Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

Why have a gray kitchen?

There are so many fun aspects when it comes to designing a new kitchen such as cabinet door styles, hardware, backsplash, and color. Out of all the elements, color can make the biggest impact in the overall presentation of the kitchen since the cabinets make up the largest portion of the space. Selecting the right color for you can feel daunting since there are so many offered plus there are a few variables in the decision process such as will this be your forever home or is this a home you are flipping? White has remained a popular choice for decades but there are a few others that have risen to the top of the selection list including gray. Let’s discuss if the color gray is right for you in your new kitchen plus how to work other design elements with it.

The meaning of the color gray

Color has meaning and can influence our mood and emotion. Considered part of the neutral color list, it should come as no surprise that gray tends to represent neutrality. It is a color that goes with just about everything. Gray can also present a balanced feel since it is the perfect blend of black and white. Compromise is another word used to describe the color gray as it can act as a bridge between the two contrasting colors it sits between plus integrate with a wide variety of other colors. Gray can be viewed as a calm, soothing color making it work well with a kitchen design since it creates the perfect vibe for the family to collect and connect. Designers will however encourage limiting the use of darker grays since they can lean a little more into a depressive mood. Again it works well as a bridge color or mainly sticking to the lighter side of the gray palette. 

The benefits of choosing gray cabinets

Among a broad range of descriptions, gray is also elegant making it the ideal choice for an upscale or luxurious design. A color that instantly adds beauty and charm to your kitchen design. White kitchens have remained on top of the color choice for cabinets but there are a few cons with opting for that color such as showing wear and tear plus every speck of dirt. Gray cabinets are better at hiding dirt which is a valuable feature when you have multiple members in your household or don’t always have time to wipe everything down every day. Selecting gray as your cabinet color choice also means you can go with a wide variety of design styles, from modern to traditional. You can also work with a variety of color options for your countertops and backsplashes too, creating a soft match or a bold contrast. Because gray is in the neutral color family it means that if you ever choose to sell your home the appeal to buyers will be higher than a more unique color option. Another bonus of gray versus white is that while white can look a little washed out and bright, gray is a good balance between light and dark. It has depth plus it has the warmth that sometimes can lack in an all white kitchen.

Mixing and matching

Versatility is a great word to describe the use of gray when designing a kitchen. It is a stable, confident color that can be incorporated into almost any space and style. As we mentioned before, countertops and backsplashes from a wide color range can be used. Darker countertops add elegant contrast while soft grays or white with delicate veining patterns shine against the gray cabinets. When it comes to backsplash, some designers opt for a white tile with gray grout which creates a piece of art all its own. A mix of several shades of gray can also be used in your backsplash or another complimentary color. Hardware is another key component in designing a gray kitchen since it is the finishing touch to the space. Black hardware has become a popular choice for many homeowners as it hides dirt well plus dirt visibility and fingerprints are practically zero. Other choices include oil rubbed finishes and glass as each adds another layer to the design. One other way that designers enjoy mixing and matching with gray cabinets is opting for a different color for the kitchen island. Several have chosen to go with a wood stained island that makes an excellent focal point and you can go light or dark with this option. This also can help break up the design instead of having all the cabinets the same color. Lighting is another important facet and should come from several areas such as under cabinet lighting, over the island, and canned lighting. More options means a reduction in shadows, remember that gray is not quite as reflective as white. Gray cabinets can make the perfect choice for you but don’t be afraid to explore some mix and match options with your designer.

Why have a gray kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and part of that feeling is accomplished with color. This is why designers are so diligent in their search for the perfect color that represents the feeling of welcome and warmth to you. For many the color gray fits the bill in every way. Gray will no doubt remain on the top five color list for kitchen designs due to its appeal, versatility, and elegance. Whether you are looking to have a specific design style or want something different than the classic white gray cabinets are a wonderful choice. Places like Pinterest and Houzz are a wonderful way to see a variety of gray kitchens and the possibility that awaits you in your new space so be sure to spend some time there before you meet with your designer. Don’t forget to take note of the accent pieces like countertops and backsplash too so that you will be prepared to renovate your kitchen.