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Built to Entertain

Home is more than just a place to prepare for the next day, to sleep at night, and eat your meals. It is a place where memories are made, it is where you can take a break from your routine and do something fun with your family. While everyone enjoys gathering in the kitchen it is not the most ideal area of the home to play a board game or watch a movie. Many homeowners enjoy the idea of having a separate area where the kids can play or they can host a Superbowl party. Carving out a place in the home dedicated to just fun is a great way to enjoy family time without worrying about making a mess. Let’s talk about some ways to build your home to entertain and as well as live.

Family game room

From board games to air hockey, new memories are sure to come out of the family game night and there is no better way to have fun. The problem is often finding the right place to play where it doesn’t get in the way of the normal routine of the home or where everyone can get comfortable. Whether it is a spare room transformed into a fun zone or tucked away neatly in the basement, here are some things that are a must:

  • Seating: everyone deserves a good seat so take time to think about how many people will occupy the room and what type of seating do you want? Will you need a couple of big couches or individual seats? Browse Pinterest or even Houzz to get ideas, or speak with your designer. In addition to cabinet design, we also offer room layout design for an additional fee.
  • Surfaces: do you enjoy card games or board games? These require large, flat surfaces like a table but don’t forget about height. This ties back to seating, if you have chairs then a large table is best but if you are seated on couches a low coffee table would be better. Aging adults and small children may sit more comfortably at a standard table height, whereas teenagers may like a pub height table.
  • Storage: when game time is done for the day it is nice to have a place to store it all away until the next round. Make sure there is a storage area like a closet or built-ins to ensure that everything will have a place of its own.
  • Sufficient lighting: strain on the eyes is no fun so be sure to think about incorporating enough light. This can be done with recessed lights, lamps, and accent lighting.

Game time is meant to be a fun time for everyone and by making sure all the essential elements are there it will be a memorable night for everyone with room for a rematch or two.

Wet bar

Work is hard, that is something we can all agree on and most of us would also say that we enjoy coming home to relax. A wet bar is the perfect place to forget about the stress of work and just unwind with your favorite beverage. Having a designated space means you can zone out beyond the kitchen perimeter. Some other benefits include:

  • Gatherings: a wet bar means you have a special place to hang out with friends & family. Add some extra seating and you will always be ready for a party.
  • Accessible: everything you need is in one place. Glasses, cups, and even plates for snacks are all right there for you to use.
  • Clean up: consider what size sink you need in the design since it is the perfect place to dump ice or clean up a spill. 
  • Countertop: a wet bar doesn’t have to be small, you can extend out with a larger countertop and enjoy sitting with friends.

This can be a great place in the home to enjoy after work or with friends on the weekend. Super Bowl parties can get a boost by adding a TV screen and you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

rustic family room, reclaimed wood fireplace mantel, floating wood shelves, white cabinets, vaulted ceiling

Home theater

Who wants to enjoy their favorite movie on the big screen without having to actually leave the house? Having a home theater can do just that not to mention how much better video games can be played. Some helpful design tips and added benefits are:

  • No interruptions: we have all experienced the noisy moviegoers who insist on talking during the most critical part of the film or the person who has to constantly go to the bathroom. A home theater means the people there are invited by you.
  • Pick your seats: if you want to sit up front you can, if you want the most comfortable seat in the house you can. Design tip: think about how you want the seating arranged before purchasing.
  • More options: hooking up your smart TV or gaming system means a whole new level of fun. Stream your favorite movies and shows from places like Netflix or play your favorite video games. 
  • Think through your space: one important task is to make sure you have the lighting you need, the furniture to store all your stuff, and the right layout.

This is meant to be a place that is fun for everyone so don’t forget to ask for opinions and be sure to think through everything you want to have included in this space.

Play area

Inviting family and friends is always a good idea, but a better one is having a place where the kids can play without getting in the way of their parents. A play area is a perfect solution because it provides kids with a safe place to interact and have fun. It is also great for them to use on a daily basis where their imagination can soar. Consider these things when designing a playroom.

  • Safe storage: this is a big one because we love our children and want them to be safe so securing any furniture to the wall is critical. Also, have built-ins and shelves that are on their level so they can have easy access to their items.
  • Furnishings: a table with chairs is perfect for them because it means they can play games or color in a spot meant for them.
  • Color: pops of color can brighten the room and create a fun atmosphere for the kids.
  • Reading nook: for the child who loves to read, maybe add a little reading corner with a chair just their size and a shelf full of their favorite books.

Children feel special when they have a place just for them so if you are wondering what they would like, add a playroom.

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Built to entertain

A house is truly our castle, a place that is designed for more than just our comfort. We don’t just live here, we grow here and form many of the memories we will carry for a lifetime. Taking the time to include some areas in the home that will bring us together is important which is why we love working with our clients to create a place that is uniquely theirs. Talk to us today and let’s get started planning your place of memories.