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Is Stained Wood Popular Again?


Working in the woodworking business for over twenty years has taught us a few things about design trends, especially when it comes to wood. Time and time again, homeowners return to the natural beauty of stained wood. Not painted but left in its natural state with just a simple coating of protection or a soft stain that works with the wood to enhance the beauty already there. Bold colors are indeed trending this year and influencing all areas of the home, including cabinet design, but it is not the only trend for 2023. Nature is a source of design inspiration for many individuals, and what better representation of that than in wood, a stunning work of nature? It works with any number of styles and adds character to every area it is used. Let’s discuss how you can create a stunning design using one of nature’s finest elements.

Natural wood

Opting to use natural wood is not only a beautiful choice but smart since it is one of the highest quality building materials, prized for its durability and versatility. Another big plus is the fact that it is a sustainable choice. When it comes to design, natural wood is often seen in kitchens and baths, but it is certainly not limited to those areas. They can be used throughout the home to add character and charm, such as an accent wall with reclaimed wood and live edge dining room tables or floating shelves in the laundry room. Mudrooms have benefited from the look of natural wood as they provide storage solutions to the class. Home offices that utilize natural wood create a calm atmosphere that aids in productivity and focus. Opting for a natural stain on your wood preserves its authenticity but also protects it against everyday wear and tear, such as the oil from our hands and liquid spills, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Stains come in a range of hues, which lets you add a little color to the wood, or you can go with a clear coat. No matter what area of the home they are used, natural wood brings warmth and elegant texture that instantly makes a house feel inviting for everyone. If you want a nature-inspired design in your home, then natural wood is the perfect option for you. Browse places like Pinterest and Houzz to find some inspirational ideas that you can share with your designer.

Cerused oak

Oak has been a staple in home design, from cabinets to furniture, but in the last decade, it has received a major transformation from the traditional warm tone. Cerused oak has become a popular choice in the kitchen and bath world due to the preservation of the natural wood grain. This look is achieved by using the unique finishing technique of opening the grain to accept the desired color. To read more details about the actual process, you can read our blog here. Cerused oak can be used throughout the home but is especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms. It possesses an elegant and characteristic charm that works well with various styles. This option can be used entirely in a design or paired with painted cabinets for a beautiful contrast. One benefit of choosing oak as your cabinet wood is that it tends to be on the lower cost level when it comes to wood species, and when it is used, traditional oak becomes extraordinary. This option can give you more for your money while delivering a stunning and creative custom expression for your home. It comes in a range of shades that run from dark to light, meaning it can integrate very easily with your personal color preferences. If you want wood that goes outside the traditional design scope, cerused oak is an excellent option for your home.

Rubio stain

With 40 colors and counting at your disposal, Rubio staining has gained popularity over the last few years with both homeowners and designers alike. The broad range of use throughout the home in multiple facets makes it prized for functionality and its color palette. Every wood needs a finish, whether a clear coat or fully painted cabinets. Rubio has risen to become the top choice, and the final results make it easy to understand why. Rubio is a hard-wax oil finish that permeates the wood and gives protection while still allowing you to enjoy the unique grains found in the wood. This instantly provides texture to your cabinets and offers a beautiful visual interest to your cabinets. It is also a durable finish, meaning your cabinets will continue to look fabulous for years. This is for homeowners who prefer to avoid stains that may leave behind an odor since Rubio is made from natural plant oils. This is an environmentally friendly choice as well because it has no VOC, which stands for volatile organic compounds that are emitted into the air from products and processes that can be harmful. Projects completed with a Rubio staining are always a delight, as we can testify to from the many we have designed and assembled over the years. Rubio is the way to go if you want to add a touch of color to your home in an environmentally friendly way.

Two-toned wood design

Color is one of the biggest and usually funniest aspects of cabinet design. Sometimes, knowing which one to choose can be challenging, which is why some homeowners opt for two, a pairing of wood and paint color. Two-toned kitchens are often the number one example of this, primarily white and wood. Dark woods paired with white create a striking contrast, while a softer wood such as quarter-sawn white oak makes it more warm and inviting. Others decide on a bold color choice coupled with a Rubio-stained island. Some take this design choice into other home areas, such as the bathroom, by selecting a light countertop to go with their natural wood-stained vanities. This is a beautiful way to break up a monochromatic color scheme and add the warmth and beauty of nature to your design. Two-toned looks great in mudrooms and home offices as well. Talk to your designer about utilizing a two-toned option in your home.

Is wood popular again?

Wood will continue to remain on the top of building material choices especially for the intimate and everyday pieces of our home. Its durability and strength lend so much to the overall design of the space and its versatility is hard to beat. From color to various cuts, it can transform a space into a stunning work of art that will stand the test of time. Our team is dedicated to the craftsmanship that is demanded by nature’s finest asset in order to give you the best your home deserves. Be sure to browse our project galleries to see what we have done and find some inspiration for your upcoming project.