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Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2023

Hardware is an essential part of designing an amazing and functional cabinet because it enables you to easily open and close doors and drawers but also add a touch of your personality into the space. New hardware is also a wonderful and easy way to upgrade or refresh your current cabinets as they can change the style and even add value. Another bonus with hardware is its versatility such as sizes that can accommodate anything from appliances to small drawers and finishes that include the timeless brass and elegant black matte. As with each new year, trends are announced to highlight what’s popular and the reason behind it, not to mention it could be the spark you have been needing for your renovation. We are sharing a list of 2023 cabinet hardware trends and the reasons it could be the one you have been looking for so let’s explore.

Brass hardware

Considered a timeless choice, brass hardware has many wonderful qualities that make it a fabulous option not to mention it is absolutely gorgeous. For those who want a hardware with health bonuses, brass has antimicrobial properties meaning that it can kill harmful microbes which makes it great for kitchens. Brass is also an elegant finish that mixes with multiple styles such as traditional, transitional, and even modern when combined with the right elements. No matter what area of the home it is used, this finish adds instant luxury vibes to the space because it is so stunning but too much and it can be overpowering. One extra plus with brass hardware is minimal maintenance, simply wipe with a damp cloth and it will shine again. This particular finish is a beautiful complement to light cabinets and a striking contrast to darker colors or wood stains so be sure to put it on your possible list of hardware choices.

Unique hardware

Bold colors, ornate glass, or even organic shapes, unique hardware is trending in 2023 as homeowners want to break with tradition and create a look customized for them. This permission for using creative flair in hardware has opened the door for designers to enhance their clients’ design with unique hardware choices. This has also led to manufacturers to produce new and intriguing hardware that draws inspiration for various sources including the past, different shapes, and even nature itself. No longer boxed in with the typical knob or pull, homeowners can select from geometric shapes like hexagons and pentagons or nature themed such as uneven twig shaped or leaf patterned. Color has made a cheerful appearance in the world of hardware as well with companies offering options such as green, blue, and even amber. Antique stores can be another wonderful way to find one-of-a-kind hardware pieces that are perfect for a grand millennial design style or even just to add a different look to a specific piece. Don’t be afraid to break new ground with your hardware selections, your home is your story.

Black hardware

Typically when we think of hardware lighter tones such as gold and silver come to mind but black, specifically, black matte has risen to the upper portion of the options list for both designer and homeowner alike. Working with both tradition and contemporary designs, black hardware presents a confidence and elegance that gives a little something extra to your space. It is also a color that goes with everything providing contrast against lighter colors and compliments to the darker tones. Wood, whether natural or stained, also pairs well with the black matte hardware choice which is why many designers are opting to use it more and more. An added benefit is the fact that it does not easily show fingerprints like chrome options may which means less cleaning. Of course, like any dark color, too much of it can quickly overpower a room, consider using smaller amounts to achieve the greatest impact.

No hardware

While this may be a surprising choice to include in a list about hardware choices, minimalism is  still a popular design style, one that creates an elegant space with clean lines. While it may seem odd that homeowners might opt for no hardware, this look can be amazing in its own way as the natural design of the cabinets either are undisturbed or even seamless all together. There are, however, a few ways to integrate “hardware” into the actual design of the cabinets such as notches and lip pulls built directly into the wood. This option can even add a little something to the overall design, elevating it to another level completely. You can still blend a few pieces of hardware into the design like designer Tracy Zeller did in this project we did. This is especially a good idea if you have paneled appliances that need a strong pull to open it up. Be sure to talk to your designer about which options would be best for you and your specific space.

Elongated pulls

Sometimes size really does matter, especially when it comes to the purpose of the cabinet door, such as paneled appliances but designers are also integrating elongated pulls into other parts of the design as well. Typically eight inches or more, elongated pulls provide several benefits to your cabinets such as easier access and elegant appearance.  When you are busy cooking, with hands that may not be super clean or covered in grease, it is always easier to open a drawer or door with just one or two fingers instead of the whole hand. Also, elongated pulls work well with a minimalist design plus they look amazing with the shape of drawers as well as they tend to complete the horizontal design. They can also be placed either vertically or horizontally while still producing a unified final design. Functional and stylish are the two sides of elongated pulls so be sure to ask your designer about using them in your renovation project.

Copper hardware

While not the most common metal in the design world, copper has been making a strong comeback whether in a sink, metal backsplash, or hardware. It’s rich, unique color tone makes it instantly appealing and works well with both wood and painted cabinets. This is one reason it is a strong contender this year but it is also a little more on the pricey side making it an investment piece that could require more of your budget. Copper hardware can be a great option for an area that does not require as much as the kitchen, perhaps your home office or the living room. The results can be well worth the increase in price though as it adds a touch of luxury to your home so don’t be afraid to explore this option.

Cabinet hardware trends 2023

2023 promises to be a year of elegance with these hardware trends and the possibilities are endless. Cabinet hardware is a worthwhile investment that not only ensures your cabinets stay in good condition but it is an opportunity to showcase your unique style into your home whether that is your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or even home office. A designer can help you find just the right pieces that give you function and style suitable to your specific needs so be sure to share which ones you would be interested in exploring.