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What is a Transitional Kitchen?

Color styles, material choices, and fixtures often fluctuate within the world of design but few kitchen styles have remained like the transitional kitchen style. Named the most popular kitchen design by the National Kitchen and Bath Association for 2019, the transitional kitchen is a perfect blend of the stable traditional and the impressive contemporary. This style places an emphasis on simple elegance over a more elaborate design. Let’s explore some more about this beautiful style and the elements that make it up to see if it is the right fit for you.


We know that cabinets make up the largest portion of the kitchen which means they can set the tone. In the transitional style, cabinets tend to be lighter in color and often blend wood with painted cabinets. Two-toned kitchens tend to be a great option with this style because it provides an opportunity to pair two complementary colors to achieve a balanced design. Glass door cabinets are also a choice that fits well into this style as they give a modern yet timeless look. Both frameless and framed cabinets are available since this style is a blend of two giving you more opportunities to find something that suits your particular preference. Talk with your designer about what options are best for you and your home.


The color will depend on the layout of the room, for example, if this is an open floor plan the rest of the design will influence the color choices used in the kitchen since there needs to be a harmony in the overall space. A more neutral color palette is usually the safe choice since it appeals to potential buyers if you wish to sell your home later, but a pop of blue on the island or even the uppers or lowers of the cabinets is acceptable. Often the color scheme for a transitional kitchen is sophisticated and free from busy patterns. Don’t forget that adding some wood tones into the design can bring a sense of warmth.

Countertops and more

While cabinets take up the largest portion, the extras such as lights, faucets, tile, and countertops tend to be the most fun and add a little bit of you to the design. 

  • Countertops: Most countertops work great with the transitional kitchen especially quartz and quartzite. 
  • Tile: a subway tile is a great option but there are other choices available including mosaic if that represents you better.
  • Sinks: apron sinks are a great fit into this style along with the ever-popular stainless steel.
  • Faucets: brushed stainless steel tends to be the number one choice in the transitional kitchen since it goes with a broad range of colors and is timeless.
  • Lighting: recessed or hanging, both options are perfectly acceptable. Adequate lighting is important in any design.

Your designer will have more insights into what options and selections best suit the overall style and look you are trying to achieve. Read this article for a few additional answers to questions you may have about the transitional kitchen.

Is the transitional kitchen for you?

This style is popular but not a trend, it will continue to be well received making it a great choice for you especially if you ever choose to sell your home. Modern mixed with traditional equals timeless. Having the best of two styles can give you a beautiful kitchen that will be the envy of many. Our designers have great experience in creating a space that is a perfect reflection of you and that will say “home” for years to come. Call to schedule an appointment and let us help you get started on that transitional kitchen and be sure to browse our project gallery.