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What is Mid Century Modern?

In the last few decades there has been an expansion of design styles used in the home. We are no longer confined by the traditional rules followed by our mothers and grandmothers. Homeowners are enjoying the freedom of expression that has come because of all the new styles that are emerging including Mid-Century Modern. This style like so many others has made its way into multiple areas in the home such as the kitchen and bathroom. Interior designers are creating the perfect space for their clients but it is helpful to know if the mid-century modern style is the right one for you. Let’s explore what it is and how it can be best incorporated into your home.

What is mid century modern style?

A blending of nature’s finest elements along with some man made materials are all part of the mid-century modern style or MCM for short. Additional characteristics induce clean lines, vibrant as well as neutral colors, and organic shapes. Together, these features form a stunning style that is perfect throughout the home. Although this is not a new style, it became popular in the middle of the twentieth century, it has seen a comeback into the world of design. It does have a minimalist vibe since much of the furniture pieces are simplistic in nature plus there is an emphasis on clutter-free spaces and functionality. Fusing man made and natural materials like plastic, fiberglass, and vinyl with glass, wood, and metal is a common choice with the mid-century modern style and offers the chance to create something completely unique for the homeowner. Another blend includes utilizing things from both the indoors and outdoors like plants and natural light. Like most interior design styles, color plays a prominent part in the overall look in mid century modern by opting for hues that are neutral such as whites and blacks but accenting them with bright colors. This creates a fun yet welcoming atmosphere in the home. Mid century modern is a style that combines the best of the bold and beautiful which results in a stunning final tone in any area in the home so be sure to browse some Pinterest boards for inspiration before meeting with your designer.

Mid century modern kitchen

The kitchen is a central part of the home with so many activities taking place within its space that go beyond dinner prep. It is where we gather to celebrate a win, write a quick birthday card, or work on homework. Selecting the perfect design style matters and mid century modern is a great option. Its mix of contemporary and minimalist elements create a unique aesthetic for the heart of your home. Again the neutral color palette works well with this style especially when paired with a stark contrast or some of nature’s materials like wood and glass. Mid century modern works great with large kitchen windows like bay or picture ones since it lets in more natural light which is a perfect compliment to the other features. Play around with various pieces like lamps that blend metal, glass, and even wood in them or unique backsplashes that have simple or colorful patterns. Cabinet hardware that is a nice contrasting color or organic shape works well with mid century modern and provides a layer of protection for the cabinets as well. When it comes to cabinet design, simple is best like a shaker style and can be paired with countertops that have a soft to minimal pattern, they can even have rounded corners. Mid century modern is a sleek yet stylish choice that invokes a beautiful look that will continue to inspire.

Mid century modern bathroom

Our bathrooms are our sanctuary especially when it comes to the master. It is usually the first place we go in the morning and one of the last ones we visit in the evening. Choosing the mid century modern look creates a stunning sense of class and can be accomplished using a variety of colors, materials, and features. The bathroom vanity tends to be the main statement piece in the design so the choice matters as it will set the tone for the entire space. Designers recommend selecting one that is a natural wood and complement it with a classy hardware finish like brass. You can also add metal legs to your bathroom vanity for both added height and flair or opt for a floating vanity instead. Color also plays a key role in designing a mid century modern bathroom so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of colors including pastel shades. From flooring to bathroom tile, there are lots of ways to splash and dash your space with color. Rounded mirrors are a subtle way to acknowledge your choice of mid century modern in your bathroom, especially when framed with brass or matte black. Read about more design tips for creating the perfect mid century modern bathroom in this article from Better Homes & Gardens. If you want a bathroom that injects a touch of yesterday with today, this is the perfect choice.

Mid century modern design tips

No matter what area of the home you want to redesign in a mid century modern style, there are a few helpful tips that can get you started in the right direction. Start with a statement piece that is reflective of mid century modern like a brightly colored sofa with metal legs, a Eames lounge chair, or glass top wooden coffee table. These pieces can serve as a starting point around which the whole room is built. Whether it is shape or color, begin here and let it help you select the rest of the pieces. Don’t be afraid to explore various color options but when it comes to mid century modern, retro colors like warm oranges, blues and yellows rise to the top. A majority of these options work well with neutrals like black, white, and wood materials. It can create a sharp contrast or a playful combination. Area rugs, wall art, window treatments, and other accent pieces are a wonderful way to implement color into the space. Don’t forget about bringing the beauty of nature indoors as well as drawing inspiration from it. Including some potted plants in your space is not only a good fit for the mid century modern look but it also has health benefits such as cleaning the air. Artwork with land or seascapes lends a calmness to the room and more organic patterns for wallpaper or backsplash allow the touch of nature to make its way through the space as well. Mid century modern is a style that allows you to mix a bit of play into your home design.

Mid century modern design style

There are various design styles because everyone is different and each one provides you with the opportunity to make your home yours. Mid century modern is an elegant, classy style that has freedom within it to express the things that make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your own home. Whether you decide to explore bright colors and unique furniture pieces or blend a few of your favorite elements together in your kitchen, bathroom, or family area, this style has an ample supply of variants to transform your house into a home with just a few pieces.