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Why have a Beverage Center?

Do you enjoy having friends and family over? Tired of running back and forth to the kitchen just to refill drinks? Wish you had one spot in the home where guests can easily get their favorite beverage? If the answer is yes to one or all of these questions, it’s time you considered adding a beverage center to your home. Not only are they a functional and practical station in your home, they also make hosting your next get together a breeze. Beverage centers have grown in popularity over the past few years with homeowners looking to add a little something extra to their space that blends with their lifestyle.  Let’s talk about some of the benefits to having this in your home as well as some design tips.

What is a beverage center

For those who may not be familiar with the function of a beverage center, it is a place to make and serve drinks, serve appetizers, and keep drinks cold through a small refrigerator. The purpose is to provide an area away from the kitchen where guests can mingle and beverages can be stored without hindering the regular flow of the cooking area. Whether you want to store wine, beer, or soda having a beverage center means you can have it all neatly tucked away, ready for the next party.

How to design a beverage center

There are many things to consider when planning a design for a beverage center and some questions you should ask yourself such as:

  • What type of drinks do I want to store?
  • Does it need to be directly by the kitchen?
  • Should I include a sink?
  • What else will I store there?

The answers to these questions will help your designer know how best to design your beverage center around your particular needs. Some things that should be included in the design are:

  • Roll out trays: they provide easy access to items but minimize the need to bend down and dig through the cupboard. It also keeps everything organized and in its place.
  • Refrigerator: this means you can store all your beverages right there and save space in the main refrigerator. It also means that all your drinks will be in one spot instead of having to gather them from here and there. They also will be the right temperature whenever you want to serve a guest or enjoy one yourself.
  • Shelves: glasses will be within reach and ready to be used when kept near by. Both floating or open built-ins are a great option.
  • Lighting: adding puck or LED lighting strips make it easy to see everything in your beverage center while keeping the ambiance of the room perfect. No bright or sharp lights needed for that second drink.
  • Sink: having a sink makes cleaning up a breeze. If you have leftover ice it can simply be dumped right there and left to drain overnight. If there is a spill you can wipe and rinse easily. Sinks are a great asset to this space.
  • Storage: a beverage center is also a great place to store those extra items such as party supplies like utensils, paper plates, and cups. Rather than take away valuable space in the kitchen, these items can be stored right here.

The beverage center is a multifunctional area of the home and perfect for gatherings with family and friends. Be sure to talk with your designer about what your expectations and goals are for this space so they can create a design that is suited to your needs.

Where should the beverage center be located

This is a great question and the answers vary on what your needs are in the home. Traditionally the beverage center is near the kitchen, sometimes acting like a scullery area but it is not limited to that location. Living rooms and basements are also other popular locations for these drink stations. Choose a location that best serves you. If you like to have the beverage station near the kitchen so refills on ice and additional drinks are easier, not to mention it allows the cook to stay in the conversation, than place it there. If you want to encourage guests to gather in the living room for snacks and drinks then it makes sense to have it there. Basements are a great option if you have a second kitchen or game room located there since it means less trips up the stairs. Location is a big part of the design phase and should be given sufficient thought. Read more here. Discuss your options with your designer to find which place is best for you.

Benefits of having a beverage center

Having a beverage center in the home has many perks for you and your family and can help you enjoy routine activities even more. Here a some of the benefits it provides:

  • Easy cup of coffee: By creating a coffee station near the kitchen it means you have everything you need such as creme, sugar, cups, and spoons, right there to make the perfect brew every time.
  • All in one place: Save time and stress by having all your beverage supplies in one location. Cups, plates, glasses, condiments, and paper products can all be neatly tucked away in your beverage center making it easy to give guests exactly what they need.
  • Reflects you: It is the perfect opportunity to add a little of you into the design. Whether it is a unique porcelain sink or an antique mirror backsplash. Having a beverage center means a chance to pop some color into the space.
  • Perfect temperature: Having a small wine cooler or refrigerator means your drinks are always ready to be enjoyed.
  • Accessibility: One location means everyone has access to it whenever they need it including the younger members of the home.

A beverage center is more than just an added space in the home, in fact it is one of the more functional spaces and brings a sense of class to any space. 

Ready for yours?

Are you ready to add this helpful station to your home? Browse our gallery to get inspiration or look on Pinterest. Make a list of things that you want to store and give some thought to where you might want it located. Connect with us to set up your appointment and let’s start your project together.