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Kitchen Color Trends for 2023

Color plays a big part in designing a kitchen especially when it comes to cabinets. They are usually the first thing you notice when entering a kitchen plus they tend to influence the rest of the design choices such as hardware, backsplash, and countertops. With so much riding on your color selection it is important to give plenty of thought to which one will suit you best and reflect your style. After all, a remodeled kitchen usually stays for 15 to 20 years if not longer so be sure you absolutely love it. As a new year begins, designers and even homeowners, look to the latest trends for inspiration in preparation for an upcoming project. While trends are not for everyone, sometimes it can help provide a spark in the creative process which is why we want to share some of the latest kitchen color trends for 2023.

Bold color choices

Bold color choices have slowly been gaining in popularity and recent trend forecasts show no sign of slowing down. It seems that homeowners are enjoying the rich colors and all that they bring to the design of their space including the kitchen. Black is one of them that can quickly elevate the space with a sense of luxury and visual stunning that instantly makes you feel like you are in a celebrity kitchen. It is a color that blends elegance with versatility as it works well with multiple design styles and materials. It can work as a strong contrasting color or bold centerpiece that immediately draws the eye. There are several materials that can be blended with it including glass, wood, and various metal finishes. If you are looking for a bold but beautiful cabinet color, black is for you. Red is another color that also adds a richness to your design as well as a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. It is also a stimulating color for the appetite making it a great choice for kitchens. It can be a great option for lower cabinets or even the kitchen island since it forms a unique statement piece. Strong greens and shimmering blues are also making their way into the kitchen as color choices giving homeowners an opportunity to break away from the traditional options of white and gray. Bold colors are a great way to add a pop to the heart of your home so be sure to talk to your designer about the possibility in your project.

Dark stains for wood

While painted cabinets remain a key player in kitchen design, natural wood adds a lot to the look which is why both homeowners and designers alike enjoy combining the two. This year darker stains are trending with the rich tones creating depth and a beautiful focal point in the kitchen layout. From deep espresso to rich grays, dark stains add another dimension to the kitchen cabinets. Unlike painted cabinets, staining allows the natural beauty and character of the wood to shine through which incorporates the element of texture into the design. Even though dark stains are a bigger trend this year they have been in use for a long time and will never go out of style making them a great choice for those who might not consider this their forever home or even as a commercial project. One nice benefit to dark stains is the ability to hide dirt and dust meaning if you didn’t get to clean every inch before company arrives it is not as big deal. Today there are so many dark stain options meaning it can blend with the design style you love plus various materials like glass and metal also look amazing when woven into the space. Our team uses a Rubio finish for many of our projects because it not only does an incredible job on the wood but it comes in a wide array of colors giving our clients the perfect shade for their particular project. If you want a kitchen color that reflects the natural beauty of the wood but with class, dark stains are for you.

Nature color themes

Inspiration from nature is still continuing to trend and those neutral color palate are still providing the spark for designers as they seek the perfect tone and energy in their clients kitchen. We know that color can influence the atmosphere which is one reason nature’s themes are a wonderful choice as they are not just asethetically pleasing but unifying as well. Of course there is more to choose from than just neutrals as nature comes in a variety of colors such as greens and blues. Many homeowners are enjoying fresh and vibrant greens in their kitchen, especially as an island color. It is a shade that represents energy as well as safety, the exact vibe you would want in the central hub of the home. Blue has remained a favorite for quite some time but more shades have been introduced such as country, navy, and ocean blue. It is a versatile color that is calm but also refreshing and works with a broad range of materials and styles too. These color choices offer much for your new kitchen space and can help set it apart from others so be sure to ask your designer to show you some that would work well in your kitchen.

White kitchen color

Forever timeless, white is the go-to for a clean and crisp design plus it works with every design style and when working with a smaller layout can make it seem as if it is larger in size. It is also a color that integrates with just about every other color to make a stunning contrast or a calm haven. It can also maximize the light since white is a reflective color. This a good choice for rental properties or for a house you are looking to flip since it will work with anyone’s style preferences. Don’t forget that there are various shades of white such as Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace or White Dove, which we have used in multiple projects. Sherwin Williams also has some wonderful options including Natural White and Gypsum. Browsing paint samples is a great way to become familiar with the multiple shades of white available to you. We also encourage you to look at the samples in various lighting to see if it is the right shade for you. White will continue to remain a top choice for kitchen cabinet colors so if you want a classic than this is the one for you.

Kitchen color trends for 2023

The colors you choose in your home matter especially in the kitchen since it cannot be changed as easily as any others and it is the main gathering place in the home. It should be a place that is pleasant for everyone and truly feels like home. Perhaps these colors have provided you with some inspiration for your own project but they are certainly not the limit. Browsing places like Pinterst and Houzz can help you discover the shades that you love most whether they are from the color trends for 2023 or something else entirely. Your home is meant to be the place you love most.