Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Why Choose Wood Countertops?

Wood is kinda our thing, after all, we have been working with it for twenty years, but while it has been mainly cabinets we are excited to see an increased interest in wood countertops. More and more homeowners are looking to select sustainable materials in their design and wood countertops are one way to do that. It also meets many of the design goals for a kitchen space, it makes a statement, provides stunning contrast, adds a touch of nature to the home, goes with multiple style choices and color palettes. Granite and quartz countertops are still a popular choice for countertops but wood is trending so let’s learn more about them and answer ten of the most common questions. 

How do wood countertops hold up?

This is an important question because a countertop is one of the most used areas in the kitchen meaning it must be durable. The general census says yes, wood is a solid material that is built to last. There is also a great advantage to having wood countertops, if they do get a scratch or small dent it can be repaired fairly easily versus a natural stone countertop like granite or marble making it a great choice especially if you still have young children at home. If you take proper care of your countertops it will serve you well for years to come.

Wood countertops with farmhouse sink?

Nothing says farmhouse more than wood which pairs perfectly with white cabinets and neutrals. Wood countertops also add a sense of warmth and tie in completely with a style that takes us back to a simpler time where things are slower and more laid back. The classic farmhouse sink looks great with wood countertops and completes the entire look so talk to your designer if this is the style you have decided for your kitchen.

Are wood countertops sanitary?

Yes, when properly cared for. People often worry that wood countertops can retain more germs because of the grain but in truth, wood has an amazing redeeming quality, it has natural antibacterial qualities, who knew! Of course, like many other countertops, it does need to be sealed and taken care of to keep it in the best condition possible. 

Wood countertops for the laundry room?

A key area in the home, one that is used often to make sure the family always looks their best, and including a countertop makes doing laundry a lot easier. Countertops mean you have a built-in space to fold and sort laundry, keep a few needed items nearby such as stain removers and a jar to collect all the things that are found in pockets. A wood countertop blends with multiple design styles and can be a nice contrast to multiple colors including white, blue, and gray, three of the most popular colors for cabinets.

Are wood countertops heat resistant?

More than the natural stones, wood countertops are heat resistant to a certain extent but it often depends on the finish. We always recommend having a trivet or hot pad nearby to give added protection to your countertops. 

Wood countertops vs butcher block?

These terms may seem like they are interchangeable but they are not, each possesses its own unique purpose. Butcher block is a term used to describe a thick wood surface, one that was used to cut meat but over time it made its way into other functions including the world of decor. A wood countertop is a thinner piece of wood, obviously not built to sustain the commercial pounding like a butcher block would rather it was designed to be used in the home.

Wood countertops with white cabinets?

Even though they can integrate well with any number of colors and styles, wood countertops will forever be an ideal pairing with white cabinets. The natural contrast of warm wood and clean white make a winning combination every time. 

Wood countertops black cabinets?

White is a timeless color while black is a bold statement that gives a vibe of elegance and sophistication. Adding wood countertops to a kitchen with black cabinets can transform the space by adding a hint of warmth to the space especially for those who want the dark cabinets but not the modern feel it can give. Choosing to use a lighter wood can also be an exquisite contrast and make for a stunning presentation to your guests.

Which wood is best for countertops?

When it comes to wood countertops there is a good variety of choices that you can select from for different areas in the home such as:

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Teak wood
  • Bamboo

Each has its own unique characteristics and strengths along with different variations in the wood grain itself. Your designer will know which ones make the best pairing for your style and specific needs. The room’s purpose can also make a difference in which type of wood you select.

  • Office – a smoother finish is a good choice here.
  • Table tops: make a unique piece by going with a live edge table top.
  • Kitchen – a larger variety can be selected for this room.
  • Laundry Room – light or dark stains work well here depending on the color of cabinets used.
  • Hutch: makes a great contrast for this piece.
  • Beverage Center: a more rustic or even more organic vibe works well for this area.

Wood countertops are versatile and can be used throughout the home to add a touch of nature to the house from a farmhouse style to a modern look. Be sure to think through the purpose of the room before finalizing your choice.

How to keep wood countertops clean?

Maintenance matters with any element in the home and wood is no exception. There are several ways to ensure that your wood countertops remain in good condition such as:

  • Apply oil on a regular basis
  • Wipe spills quickly: don’t let it seep into the wood.
  • Always use a cutting board and avoid the tendency to treat it like a big cutting board.
  • Be careful – treat with care.

Keeping things clean matters and wood countertops don’t make it hard, there is little difference between them and the more conventional choices. Like any other product, good maintenance helps anything last and gives you the most use. Here are some additional tips to help you maintain your wood countertops.

Wood countertops for your home.

Whether you choose to stain it dark or let it retain a more natural look, wood countertops can provide your home with a warmth only nature can give. From rustic to contemporary, wood countertops have the ability to add value to any space in the home and fulfill a wide variety of purposes. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right wood countertop that will perfectly match your needs and meet your expectations. Come visit our showroom and see a collection of samples we have available.