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Which Kitchen Style is Right for you?

Kitchen style. Throughout the years the kitchen has been the heart of the home, the place where scrumptious meals were cooked and served with love. It has also remained a place where memories are made, achievements are celebrated, and invokes a warm, inviting atmosphere. One thing has changed and that is style. For years the kitchen style was seen as a functional space that needed nothing but the essentials, now it has shifted to a room that reflects the values and personality of the owner through color, fixtures, and even decor pieces. Designers now encourage their clients to think outside the box for ways to include a part of themselves into this space. There are several kitchen styles available, each with something that makes them unique and perfect for your home. Here we will share some of the popular ones, maybe you can find the one that is suited for you.

Traditional kitchen style

Comfort, classic, and casual. These words sum up the end result of this style. Pops of color are replaced with warm colors and detailed millwork adds the necessary elegance. An inviting atmosphere is created by using unified decor pieces and furniture. You won’t find mismatched lamps or random pieces of furniture, by using paired lamps or pillows, a sense of balance is achieved, making the owners feel calm. Walls are usually painted a neutral color with the accessories being the main focus of the room. Walnut, cherry, and oak are the wood of choice for this style because they bring a richness to the overall look. Adding some metal such as brass or copper lends cohesiveness to the design. There is one caution with this style and that is to be classy but not boring. Using pattern and texture stays true to the traditional style but without it becoming bland. If you like comfortable and casual with a touch of refinement then this kitchen style is for you.

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Farmhouse kitchen style

Charm and character with a hint of relaxation are how one describes the farmhouse style. It is a clean kitchen style that harkens back to a simpler era.  This can, however, become its downfall by becoming slightly cluttered. Designers always need to find a balance between old and new. Accessories are chosen more for their practicality with a hint of sophistication thrown in rather than anything too refined. Have decor pieces that don’t match? This is the perfect style to display them as this is the time to showcase your material variety. From vintage tea towels to rustic decor items, let them all merge together in the room. Apron sinks, rolling ladders, and exposed beams all say farmhouse like nothing else. Shaker style cabinets and cerused oak are a great choice for this design. If you enjoy a touch of old with a hint of new then farmhouse kitchen style it is.

Modern kitchen style

Not to be confused with Contemporary, which we will get into momentarily, this style can be defined as neutral and minimal. A style that brings Mother Nature indoors, emulating her beautiful, simple style free from all of the excess items and a monochromatic color palette. Curves are exchanged for lines, the furniture stays close to the ground, and natural light pours in are some of the characteristics of a modern style. Reflective surfaces such as glass and steel are used along with other materials in their natural state like unstained wood, leather, and metal. When looking for a kitchen style that is simple, functional, and easy to maintain, modern is your best choice. Learn a little more about the difference between modern and contemporary here.

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Contemporary kitchen style

While most design styles remain the same, contemporary tends to continue to evolve and is a blend of several styles. When designing a room, many place an emphasis on functionality but contemporary also chooses to highlight forms such as a combination of curves and lines. Furniture and light fixtures are a great way to add curves while cabinets take care of the lines. Loud colors are not at the core of this style, neutrals such as white, gray, and black are the main ones used here. Texture is essential to this style, it is a great way to add visual interest to the room and set the mood. Natural light is also important but can be layered with artificial lighting options such as task and accent lighting. If you want a kitchen style that is not tied down to one distinct style but has room to evolve contemporary is the one for you.

What about you?

There are still several other kitchen styles available but ultimately it comes down to what you like and the atmosphere you are looking to create. Perhaps you are still not sure which kitchen style best reflects you, that is what we are here for, our goal is to help you find the look that feels like home for you and the ones you care about. Visit our showroom located in Uptown Shelby and talk to our experienced staff. You can also browse our online gallery by kitchen style to see examples of the many available to you. Together we will create the perfect place where memories are born.