Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

What should you consider before a bathroom renovation?

Is your bathroom ready for an update or a much needed upgrade? Before heading off to your local box store, it is best to consider what you want to accomplish and have a plan in place. Here we share some things you should consider before starting a bathroom renovation.

Design Space

The first step is to consider the space you are working with, this is the first and one of the important pieces in any renovation. Here are a few questions to think about. 

  • Is it a small or large area? 
  • Who will be mainly using the space?
  • Will you be expanding, taking out any walls or moving the layout? 

These are important to consider because they determine what needs to go into the bathroom renovation design and how best to utilize the space.


It is important to think about how you want to use your space before beginning your bathroom renovation and what will need to be stored inside. By knowing what and where helps when it is time to create a space that is perfectly suited for you. Here are a few things that could be helpful to include in your space.

  • What to store in bathroom cabinets and how best to organize it. What are some of the essentials that will be in the bathroom? Do you like things in drawers or will you want extra counter space to put makeup or hygiene items? Having enough counter space or making your cabinets deep enough is important.
  • Bathroom cabinets with toothbrush charger or a simple charging station. Do you have an electric toothbrush that needs to be on a special charger? Do you listen to music or your favorite podcast on your phone while getting ready in the morning? Including a charging station in the design can be beneficial. Or what about a special outlet that is hidden inside a drawer to make it convenient to plug your blow dryer into? Thinking through the little details of your bathroom renovation can help you create a space that is just right for you.

Design options

Things have changed in the design world, we are not required to follow a set plan or trend but free to create a space that is as unique as us. It’s important to understand your style and what options you want to include in your design before beginning your bathroom renovation so you will know what you are getting and how much it will cost. Here are some options you may want to think about when planning your bathroom renovation.

  • Cabinets for towels. A place to store extra towels is a must and placement is important. Instead of having a stack of towels here and another one there, it is nice to have them all in one convenient spot.
  • Types of doors. In today’s designs, there is no hard and fast rule about doors, they can be as unique as you.
    • Barn doors. These bathroom doors bring a nice rustic vibe to the space.
    • Sliding doors. This option gives flexibility and uses space effectively.
    • Glass doors. These are an option for bathroom cabinets as well as shower doors that add a touch of elegance to the space. There are multiple options for glass doors.
  • Bathroom cabinets with mirror and lights? Do you want a mirror built into the cabinet or hanging directly over the sink? Is the standard bathroom light enough or do you want a little extra by using LED lighting? We have had some clients who placed this type of lighting inside their closet cabinets, click to see.
  • Extra shelving. Storage is important and shelves are a great way to utilize vertical space to the max.
  • Type of wood – stained or painted? While stained is a natural way to bring out the beauty of the wood grain some prefer painting their bathroom cabinets, with white being among the popular choices. It is good to decide this ahead of time in case a color or stain needs to be specially ordered. See an example of a white bathroom here.
  • Design style. Understanding your personal style is an important piece in the process because it controls the overall feel of the project. Browse Pinterest for ideas or visit some design portfolios for inspiration.
  • Floating or standard. Before you can pick your bathroom cabinets you need to know what will work best for you and reflect your personality. Are you looking for the more traditional style or more contemporary? Standard bathroom cabinets extend to the floor while floating cabinets leave room underneath for unique storage ideas such as baskets or rustic wooden crates.

Do your homework.

A bathroom renovation may seem daunting but when the right amount of planning and preparation takes place it can ensure a renovation with few bumps. Take the time to look at inspirational photos, pinterest boards, design styles and options before you start shopping. Knowing what you want is halfway to getting what you want. Happy renovation!