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5 reasons for an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen gives you the benefits of home cooking without having to be stuck inside while the rest of the family has all the fun outside. With summer upon us, many are looking forward to getting some extra vitamin D plus spending some much needed time with family and friends. Bringing the food outdoors and preparing it while socializing is the best way to make dinner and enjoy it too. There is something about food being made outside that makes it taste so much better, maybe it is the extra dose of sunshine. Outdoor kitchens have come a long way from just a simple grill on the patio to include prep spaces, storage, sinks, and more. Whoever said it had to be boring and it comes with perks beside amazing food. Here we discuss five benefits of having an outdoor kitchen.

1. Outdoor kitchen equals more entertainment space 

Connection, it is an important part of who we are, we have a need to socialize especially as many of us work from home. Having a place to relax with our family and friends is essential but sometimes the gatherings can be restricted by limited indoor space. By moving the party outdoors you eliminate that problem and gain the beauty of nature which always makes the perfect backdrop. An outdoor kitchen offers more room for people to gather, without getting underfoot and the perfect space for kids to play while dinner is getting ready. When planning for an outdoor kitchen, be sure to include sufficient seating such as a large dining table, benches, and oversized chairs. This helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone will enjoy sitting while dinner is being cooked. You can also add lights and music for those quiet evenings when you choose to eat dinner in the cool of the evening and just unwind after a busy day. Outdoor kitchens mean more room for everyone making sure no one feels left out or ignored plus there is always room for one more.

2. Outdoor kitchens save on utility bills

Summer is a wonderful season but unfortunately with more sun comes more heat and there is no place in the home more affected than the kitchen due to all of the appliances. Cooking indoors is miserable which can dampen the mood and increase the electricity bill. The hotter the space the more the air conditioning has to run in order to keep things bearable. An outdoor kitchen allows you to keep the heat outside and eliminates the need for the AC to continuously run which saves you money. With the fresh breeze blowing the task of preparing and cooking for the family becomes easier for everyone. Don’t forget that you can use an outdoor fan to circulate the breeze and help everyone keep cool. This also means that when you are ready to get out of the sun the inside of your home will be ready to welcome you with the perfect temperature.

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3. The outdoor kitchen offers new opportunities

No one likes the smell of smoke or grease in the kitchen, especially when it’s impossible to open the windows due to the heat or worried that it will permeate the furniture. When you are outdoors, however, you can experiment to your heart’s content without fear of smelling or smoking out the house! Foods such as grilled fish are no longer on the taboo list when you cook it in your outdoor kitchen. Because it is outside there is more room for helping hands and less tripping over each other meaning dinner gets done faster as everyone can lend a hand. Outdoor kitchens also mean the ability to cook healthier options since grilled food is often leaner, not to mention pretty tasty. You might even be able to convince the kids to give it a try since vegetables and even pineapple taste better when grilled. Cooking outdoors opens a whole new world of possibilities for food experiences and family memories by hitting the refresh button on dinner by taking it outside.

4. An outdoor kitchen adds resale value

Just like a garage or pool, an outdoor kitchen is also considered a bonus feature and one that will yield a good return on the investment if you choose to sell your home. Outdoor kitchens offer potential buyers a chance to picture themselves enjoying this space with their own families and are growing in popularity. Developing the backyard of your home also lays the groundwork for more expansion such as a firepit, sitting area, or raised garden beds. We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and an outdoor one can have a similar influence. It provides a central location for everyone to gather but also feel comfortable to spread out and have fun doing other activities.  By adding this versatile space to your home you can make it stand out in the market. Read this article on a few more reasons why it is a good investment. An outdoor kitchen means that your family stays connected which is worth a lot today.

5. Outdoor kitchens mean eating in

Everyone enjoys eating outside of the kitchen, a change of scenery can make the same meal taste completely different. Unfortunately, eating out is not always the cheapest option, especially if you have more than just yourself to consider. Eating outside in the fresh air is even better than a closed up restaurant, not to mention you can listen to whatever music you want to or even watch the latest sports game without having to listen to everyone else shouting in your ear. Outdoor kitchens give you a change in scenery by taking the gang outside but don’t empty your wallet. Include a patio cover to protect you from the sun’s rays while you’re eating or from those brief Summer sprinkles so the family can still enjoy the outdoors during dinner.  Add some extra perks by upgrading to a speaker for your phone so the whole family can listen to their favorite songs, you can also make a family favorite playlist. Take a closer look at one of our projects that included an outdoor kitchen next to the pool area, this space was perfect for enjoying a swim after dinner.

Let’s get cooking

We love creating spaces that allow our clients to spend more quality time with their family and friends. Outdoor kitchens provide the space needed to gather together, create lasting memories, and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Are you ready to start enjoying the summer and make a space perfect for that neighborhood get-together? Our design team and the team of skilled craftsmen we employ can help your outdoor living dreams come true! With 20 years of experience and serving 16 counties and counting, we feel confident that our team can help you achieve a space that is perfect for you and your family. Give us a call and let’s design your new outdoor kitchen so you can get cooking!