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How To Fill Decorative Carvings In Dated Furniture

Your Guide to Filling Dated Carvings in Old Furniture

Most of us have had the experience of going to a garage sale or thrift store and finding a dresser or other piece that is the right size and shape we’re looking. The problem is that it may have indents in the wood that are caused by damage or decorative carvings that have gone out of style. If you want to buy and refinish this piece of furniture in order to use it in your home, your first step will be to fill in any undesirable carvings or damage in the wood. The same could be said for such carvings in custom cabinetry in a home that you’ve recently purchased.

What You’ll Need for This Project and How to Proceed

Your first step will be to buy some wood filler. You’ll also need a putty knife, sandpaper, a sanding block and latex gloves. You’ll want to thoroughly clean the indents that you need to fill, and wait until the area is dry. You will follow the instructions on the can to prepare the wood filler, and then push it into the indents of the carving. The putty knife is useful for scraping over the surface to remove any excess wood filler.

Once the carving is filled and the filler has dried, you use gritty sandpaper first to quickly get rid of excess filler, and then use a less gritty variety to get it smooth. It is at this point that the area will be ready for finishing whether that be by staining or painting. If you are planning to finish the piece of furniture by staining it, you should know that there are wood fillers that are specifically made to work better for this purpose.

Do You Have Dated Cabinetry in Your Home?

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