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What to know about wine room design


You’ve had a hard day at work, and you want to unwind with a glass of red wine. When you go to the cabinet, you discover that you are all out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can store some of your favorites for those stressful days or even for a weekend party? When you mention a wine cellar, most picture someone with a six-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath mansion with a pool house and privacy gate. But that is not the case anymore, wine is more than just a beautiful bottle of fermented contents, it is a hobby and for some an investment. Wine rooms are rising in popularity and building a wine room is not as hard as you think, plus its purpose is more than to look good. Here, we share the steps involved when building a wine room in your own home.

Wine room location and size

The first step is to choose a location and determine what size of wine room you want. Size is factored by the amount of wine you have or wish to have. Will you only have enough on hand for small gatherings, or are you considering turning this into an investment? The answers will determine how large of a space you will need and can influence the location. There are several factors to consider, such as lighting and temperature. Wine needs to be kept between 45 and 65 degrees and enough humidity to keep the corks cool. Minimal lighting is best for storing wine for longer periods so main living areas are not a prime location to consider. However, we recommend these two locations:

  • Wine room in the basement—This is considered the top location for a wine room since the temperature is usually cooler and there is little to no natural light. If there is room, consider adding a seating area that will be perfect for weekend gatherings and socials.
  • Wine room under stairs—This can be a good location since most staircases are not in direct sunlight, and it is a great use of unused space. By choosing to add a glass door, you can turn this area into a beautiful statement piece in your home as well.

While these are the best options, building a custom wine pantry near your kitchen or even a wall piece in your dining room are also plausible locations. Read a little more about what goes into building a wine room in this article.

Wine room design

You chose the location and have determined the size of your wine room, so now it’s time to think about how the finished area will look. Do you want a modern look with clean lines or something softer with glass doors? What about seating? Are you looking to create a simple countertop with bar stools or a full lounge where you can sit with friends? Here are a few design elements to think about when planning your space.

  • Wine room seating: providing a space to sit back and relax with a glass of wine is almost as important as choosing the right bottle. Seating offers an area that nurtures conversation and the opportunity to let go of the day’s events. This can be as simple as four club chairs gathered around a coffee table or a few couches and low tables. The choice is up to you.
  • Wine room with glass doors: This is a popular option with many homeowners. It has a timeless, clean look that can create a beautiful gallery or statement piece from this space. Glass is also beneficial for temperature control, and it blends perfectly with wood.
  • Wine room and bar: if you are working with a smaller area but still want to have a place to sit and sip, a high counter with beautiful bar stools can be the perfect solution. It will maximize conversion with minimal square footage needed.
  • Wine room light fixtures: Lighting is an important part of the design process as it allows you to see and showcase your amazing collection. It can also affect the temperature of the area, so it is essential to think through the type. LED lighting does not give off heat, making it the go-to choice for a wine room design. 

It is essential to talk through these things with your designer so that they can help you create the perfect environment that is a reflection of your style. See a project that included a wine room.

Wine room storage

As you go through the design phase, don’t forget to think about how you want to display and store your wine. Storage is important. We don’t want anything to happen to these little bottles of liquid. Here are some ways to store your wine and a few other things to include.  

  • Wine room shelving: this guarantees that you will have a safe way to store your wine and organize it easily.
  • Wine room ventilation: Proper ventilation and a cooling system installed will help maintain the correct temperature for your wine.
  • Wine room racks: Racks are another great option for safely storing your wine. They are also a beautiful way to display it as art. Multiple styles and sizes are available.

The only thing better than drinking wine is seeing it displayed as a work of art in a safe area. Be sure to ask your designer about what needs to be included in your wine room to ensure that it is appropriately taken care of when you are not enjoying it.

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Wine room builders near me

Whether you live in Cleveland County, neighboring Mecklenburg County, or in the other 14 counties we serve, we are here to help you achieve exactly what you need. Your wine room is more than a place to store the wine; it is meant to reflect you in style and comfort. We are excited to assist you in creating a functional and beautiful space to converse with friends while the day’s cares take a back seat. Visit our showroom in Uptown Shelby to see our displays and ask questions.