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What is a Contemporary Bathroom?

The bathroom plays an essential role in the function of our daily routine but the design style is what makes it come alive. There are many to choose from and each possesses something that speaks to our own unique personality. Knowing what elements you prefer such as colors, patterns, and furniture pieces you enjoy is key to helping your designer narrow down which style will work best for you. The contemporary design style remains a popular choice as it blends the best of today’s trends with the functionality you need especially in bathroom design. Today we will discuss what it is, which color schemes and design elements make up its core, and how to use it when decorating the bathroom. Learning these things will help you to know if it is the right one for you and your new bathroom space.

What is a contemporary bathroom design?

Trendy and elegant are two words used to describe a contemporary bathroom design. Though it shares a few similarities to modern bathroom design it has its own unique elements. Modern design has roots dating back to the early 1920s and 1930s and was influenced by Europe. The contemporary design stands alone as it does not attach itself to any particular historical time period but tends to include elements such as colors that are relevant or trending at the moment. It has a focus on clean lines, geometric patterns, and soft curves. This simple design approach makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms but that does not mean it cannot be utilized in larger layouts such as a master bathroom. It is a versatile style that can be used to transform any bathroom whether it has one sink or two. This style can also give off a luxurious vibe with its chic aesthetic and trending features. A contemporary bathroom’s goal is to be efficient with the use of space while delivering style. If you want a bathroom design that maximizes function, prioritizes storage, and enjoys a simplistic look over excess then the contemporary style is for you.

Contemporary bathroom colors

Color plays a vital role in any design style or area in the home and the bathroom is no exception. It can help in uniting the appearance of a space as well as create a sense of balance. A contemporary design style typically revolves around a neutral color palette including whites, grays, and creams but it is not limited to these selections. Often this mellow color scheme is paired with pops of either bold or pastel options that add a little something extra to the space plus some visual interest. Painting the walls is a great way to implement color into the bathroom even if it is just an accent wall. Another is wallpaper which is rising in popularity again since it can offer not just color but pattern and texture as well. Since the bathroom vanity is typically the largest object in the room it provides another avenue of color. Soft wood tones as well as richer, darker ones are also a beautiful way to enrich your space and they can be combined with beautiful accent pieces such as hardware to add color in a unique way. Places like Pinterest are a great source of color inspiration for you.

Contemporary bathroom decor

Sleek and simple usually act as guidelines when selecting what decor to use in a contemporary bathroom design. Leaning more in a minimalistic style, each piece is chosen with purpose and there is a place for everything. It is best to go with a few elegant decor items that you really favor instead of multiple pieces that can make the space feel cluttered. Because contemporary design is not tied down to a particular period or formal set of rules you can search for decor ideas among the latest trends such as the color of the year, hardware finishes, and light fixtures. Nature is another excellent source of decor inspiration for your bathroom. The organic shapes and textures offered by many tile, countertop, and hardware manufacturers mean there is no shortage of options at your disposal. Working with the natural light available in the bathroom is also important as it energizes a space and enhances the overall appeal. The contemporary bathroom leans toward a neutral color palette but weaving a few bold colors such as a shower mat or wallpaper can give a sense of luxury to the room. Don’t be afraid to explore some out-of-the-box ideas or put your own spin on the design.

Contemporary bathroom design elements

Lighting, flooring, and tile are just a few of the elements used to create the perfect contemporary bathroom. Adequate lighting is an important factor in the bathroom since it is where we prepare ourselves for the day. Combining accent lighting such as wall scones with ceiling lighting can ensure that shadows are limited or even eliminated entirely. Some of the contemporary lighting choices include ones with a more industrial feel and even geometric shapes. Your choice of flooring also can play a part in having a contemporary feel. Tile is typically the go-to choice as it comes in neutral tones and the pattern forms beautiful, clean lines. Tile is another key element for walk-in showers and can form simple patterns or add bold pops of color to the space. Floating vanities can be used in several design styles but they perfectly represent the contemporary look making them an ideal choice. They also allow for some creative storage underneath such as woven baskets and can add another layer of texture to the space. Working with a designer who knows how to bring all of these elements together in a cohesive way can take the stress off of you as well as streamline the project’s timeline. 

Designing a contemporary bathroom

Opting to go with a contemporary bathroom design can give you a space that is elegant and refined as well as functional and practical for daily use. It is a style that captivates the eye and mimics the beauty of nature making it easy to relax and unwind after a long day. As it draws on current trends for inspiration, you will have a bathroom design that is up-to-date and appealing to both family and friends. Designing a contemporary bathroom involves combining various elements into a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and harmonious to you. Taking the time to gather inspirational photos can help your designer know exactly what colors, decor pieces, and layout suits your particular tastes and will speed up your renovation journey. Are you ready to transform your bathroom space?