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Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2020


While kitchens are a standard feature in the home, their color, style, and design are constantly changing. While specific colors and styles remain timeless, each year does bring a new wave of trends. Homeowners are looking for something bold that will reflect their character and personality in the design. We always do our best to stay up to date to ensure our clients have the best options available to them. In this blog, we will give you the latest trends in some of the hottest parts of the kitchen.

Cabinet color trends

  • Gray cabinets—Gray continues to be a favorite color for the kitchen, complimenting multiple styles and offering a soothing color palette.
  • Contrasting colors—Black and white or wood and dark will be popular as homeowners look to add a bit of excitement to their kitchens.
  • Pops of pastel–soft sea green and gentle blues are setting a new trend as the new favorite. They are rooted in nature and bring a sense of warmth and security to the heart of the home. 
  • Cool, Comfortable blues – Blues bring life to any kitchen element and equate a tranquil atmosphere.

Cabinet wood trends 

  • Walnut is rising in popularity, which is not surprising since it has a beautiful natural finish that makes it a stunning piece.
  • Alder is a great cost-efficient choice and blends with multiple styles.
  • Oak and Cerused Oak. Both options make for unique cabinets.

To learn more about some of the popular wood choices for cabinets, read our blog, which gives more examples and details.

Cabinet design trends

    • Kitchen islands—homeowners are looking for multi-purpose pieces in their spaces, and the kitchen island provides so much more than just an extra prep space. It can hold larger items such as crockpots and large serving platters or be where the dishwasher is placed. Trash cans and extra cabinets are also great options.
    • Open shelving – this is a great option for those who are looking to break away from the traditional design of closed cabinets. Homeowners can display many of those beautiful family treasures by choosing to use shelves instead of cabinets.
    • Glass cabinets – another great way to show off those elegant platters and plates is by using glass-faced.
    • Lighting – Lighting cabinets are a great way to accentuate the architecture of your home. You can now integrate lighting into your cabinet package for various cabinet lighting locations. 
  • Prep Sinks – As with all home renovations, a prep sink on the island is a functional addition that can make your life easier and your kitchen seem more exquisite. Browse our Galley workstation page to see an amazing sink that takes prepping to a whole new level.

For a few more design trends read this post from HGTV.

Cabinet option trends

  • Minimalist style like push latches and finger pulls are a great alternative to hardware if you are looking for a more contemporary style.
  • Matte is a popular finish for hardware especially if you are not into shine.
  • Gold hardware or Champagne Bronze. These hardware color options are among the top choices this year.  Did you know several hardware companies are now working closely with faucet companies to match colors for a completely cohesive styled home. 

Will this be your year?

Is your kitchen ready for an update, one that will reflect you? We always invite you to come by our showroom where you can walk through our kitchen displays and see all the possibilities that await you including wood choices, door options, and hardware selections. During these times of restrictions, we are also offering virtual design meetings and can share with you a virtual tour of our showroom with you. So gather all your inspiration, look at our gallery on the website, and call us about scheduling a virtual design meeting which is our newest service that allows you to remain in your home while getting the assistance you need. We can help you get a head start on the remodel of your future.