Post by Stacey Walker. Stacey mostly works behind the scenes for Walker Woodworking, managing day to day operations, and marketing. Stacey has helped many clients create their dream space.

What are Mullion Doors?

It is all in the details. That is the general census from those who have devoted their life to design and it is true. Every room is composed of details that have come together in a perfect balance to create a complete look and feel. These details are what make each space unique and say home to each individual. It is what allows you to add that special touch reflective of your personality and style. Sometimes even when one detail is out of sync with the rest of the room it can throw off the entire appearance of the space. That is why we are fond of saying that details really do matter and that includes cabinets, especially the cabinet doors. This is why we have created multiple door profile styles so that each of our clients can find the one that perfectly tells their story to everyone. At times they are not able to pinpoint one that speaks to them which is why we offer custom door styles as well. Several of our clients have opted for mullion cabinet doors which always add a beautiful touch to their space.

What are mullion doors?

Mullions are the dividing bars that traditionally separate glass panes in a cabinet door. It is an old method that was used as far back as the early American era. They had yet to invent a way to create large sheets of glass leading to the need of thin strips of wood to form bigger windows throughout the home. They were a popular choice for years as they provided homeowners with a way to create various patterns with glass. These designs could be elaborate and elevate a home giving it a lovely focal point. With the introduction of enlarged sheets of glass, the need for assembly via wood strips became unnecessary; however, mullions have not disappeared but evolved instead. Now the glass sits behind the mullion design and door frame so the intricate and timeless look can still be achieved. Mullion doors are a beautiful way to add a bit of the old handcrafted world with the new.

Why choose mullion cabinet doors?

Visual interest in a space brings so much to the overall vibe as well as a whole different dynamic that elevates the room. When it comes to cabinet design the door is considered the main feature. While color and layout play a key role, it is the door that contains the details that draw the eye. Mullion cabinet doors provide a way to take your design to the next level as it offers various patterns that can transform your space. While a typical design does not use a mullion layout on every door, it is a wonderful way to change up the space. They are a versatile design choice that can go with almost any style depending on which materials are chosen. They are also not limited to just cabinet doors but can be blended into other areas including kitchen islands and barn doors. Mullion cabinet doors were and continue to serve in a functional and decorative role in the world of design.

Different types of mullion cabinet doors

There are several different types of mullion cabinet doors including various materials and designs that can be used throughout the home, not all is done in wood. Metal has become a popular material of choice, especially in kitchens that are looking to have a more modern, contemporary look to them. Aluminum is often the choice of metal for mullion cabinet doors. While the backing for mullion doors originally was glass, there are multiple options available now including:

  • Antique or colored glass
  • Tin
  • Metal
  • Wood

These additional selections have opened up a whole new way to increase the visual interest in a space along with allowing the homeowners a unique way to showcase their unique personality. Now that large sheets of glass are available, mullions designs are merely placed on top instead of woven between. The variety of glass has also increased with options for antique looks or just speckled. Frosted, textured, and colored are other choices now available with each offering a special look all their own for your specific space. Wood mullions can be placed on top of wood panels which instantly provide texture and depth to the design. Sheets of tin are another fun material that can be used with a mullion design and come in various finishes that can transform a space with a farmhouse or modern vibe depending on your preference. The possibilities are endless and will definitely add a layer of stunning interest to the design of your space.

Mullion cabinet doors

Mullion cabinet doors are a wonderful way to include visual stimulation and even a focal point to areas within your home. Spend some time browsing places of inspiration like Pinterest or Houzz to discover the potential of having mullion doors in your new space. Talk to your designer about what options are available to you and which one they believe would suit your space best. Mullions add a touch of the past with the present and are a look that is timeless making them a great choice whether you decide to sell or stay. With so many options available we guarantee you can find exactly what you are looking for no matter which area of the home is getting renovated.