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What is a Natural Style


Fresh, comfortable, and clean. These words describe a design style that went from being in the top ten to the top three in the past year. As more people are making home their office, school room, gym, and more, the home has to adapt to accommodate these needs. Design is meant to tell your story, to meet your lifestyle needs, and to keep you comfortable, which is not always easy to blend. Nature offers the perfect solution to this situation, and more and more designers are looking to it for inspiration. Let’s talk about organic design style and how to use it to get the balance you need in the home.

What is an organic design style?

This style was born and coined here in the US by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had the goal of blending the design elements of the home with its surroundings. It places prominence on the native connection between us and nature. A pleasant environment is created by combining the organic elements already in nature into the home interior design. A neutral color palette, such as whites, grays, and browns paired with glass, metal, and wood, makes up the core elements used when planning an organic design style.  It is a style that draws on nature to create a functional space while remaining comfortable. Learn a little more here.

How to incorporate an organic design style

The best place to begin when looking to mimic nature in the home is to include some of her best elements: light, space, and matter. Here are a few suggestions for your home:

  • Light is a fundamental part of nature and influences the mood. Large windows in the kitchen and bathroom let in the sun and allow you to enjoy nature’s art simultaneously. It can also give the illusion that the place is larger and more open. Natural light also has multiple health benefits that you can read about here.
  • Space is the opposite of cramped. When you go for a hike or walk, it feels good because of the sense of freedom you experience. Open floor plans are a great way to help you feel connected with family and friends while still having distinct areas in the home. When planning your renovation, think about the layout and flow of each area. Staying in touch with members of your household helps to give a sense of togetherness.
  • Material: this is nature’s specialty and comes in various options. Nature has everything from natural fabric choices like linen to organic materials such as glass, granite, and wood. Bringing some of these options into your design can help create an inviting space that makes everyone feel at home.

Home is not just a place with four walls; it is meant to provide comfort, give rest, and aid our soul in unwinding. Nature has the power to address all of that and more when we harness it and bring it into the design. You will end up with a place just right for your style.

Some additional hints

There are many ways to add nature into your home, to get that wonderful vibe that everyone can enjoy. Here are a few other things you can do to build up your homes style and even influence the health and well being of your family.

  • Color: muted tones like pale yellows and light grays, earthy combinations like brown, blue, and creme, or refreshing shades like spring green and lavender can set a healing or reinvigorate your home. Nature’s color palette has an endless supply of inspiration and can be included in multiple ways such as pillows, paint, or artwork.
  • Plants: succulents, greenery, flowers, and herbs are all equally a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and have multiple benefits for the home including cleaning the air and feeding the soul with its beauty, not to mention pops of color.
  • Texture: this element adds visual interest to a space and can make a statement or focal point.

Look to nature to receive the inspiration you are looking for and establish it in your own space. 

Let’s get started

Making a house a home is our speciality, our goal is to give you a design that meets your exact needs and  gives you a sense of belonging in your own space.. We stay up to date on all the latest trends and innovations so we can provide you with the best service. Let us help you create a home that is multifunctional and adaptable to your lifestyle. Connect with us to get started.