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Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2023


Kitchen cabinets are the main feature when you walk into the heart of the home. They take up a large portion of the space and control the layout and flow of the room as well. This means they tend to be a priority in the design phase, with the other elements working together to create the perfect space for everyone there. To give the best possible service, our design team stays up-to-date on current color, layout, and style trends, which are often announced by some of the leading experts in our field toward the end of the year. While trends are not always an ideal guide for your renovation choices, they can provide helpful tips and highlight certain elements you might not have known otherwise. Sometimes, they are the spark you need or the little “aha” moment that adds that final touch you’ve been missing. Let’s talk about the latest kitchen cabinet design trends for 2023.

Kitchen cabinet color

Bold, dark, and nature-inspired. These are some of the popular cabinet color trends for 2023. While traditional colors such as white and gray are still on the table, many homeowners want to try something different. Bold colors like reds and greens pop up in the kitchen through two-toned options, such as an island with a softer perimeter color choice. Dark options like black and deep blue hues make for a stunning contrast in the kitchen, especially when used on the island, as it stands out from the rest. Dark wood stains or darker wood choices like walnut can have a similar impact as they create a focal point in the kitchen. Pairing both bold and dark colors with lighter countertops and backsplashes can help you achieve balance in the design, instantly inviting the entire space. Nature-themed colors like soft neutrals and calming blues will carry on into 2023 as they continue to deliver elegance, positive energy, and even a sense of safety to this essential part of the home. They are always a great complement to almost any color or style and a good option to keep on the table. 2023 promises to be a year of diversity, especially in the realm of color choices, so don’t be afraid to consider options outside of the traditional.

Kitchen Countertops

While countertops are not part of the actual cabinets, they play a key role in the final design. These are the workhorses of the kitchen because they allow us to cook, prep, and serve with ease. Stone slabs like granite, quartzite, and engineered quartz are trending this year as homeowners enjoy the elegance they bring to the kitchen. Waterfall edges and wrapping around islands is also an option that immediately adds a touch of luxury to the entire space, plus the unique veining each possesses lets you personalize your home even more. Be sure to talk to your designer about which material will work best for you, as each has varying elements that need to be considered before finalizing your choice. Granite is heat resistant and does not scratch, but it needs to be resealed periodically. Quartz requires less maintenance, which is a great plus, but edges and corners can chip. Quartzite mimics the durability of granite and is non-porous, which means it is resistant to bacteria and even fungus, though it does come with a slightly higher price tag. Butcher block is another popular countertop choice, and it instantly brings warmth and character to the kitchen, so be sure to put it on the maybe list.

Mixed materials

What you build your cabinets out of can impact the design just as much as color can, plus it is a beautiful opportunity to customize it to your specific style. In recent years, there has been more integration of materials such as metal and glass into the cabinet design, and that trend is not slowing down. Materials such as metal and glass are showing up in many of the kitchen designs featured in prominent magazines, leading to manufacturers producing unique products that can be used, such as antique mirrors for cabinet doors and metal legs instead of the standard wood or even none. The results have been stunning, and these upgrades can make your kitchen feel luxurious and elegant. There has even been a pairing of several metals in one design, such as brass and bronze, used as accent pieces like hardware. Some designers have even added metal trims to the cabinet door or even a full metal one that can bring visual interest and focal points to the final look of the kitchen. Talk to your designer about browsing some of these features for your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen drawers

When we think of cabinets, the traditional cupboard comes to mind but drawers are making a strong appearance in cabinet design, especially for seniors or those with children due to the ease of access. Pulling out a drawer is much simpler than having to bend low and move everything out just to get to that one item in the back. Some designers have even traded lower cabinets for only drawers in kitchen designs due to the rise in popularity. Drawers are also one of the recommended aging in place features for kitchens. Custom drawers means the ability to have various sizes that are suitable for everything from pots and pans to silverware. If you prefer not to have the lower part of your kitchen cabinet design look like drawers there is always the option of roll-outs which have traditional cabinet doors but give you a similar function as drawers. Be sure to discuss this option with your designer to see how to best maximize your design for your current and even future needs.

Kitchen cabinet hardware

Hardware is a functional part of your kitchen cabinet design but they also can be used to give a little added touch of style too. Matte black is still one of the more popular choices for hardware as it can create a stunning contrast or an elegant statement. Pairing it with either soft neutrals like white and gray or woods like walnut, this is a great choice plus the matte finish hides fingerprints better than other options. Brass is another hardware that continues to remain on top. This warm metal adds a sense of luxury to the kitchen that is similar to the black in its ability to be versatile. Either of these choices will bring so much to your kitchen cabinet design.

Kitchen cabinet design trends in 2023

A kitchen renovation is no small task when there are so many elements involved which is why places like Pinterest and Houzz can help by providing inspiration. Much of that stems from the latest trends as designers let it spark their creativity taking the best elements to form a customized plan for each of their clients. Our experienced team is ready to help you take your visions of a new kitchen and make it a reality in 2023.