Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Custom Closets – Are they worth it?

Closets are arguably the unsung hero of any room in the house. It is the one place where everyone throws random things when they have ten minutes or less to clean the house before guests arrive. It is also where most of the bulky objects go when there is no other place to store them leading to a lack of space for the needed items. These little goldmines are rarely used to their full potential but when maximized they can bring a host of benefits to the home.

Clutter equals stress

Has any of this ever happened to you?

  • You can’t get out the door on time because you were digging through your closet trying to find shoes that match?
  • You know you had a certain item in your closet but can’t seem to put your hands on it because it is too deeply buried under all your other items.
  • Your stress levels go up the moment you open the closet door?

If you said yes to any of this then it might be time for you to renovate your closet. Cluttered and dysfunctional spaces can lead to stress. Custom closets allow you to reclaim your space, ease your stress, and have a smoother daily routine.

Custom closets equal storage

Just like clothes are tailored to fit your needs, so should a closet be tailored to fit your needs. 

Have a lot of baseball caps, no problem. Have lots of shoes, no worries. Have extra blankets that you want to keep handy in the closet, absolutely. A custom closet is meant for more than just a space to throw your clothes. It means a place that is functional for what you need it to be, a place to put the things you use most in easy reach and store the other items you need on occasion. By utilizing the closet to the fullest, it frees up living space in your rooms.

Custom closets that reflect you

We are unique and that means we each have different likes and design styles. A custom closet means you have a space that reflects you whether that is a more traditional look or a sleek, contemporary design. Custom means you get what you need just the way you like it and more importantly to store those items that often can’t often be reached. View some of HGTV’s best custom closet ideas here.

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Quality product

The word custom means it is built for you, but at Walker Woodworking that also means quality. Whenever an item leaves our shop it has our stamp of approval and our promise that it is made with the best materials available.

Added value 

Closets are usually a key selling point in any home meaning a custom closet can add more value since buyers are looking for functional spaces in the home. Closets are not just a great space in your home but are an investment if you ever chose to sell.

Are you ready?

Ready to kick clutter to the curb, to lessen the stress in your routine and have usable space? Simply give us a call to schedule your design meeting. Our experienced design team can help you get the space you need that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Browse our gallery to get some inspiration for your custom closet or visit our showroom for a tour.