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10 Common Questions about Countertops

Countertops are an essential part to any bathroom or kitchen design and deliver several great benefits to the homeowner. They have evolved over time to become more than just a work surface. From a statement piece to a work of art, countertops are a great way to personalize your kitchen or bathroom. More options than ever before are available including color, thickness, and eco-friendly. With so many choices how do you know which one is right for you and your particular space? We are here to answer the 10 most common questions about countertops.

What’s the most popular countertop?

Granite still remains among the most popular choices. It is a durable material and it adds value to the kitchen. Coming in multiple colors, it is perfect for those that want a more traditional look or for those interested in a more contemporary feel. Granite countertops are versatile making them a great choice.

Is online viewing accurate when selecting a countertop?

When it comes to countertop selection it is always a good idea to view it in person. Due to the large range of variations in color and veining, going in person allows you to see and judge for yourself whether it is what you want. There is nothing worse than installing a countertop and regretting your choice.

Which countertop is eco-friendly?

Quartz is considered the most eco-friendly since it is a natural stone. While Granite is too, it has to be imported which equals a larger carbon footprint and it also needs to be sealed using harsh chemicals. Quartz is also considered recyclable which is another great reason.

What countertops are best for bathrooms?

When selecting a countertop for your bathroom keep in mind that if you use makeup and hair tools such as curling iron you need a surface that is stain and heat resistant. Granite and quartzite are two great options since both are durable, look great, and quartzite is easy to buff out any scratches that can occur.

What countertops are best for kitchens?

This will be the most used surface in the house. From cooking with sauces to hot pans, it needs to be one that can stand up to both and is easy to keep clean. Granite and quartz tend to come out on top with this choice due to their ability to withstand heat and staining when cared for properly.

Are countertops important?

While this may seem like a funny question, some may wonder what all the fuss is about and is it really that important? Having a work surface is critical to the kitchen and multiple areas in the home. The bathroom is where you get ready and having an adequate surface is essential. When planning a renovation make this a key part of your discussion.

Are wooden countertops good for kitchens? 

This is a great option that is lesser in price but still produces a beautiful space. The variety of stains and wood types mean there is no lack of options available to you, even changing the direction of the grain can create a whole new look. Sealing your wood countertops with mineral or tung oil ensures that it stays protected and easy to clean.

Which ones are stain and heat resistant?

By now you can probably guess that granite is coming out on top. It does need to be maintained including a sealer but it is a great choice.

What is the best thickness for countertops?

The standard thickness is 1 ¼ inch for granite and quartz but if marble is used in the bathroom it can be around ¾ of an inch. Of course there are varying options that can create a different look or feel to the area so be sure to ask your designer for samples and ideas.

Which countertop is easiest to maintain?

Laminate is of course the easiest countertop to maintain but for those that prefer a bit of an upgrade, quartz is your choice. It does not need to be resealed as often as granite and due to its non-porous nature does not stain easily.

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