovation. 

Pull-out drawers

This feature remains a popular one along with roll-outs since it provides the perfect solution to storage needs for any age. The younger members of your family can quickly pull out a snack plus see all their options in one easy movement and for the more mature, it lets them see what they need without having to get down on the floor to pull out every item to get to what they wanted. Pull-outs are suitable for lower cabinets as well as pantries and they can accommodate a wide variety of needs including food items, pots and pans, dishes, and more. A favorite is of course the pull-out spice rack which lets them reach any spice with ease. Traditionally they are located near the stove since that is where they will be used most. These pull-outs are not limited to spices but also baking materials and large utensils such as spatulas and ladles. Some homeowners and designers have gotten creative by using a pull out to store all their cleaning supplies which solves the messy kitchen sink cabinet. Talk to your designer about incorporating this into your design.

Larder cabinet

Food storage is a priority in the kitchen, after all where would we keep all the ingredients to those amazing meals? Traditional cabinets are great for storing dishes, pots, pans, platters, and the always important food containers but not necessarily cans, flour, sugar, and boxed pasta. This is where a larder cabinet matters. It is a cabinet, typically full-height, that is dedicated solely for the purpose of various food items. It can be free standing or incorporated into the cabinet design, a favorite choice for our clients. Because they are shielded from the rays of the sun this makes them the perfect place to store items in a cool, dry space. A larder cabinet can also be fitted with roll-outs making it super simple to keep track of everything you have which reduces food waste. Even if you have a pantry, having a larder cabinet gives you the ability to separate your items such as canned goods and dry ingredients from others like snacks and bagged items. Your designer can help you create just the right size and style for your kitchen.

Drop in front apron sink

The kitchen sink is a staple for your design as it is where food is rinsed, hands are washed, and dishes cleaned. For many years there were limited options for the sink but now companies are offering a wide variety of styles and sizes. The farmhouse design has remained a beautiful choice for many homeowners who love the calm and charm vibes provided by it. This brought back the classic drop-in front apron sink style but it is not limited to white. Stainless steel as well as porcelain, natural stone, and even copper. They are a beautiful touch to your home and bring unique character to the space as well.

Quarter sawn white oak cabinets

These are not your mom’s oak cabinets. Quarter sawn white oak is a trending material when it comes to kitchen cabinet design. It is a stunning choice with the elegant gain lines that add so much texture and visual interest to the kitchen. The soft color scheme is another plus as it immediately lightens and brightens a space. It can also go with a wide variety of design styles like farmhouse and traditional as well as materials such as glass and metal. Quarter sawn white oak is a good choice for two toned kitchens which are still trending. Opting for painted perimeter cabinets and a quarter sawn white oak island makes a dramatic statement that will be loved by all. Browse places like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration.

Under cabinet lighting

Lighting is critical in places like the kitchen which are usually task oriented spaces. Under cabinet lighting, often referred to as task lighting, makes it easier and even safer to complete chores like cutting foods and cooking meals because those concealing shadows are pushed away. Homeowners are realizing the value including these into their kitchen renovation project. Under cabinet lighting works well in the evening too as a soft light option meaning you can find what you need and move around easily without having to have those bright lights turned on. Be sure to talk to your designer about including them in your upcoming project.

Gentle spray kitchen faucet

We know the kitchen sink matters but so does the faucet. More homeowners are opting for a gentle spray kitchen faucet option which minimizes splashes and works well when rinsing dishes and food. As it is used throughout the day for a wide variety of tasks, having a gentle spray option is great for kids and those who enjoy cooking. Manufacturers have created various styles and finishes to accommodate customers demands so you should have no problem finding one you like. There are also several that come equipped with smart features like touch buttons and even different faucet widths. Find the one you love for your kitchen sink.

Nature inspired quartz surfacing and veined

Countertops are considered the workhorse of the kitchen as everything from food prep to family gatherings are done on and around it. Nature inspired design is a big trend this year and its influence is reaching countertop choices as homeowners look for beautiful veins that look natural or more organic. Quartz is currently one of the top options especially since it is durable and low maintenance. Neutral colors inspired by nature are also trending as well as texture such as matte surfaces. These options also work well with multiple design styles and layouts making them a versatile piece in the final outcome. Your designer will know where to look and what to recommend for your personal preference and layout.

Most popular features in a kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most functional areas in the home because it serves so many needs. It is where we cook for our family, host special gatherings, and celebrate the wins. This is why including these features matter because it means creating a kitchen that works for and with you leaving you more time for the things that matter. Take time to evaluate your space as well as the things you do everyday so that your designer will know exactly what you need to make your space tailored for you.